Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Let's see some common sense

Less than three weeks from now, we will be celebrating the National Day. It is a special occasion to mark the birth of a nation and its maturity. We will be turning 51 years old. For a nation, we can still be regarded as young but at the same time, not too young either. The events of the past few weeks must worried many of us. Why are we still talking of Malay unity and not Malaysian unity? Why are some of us still unsure of ourselves and so reluctant to mix and mingle with one another, even as we spend millions of ringgit on national service for our young ones. Why are even some of our young so reluctant to share the same lecture halls with fellow Malaysians of other races even when the international ranking of universities today requires the admittance of even foreigners, as a criteria? And why should one react to a proposal so strongly when it's not even an issue, in the first place. Thanks to the democratisation of education, Malaysians have plenty of colleges and universities to pick from. Why are some of us stirring up issues that many of us have little thoughts about? The National Day isn't just about flying the national flags to demonstrate about patriotism. It isn't just about parades and fireworks but also about our commitment to the country. It is no use for anyone to claim to be nationalistic and a protector of one's race but quietly steal the people's money and squander away the nation's wealth.

Politicians who extol the virtues of our education system and yet pack off their children overseas, even at primary school level, are hardly champions of any race. The real Malaysians are the ordinary Malaysians who earn an honest living and will die here. Something is wrong, terribly wrong, when there is little tolerance for difference of views. Mob rule is unacceptable in any civilised country. It is also wrong when leaders, who suddenly find themselves in government, keep an eerie silence when their partners make statements that run against what they preach. Is it still about political expediency?

Malaysian politicians keep forgetting that they are voted in by people of all races - they should represent ALL Malaysians, no matter what parties they come from.

Yes, Malaysia has done well, in many ways. We have come a long way but the National Day is also a time to reflect and review. It is time to correct what we have done wrong and improve on what we have done right. We cannot expect everything to be rosy, especially in a multi-ethnic country, but we have lived together well. We have made Malaysia work but it has to work even better, if we are to progress. We want to see colour-blind politicians who believe in Malaysia and Malaysians - not Malays, Chinese or Indians. But Malaysians. Can we see some common sense?


Anonymous said...

I have deep worries and fear of what might happened soon. Instead of trying to work together , our country has turn to be a racist country. Does this country only belong to one particular race? We have all toiled together through easy and hard times, all races. So, to champion for only one race is utterly disrespect for others. I wonder where are we progressing to? Never have we thread such a path before. Unless we respect each other, there will be chaos and there's no turning back then.

Anonymous said...

I sense your anguish. May we all pray for this beloved country of ours.

Freddy Toh said...

Datuk Wong,

I'm glad you speak your heart rather than repeating the mullahs and the genting closing down stuffs the way Michael Fong and I hammered out many many years ago at Bungaraya.

51 years is long enough but let's face the reality. Were times of 'muhibbah' better when we were young compared to now?

UMNO's selfish agenda in its Ketuanan Melayu has taken its toll on this beloved nation.

Yes, let common sense prevail, if at all possible.

Anonymous said...

How true, how true! Yes many people lacks senses that are supposed to be common. I supposed these senses has been overtaken by greed for power, authority, wealth and fame.

Anonymous said...

Yes! yes! Yes!! National Day is not about parade, flying the damn flag or do some monkey show for the world to see.. It is about living peacefully with everyone irrespective of race and religion.. a mutual respect for everyone who call this place home!!

The answer to all your WHYs is that we have racist UMNO ministers who just love to fan the storm of racism. They are the ones that love to "maintain" their rights and privilleges. They are the ones that keep telling other races that they, the other races, should be happy they got citizenship! They are the ones that keep threatening and inciting all sorts of racist remarks and reactions!

If we are to have no issues with race or religion, these UMNO people will have to do... They are bad news for Malaysia. So, as long as there is UMNO, we will never have unity! This is a fact!

lanaibeach said...

Alone we fail
In any quest we want to do
There is no support
There is no two way traffic
It is a lonely stretch of road

Life is fragile
It can be strong
When it is united
So no external forces
Do harm or break it away

Yet in all our living
We are dreaming alone
We expect miracles to happen
No Sir…………we are just sleeping!

Our living will progress
When it is shared or borrowed
Discussing dreams ideas flow
Like the breezing wind
Stopping amongst the trees
Branches, buildings and seas

When we can’t discuss mutually
About religions about life itself
On dreams and desires
We are doomed on this planet Earth

Nothing will help us
We must help ourselves
For peace to nurture
We must be united as one family
Facing the challenges together
Else alone we fail!

Anonymous said...

Dear Chun Wai,

This is one of the rare occassions where I agree wholeheartedly with your comments.

It pains and saddens me greatly (and many Malaysians too I believe) to realise that our beloved country is going backwards in so many ways.

The "us" versus "them" mentality seems to be getting more entrenched and scarily so.

Issues of race and religion are frequently raised and they are polarising and wedging the races in this country further and further apart.

All discussions around race, religion and rights are automatically labeled sensitive and quickly swept under the carpet.

