Monday, August 25, 2008

Permatang Pauh: The Final Countdown

IT'S the final countdown. As the clock ticks away in Permatang Pauh to end the intense campaign, the bet is still Anwar Ibrahim will win the by-election. The weatherman has predicted thunderstorms tomorrow at the constituency but it is unlikely to affect the voting turnout. A big win for Anwar is likely although the Barisan Nasional is still talking about reducing the majority. There appears to be an air of confidence among the BN workers that this is possible. They believe there is a sizeable chunk of fence sitters among the Malay voters who would vote BN or stay away from voting. The fight is still for the Malay votes. But the fact remains that even if Anwar wins with a vote, it's still a victory. His victory would not change the equation in Parliament but the victory signals the return of Anwar into Parliament. A big margin would be a moral score.The sodomy issue continues to be used in the campaign with imams giving different interpretations - depending on their political leanings - on whether Saiful's swearing on the Quran was valid and in accordance with the religious process.


Unknown said...

To All the Pakatan Rakyat supporters & volunteers,

Pls be 100% alert on tomorrow whole day long voting process and especially the transfer of votes from polling center to the Dewan for counting. We should consider the possibility of someone who may swap the ballot boxes.
Therefore all kind of preventive action need to be carry out in all polling station.
Besides, pls come out with the counter measure for ensuring there is a smooth of electricity supply and communication system.
There are more dirty tricks which might happen anytime.


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

It's not just a Penang holiday but a 'Destiny Day'
For all eligible voters to have their final say
Who will be 'fated' in this pivotal seat to stay
But make sure no legitimate voting papers go astray

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 250808
Mon. 25th Aug. 2008.

Anonymous said...

Please pray for Anwar's win. His win is a win for democracy and better government, whoever the PM is going to be!

Let us all pray for this big moment


zackdanial said...

Dear Dato ,
for the first time i agree with you "the fact remains that even if Anwar wins with a vote, it's still a victory"

I hope to see Anwar on 29th August 2008 in parliment .

Anonymous said...

I hope Anwar wins big like more than 20,000,00 votes.This would send a clear signal that BN is weak and would anytime tumble like tenpins.The people of Penang are ready fed-up with BN as Pak Lah had cheated Penang for stalling the Penang 2nd bridge,monorail and so on.Anwar is the only hope that can unite the three races together rather than UMNO's hegemony of ketuaran Melayu.

Abi Ayyub said...

Yes, a win with one vote is still a win, for either side.

The aftermath, however will continue no matter how big the win is as it will be a morale booster. If Anwar's win is less than that of Wan Azizah, it is a more booster for BN and vice versa.

The most important thing is what's next ...

Anonymous said...

Dato, we observe that you have been using the PAS factor as your justification to support BN. But why are you turning a blind eye to the highly racist UMNO? A highly racist UMNO would be a very big reason why you should not support BN. We know you are employed by MCA. But MCA is no longer very relevant in today's politics in Malaysia. A vote for BN is really a vote for UMNO. MCA is irrelevant in BN, except to be made use of by UMNO to help swell its power. MCA let UMNO use its 1/3 seats in Parliment to control and abuse the whole Malaysia. And MCA is contributing to that abuse indirectly. IT is high time you tell the MCA bosses things as they are, and how the Chinese really feel about MCA. The token few seats for MCA in the cabinet is meaningless because UMNO make all the decisions anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dato WCW,

Wonder why the country is going down the drain? Wonder what the effect is of young leaders running their mouths off... check my blog at where I have given some analisis.

Ex KJ supporter

Anonymous said...

The police are at it again...causing traffic jams by their road blocks. This time blocking traffic to Permatang Pauh. Perhaps a deliberate attempt to cause low voter turnout?

Anonymous said...

Akum, my thought and prayers are with DSAI. Hope he makes entrance into parliament.

Anonymous said...

Hola Chun Wai

Great day ain't it?
Is this the last hurrah for the man who thinks he is the Alpha and Omega of politicians?
Pray it's so.