Friday, August 8, 2008

The Greatest Show on Earth

Dancers perform on a giant illuminated globe (top) and dazzling fireworks at the unique Bird's Nest Stadium (click on picture for more photos via The Star Online's photo gallery)

It has to be the best Olympics opening ever. Directed by Zhang Yimou, it was pure brilliance. Zhang directed The Hero and The House of Flying Daggers. The grand opening was spectacular and if the dazzling display of fireworks we saw is a prelude of what's to come, we can expect a fantastic show ahead when the games proper begins.

The stunning display by Beijing is certainly a statement to the world that the New China has arrived. In short, see what we have achieved and see what we can do. At US$43bil, it is the most expensive ever Olympics but in cash rich China, the figure is nothing. The dragon has indeed awoke and China is certainly the pride of Asia. Let the games begin!


Anonymous said...

Zhang has done a great job. Who needs Spielberg? The lighting of the flame simply superb

Anonymous said...

Wai Kor, the show so-so only lah. The best ever Olympic opening was the 1984 games in Los Angeles. Pure hollywood stuff. If only Steven Spielberg had directed the Beijing show, then it would have been different. Pse correct me if i am not polltically correct.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

The Beijing Olympics 2008 will simply be fantastic
With bilingual signs all over being really pragmatic
Transport now with more buses and bikes going electric
The whole world looks forward to sports events dramatic!

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 080808
Fri. 8th Aug. 2008.

Anonymous said...

It was spectacular! Original, artistic and graceful yet impactful.

xu.yasi said...

I'm expecting stupid comments from CNN. They're really sour.

Nonetheless, a breathtaking performance. Zhang has done a wonderful job. Show that bossy Speilberg some class of your own!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. what a show! The spectacular finale of Li Ning hoisted high above the stadium on wires... in slow-motion, Li Ning carried the Olympic torch on its final leg around the rim of the stadium before setting the giant Olympic cauldron ablaze.

My only frustration is that my non-Astro fellow Malaysians were not able to watch the ceremony from start as RTM did not start the news early or postpone or push it to another channel.

When I saw the ad in the Star today by RTM stating that the show would be telecast live at 8.30, I felt it should have said something to the effect, "The Greatest Show on Earth and we will beam it live to you. Our 8pm News will come on at 7.30 instead." or something like that.

I was at dinner with friends and they did not have Astro. We had to sacrifice the first half hour but when we had to also sit through some rather inane commentary, I invited them over to my house to continue watching over Astro with its professional and knowledgeable commentators.

C'mon RTM, there are times when you have to let the experts do the job!

Faster, Higher, Stronger.

Anonymous said...

Simply breathtaking!! An ancient civilization that has lasted so long and given so much inventions to the world. China has finally come of age in a grand symbolic way. It should finally take its rightful place on the world stage.

Anonymous said...

As a Malaysian-Chinese,I am proud of China to display such a slendid show to the eyes of the world.The Chinese are remarkable people and with so much talent, the communist country has turn into a glistering light of fantastic performance by the award winning Director,Yi Mou.

I hope Malaysia should learn from them rather than bickering over the sodomy's case of Anwar.

Anonymous said...

Big Deal.

Beneath your Malaysian identity, breathes the Chinese chanuvinism. Probably you are not aware that China will be a great security threat to the world one day, and I will not be surprised that you will be the first to wave the Chinese flag instead of the Malaysian . Well Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Morning Chun Wai

Permission pl to be Anwar's PR for a sec.
Wanna volunteer or be in Anwar's team on nomination day.
Pl register at Nurul Izzah's Lembah Pantai office before Aug12. Any takers? Pl fone: 03-22409476/03-22409475

Anonymous said...

hi chun wai, i missed the show cause my kid wanted to watch playhouse disney

anyway, check out the latest minister to blog:

Anonymous said...

I agreed that this is the greatest show on earth and the most spectacular Olympics opening ever!
It's so great to see China glorify their culture to the world now.It's so happy to see the China's traditional and ancient culture, with a combination of its development in modern era in the show. everything is so perfect.
Zhang definitely done a superb great job.He mentioned in the recent interview this job is 10 times more difficult than shooting the movie.
It's so impressive, superb & amazing.


WY said...

i cannot agree more. BEST SHOW ever...certainly better than 1984 LA opening.

Anonymous said...

Just look at where the Chinamen have gone - and look at where we are.

Sodomy, religious and racial fanaticism, special priviliges demands, bungling and corrupt cops, fumbling and foaming ministers, no change whatsoever.

Hope Pak Lah, Syed Hamid and IGP Musa, AG read your Sinday column. They must take heed of your views as that's how we most Malaysians feel. That old BN style must go or BN will go!

Malaysian democrat

cancan said...

The United States has already lost a race before the game begins.