And our leaders (BN no less) seem to be encouraging these sort of behaviours.

By our PM Abdullah Badawi, no less. To my dismay, he just dismissed the whole hooliganism airily and declared that there should be no further similar discussions or forums.

This sort of cop-out leadership is despairing and is not to be tolerated if we envisage our country to head anywhere.

Please, Datuk, please do continue to write about this. Our country is being torn asunder by useless politicians who use race and religion issues to keep themselves in power.

The pen is mightier than the sword. And you are in a position to wield the pen more mightily than most of us. Most of us are not in your privileged position. Therefore, if you can make your mark in our beloved country, make it your mission to drive home the point that we Malaysians must put our differences aside and work together. And if leaders do not even understand this, they have no business helming the government and we jolly well kick them out.

The alternative is bleak because a globalised world is ruthless. Only those nations and countries that are nimble enough to adapt and change will survive. The rest will just fall by the way side and eventually disappear. History is replete with such examples. Even Lee Kuan Yew himself shudders to think what will befall Singapore if they do not keep up to speed all the time.

What more, Malaysia with its fractious population mired in petty and polarising issues.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

in the bible they are known as adam and eve
in the quran they are known as adam dan mawa
in the bible he is jesus
in the quran he is nabi isa
what is the relation between christianity and islam ?
can someone please clarify.
i need to know.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia will be an ideal country if all Malaysian think like you do. But unfortunately,this will not materialised.There many more questions need to be unveiled and as long as all parties are not sincere nothing can be solved. Just like a defence counsel needs his client to confess the truth to build his case for his defence.We must be rational and truthful otherwise we will just be like the west they too cannot resolved their coloured issues,the still called their black brothers as niger or african american. Give a thought to this.
Sincerly Senjakala.

Anonymous said...

This is really a worrying trend. As university students, one needs to have an open mind. If one reacts blindly and without thinking rationally. It will only create students whom are not thinkers but plain followers. Such fool hardiness will only create uneasiness among the various communities in Malaysia. To achive developed nation status, we need to create a society where one could adapt to globalisation.

University is a place for one to learn and accept the fact that knowledge cut across boundaries.
If one continues to insist in living just within its own confines. As in "Katak Dibawah Tempurung", one could never grow.

Sooner or later, when the wave of globalisation will hit hard and one will falter due to their inability to adapt and miggle with other races.

It is indeed a very sad day for Malaysians. After 50 years, unity among races seems to de drifting apart.

Anonymous said...

Common sense still prevail in majority of us Malaysian.

Only politician and anarchist are pursuing their senseless agendas.

Which is worst under weak or flip-flop leadership.

We've been getting along fine for 50 years,yes 50 years, with everyone doing pretty well, but lately some parties have been trying to change things and the minds and touching on issues which need not be.

things wasn't this bad few years ago.

Sometime makes me wonder if we can survive another 50? Are we all still not satisfied? Or only just a few...?


Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

YOu should realise one thing is certain. Common sense is not common in Malaysia.

You are spot on. Leaders or ministers who extol the virtues of our local colleges and universities and sent their children overseas for education are hypocrites of the worst order.

The education system in Malaysia is going down the drain due mainly to the POLITICISATION OF EDUCATION.

The unrelenting BRAIN DRAIN is hurting our economy very badly.

Other countries are gaining much at our expenses. Our country has to pay and subsidized our brilliant and best students education for about 12 years till SPM or SPTM after which these students are lured overseas to other countries at a GREAT COST to Malaysia.

When will our leaders wake up and realise the folly of their education and scholarship awarding system?

I shudder to think about the fuuture of Malaysia.

alvin lee said...

Well as I have mentioned before, we may be heading towards a storm. Desperate people will do desperate things to protect themselves. What we are seeing today may just be the making of a prefect storm by those desperate people. Only the Raykat can prevent this storm but they need wisdom. Unfortunately, majority do not possess it.

Anonymous said...

In BN I find disagreement with my friends from other races, in PR I find common grounds that we can work together. My choice is clear.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Chun Wai

We the rakyat got no problem with each other.
It's the politicians who need to be educated on unity.
Unity to them depends on the situation.
In the east coast and northern states, non-Malays have assimilated well and even speak the local accent.
I am happy that my neighbours next-door, front and back are Indians and Chinese.
When my grandpa died, his Indian and Chinese friends from the rich to the poor contributed cash and kind.
Same gesture to my late dad.

Anonymous said...

even a common sense is not so common anymore...

Anonymous said...

"Why are we still talking of Malay unity and not Malaysian unity?"

Why? Ask your good fren UMNO lar. Datuk, you're so reserved when "criticising" UMNO/BN. Quite the opposite to the bashings you dish out for the opposiiton, eh? Th

Despite what you write in your blog or column, you're not helping in building a better Malaysia. You're the very hands who are destroying it.

You may have quixotic ideals but your actions nullify them.

Anonymous said...

Rakyat cannot have common sense when the MSM e.g. The Star report half truths and are biased against the opposiiton.

CHun Wai, you talk about positive changes but you're benefiting from the status quo. Who are you, what are you?