Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sodomy Two Begins

Nine years ago, as Britain's Queen Elizabeth arrived in town to attend the Commonwealth Games, another drama was unfolding in the capital - Anwar Ibrahim was sacked as Deputy Prime Minister. Dr Mahathir Mohamad described the sacking as a "minor distraction" at a press conference following the sacking. Thousands of Anwar supporters turned up at Dataran Merdeka on Sept 20, 1998, to protest against his arrest, shortly after the Queen left the church nearby. Fast forward, as the world gears up for the Beijing Olympic Games on Aug 8, 2008, we are making world news again with Anwar to be charged for sodomy tomorrow. Sodomy II begins on Friday. It's going to be a messy affair for sure. More dirt, more sordid details will crop up during the trial. It won't be good. Anwar has reiterated that it's a conspiracy and the charges are framed-up, aimed at stopping his career. There will be no winners at the end, only losers, whatever the outcome. For a start, the odds against the Barisan Nasional is even greater in the Permatang Pauh by-election. Anwar wins the perception game, and unless, very compelling evidence comes up, the backlash against the government would be very strong. The Attorney-General's Chambers seems to have taken a bit of a time to get their case going. Plenty are at stakes here.


Anonymous said...

this is nothing but a charade. the police are getting into the political game to save the butt of one individual. wasting their resources, security is neglected and the crime rate is going up to stratosphere.
Headline " Section 17 crime hub"
and the residents are giving up as evidenced by such comments- " snatch thefts are common here. its so common that people do not even bother to make police reports anymore"
one day, when a report is made and the comments from the cops will be something like this-"stop wasting time by reporting. count her lucky stars, she is not dead like some of the victims"
Malaysia Boleh!

Anonymous said...

Dear Wong,

(I believe it Pak lah's strategy)

I have been pondering my thoughts over the news since it broke out earlier today. I have been wondering in my wildest imagination to find out one good and logical reason on why Pak Lah gave his green light to proceed with this charge. Let us see:-

-The just over march 8th GE saw BN losing their 2/3 majority for the 1st time.

-BN component parties have started criticizing UMNO very openly.

-BN's approval rate is all time low

-His deputy is being connected with murder and corruption

-Pak Lah himself has been facing tremendous pressure to step down

-Pak Lah's approval rate is all time low among Malaysians

-He makes announcements but never keeps to it- Deliberate?

-Anwar has been making a lot of inroads lately

-Anwar’s approval is improving day by day

-Many members of BN coalition like Dr.Tan with almost 2000 members have joined PKR, showing the growing strength of their party.

It is impossible to believe Pak Lah could be that idiot to decide a BE that quickly while also subjecting him to sodomy charges. Deep in me I have this funny feeling concurring that Pak Lah is all out to create an open society through a storm which would destroy UMNO and BN in the circumstances. Let’s hope for the Best


Anonymous said...

9 years ago was also the time when Malaysia got hit with the Asia Financial Crisis. Today, the world economy is facing the most turbulent times in the 21st century history...coincidence? i don't think so.

Ensuring economic sustainability is the only way to prevent such unnecessary chaos.

Anonymous said...

shouldn't it be 'plenty is at stake here'?

Anonymous said...

Dear Chun Wai

My hair stands on end after reading his press statement earlier today. Anwar is giving credit to Dollah for the trumped-up charges. Don't know Dollah is that smart.
Anyways, don't worry Chun Wai. Anwar is a special person and will be given special treatment.
I thnik the case will be mentioned only and trial after Raya.
I think Anwar will be given bail. He can file his nomination paper to contest.
If not America will be crying out foul.

Anonymous said...

I believe that this is a vindictive Government. The amount of resources spent to convict DSAI of sodomy is a waste. The Government should concentrate on sorting out the mess that it has put the economy into. Why are we wasting time on this matter?


Anonymous said...

Great Chun Wai. You have spoken like a statesman for another statesman -- DSAI. Keep up the impartiality you practice. I agree with you that many things are at stake if the Government makes the wrong move. At this time we need foreign confidence, investors and businessmen making a beeline to Malaysia.
If we make a mistake in doing the wrong thing and went ahead with the political motive of penalising Anwar then democracy will fail.
Judiciary will fail. Lets pray the sessions magistrate judge fairly for the long term benefit of the nation of milk and honey -- Malaysia.
God Bless Malaysia as Anwar has said that whatever happens he will hold the PM responsible. I pray the PM will act as a another statesman and allow a fair hearing on Thursday without any interference of the judiciary which he has promised.
We do not want to see any untoward incident occuring by some overzealous people.
God Bless Malaysia for we are great nation built by the Malays, Chinese, Indians and others.

Mr Objective

Anonymous said...



Zen T & Satori C said...

I have decided to step forward and express my anger and frustration over the injustice dished out to DSAI. I released an exclusive video and song as a tribute to Anwar Ibrahim titled "An-War (End-War)" on The story was picked up and featured on
We are not in this for any commercial reasons other than to get more people to unite against injustice and oppression. Our message is Pro-peace and not Anti-war. The video and song which also features Raja Petra ,can be viewed here :

romerz said...

A lot is at stake here. Democracy for our country to be precise!


It simply makes no sense when all the machinery of the BN government is brought to bear on Anwar Ibrahim when there are greater violations of the law that goes unnoticed.

This is a clear example of selective prosecution by those with vested interests to maintain the status quo!

Enough is enough!

Mango said...

"For a start, the odds against the Barisan Nasional is even greater in the Permatang Pauh by-election. Anwar wins the perception game, and unless, very compelling evidence comes up, the backlash against the government would be very strong. "

WCW's statement is very biased and showed that he is throughout an Umno's crony and has no backbone and opinions of his own. Why should it be Anwar's perception game and not Badawi's dirty tactics and police's incompetencies? It took them so long to finish an investigation paper that it raised so much suspicion.
How would you like it if Anwar wins and become the PM and put you on sedition trial? Never underestimate the underdog and think the running dog will stay unbeaten.

Anonymous said...

The Sodomy saga have been going on for too long. For the sake of the country, I do hope that both party can stop being selfish and look for a way for moving forward. The economy is already in dired situation, with this continue going on, the biggest loser of all will be fellow Malaysian..

Unknown said...

You are right, Chun Wai. The rakyat is fed up of all this intrigue and politiking.

The economy is sliding into a big black hole. The Govt. is on auto pilot. The rakyat is crying for help to earn a living.

Do the govt. know people want to get on with earning a decent living to put food on the table?

Maybe Tommy Thomas is right from the practical point of view.There are just too many negatives in proceeding with Sodomy 2.It is a zero sum game. Nobody wins. In fact the rakyat lose.

May God have mercy on our beloved country.

alvin lee said...

You can fool some of the people some of the time. Some of the people all the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Abraham Lincoln