Friday, August 29, 2008

More banning of concerts

It doesn't look like this banning of concerts business is going to stop. No, it's not a trivial matter, as some may want to think. It's about our choices and our rights. It's about the erosion of our liberal liftstyles that is being slowly taken away from us in the name of religion. If we give in today, we will lose more tomorrow. Politicians who used to complain and speak up for us are not doing it anymore - simply because they are now part of the new government or simply they are afraid of losing the support of conservative votes. The PAS politicians pushed for dangdut singer Inul to be banned and they succeeded. They wanted Avril stopped and they almost succeeded but our loud protest worked. They tried to stop Mas Idayu and Ellas but they failed because the Sultan of Selangor said no too. Now, the PAS-led Kedah government has banned dangdut, reggae, pop and rock concerts. What next?


Anonymous said...

I am very pissed with the PAS youth right now... performing solat hajat in front of the stadium?? plz dont ruin the atmosphere of the concert... we dont need u there if ur not a fan of Avril... dont make everyone to live in the type of life u want... i cant imagine what freedom do we have if PAS has the power nxt time...

read my words, ill nvr vote for PAS in PR13 if they are still behaving like this... FACE THE FACT, we are living in a multiracial country NOT in ur so-called islamic country....

Anonymous said...

1) "Kedah says no to gyrations, bans concerts"

2) "Solat hajat PAS sebelum konsert Avril"

im getting really pissed and tired of PAS now.... why cant they just ban the muslims from the concert n leave the non muslims alone.... we, the non muslims want our freedom of life n who are they to control our life?? why do they want the non muslims to live in their type of life??

LEAVE US ALONE!!!! we vote for u hoping u can bring justice n fairness to us, NOT RESTRICTIONS on us!!!! respect malaysia as a multiracial country not islamic country.... orelse, u will be facing the tsunami instead of BN in PR13...

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why PAS will never, ever get to rule Malaysia. It isn’t just the Chinese, Indians “dan lain-lain” who absolutely do not want them in control, many Malays themselves do not want to see them succeed.

Neither they nor Malaysians of other faiths are against them for upholding Islam, but they are dead against the strangle-hold that PAS wants to exercise on the personal freedoms of people.

As long as they persist in this holier-than-thou moralistic policing, and medeival mentality, they are not going to win the hearts of the people. The people of Malaysia are moving ahead with the new millenium and they will not allow themselves to be dragged back into the dark ages.

Without meaning to sound harsh, one has to ask how dare they think they can dicate to us who we chose to give us entertainment, what books we are allowed to read, what kind of clothes we can wear and what we want to do in our private lives. Above all, how dare they think they have the right to suffocate, dominate and crush women.

They think they have the right to scrutinize every little aspect of our lives. Well I want to know this: who is scrutinizing them?!!

Are they so above reproach themselves that they are to be blindly obeyed? They are hypocritical!! They screamed like banshees over Mas Idayu, Ella, Inul and now Avril. Why? Because these performers are females. But they have not demanded a ban on the the rocker who pulled down his pants and showed his underwear to the crowd. So a man showing his underwear and backside to women in the audience is not offensive in Islam but a female singer is!!?? What logic is this? Pardon my French, but this is total BS!!

But this is what we can expect of them. In fact, PAS is unable to learn from history. They should consider themselves extremely, extremely lucky that because BN has become so hugely unpopular that they even got some votes in the last election by riding algonside PR. At the next GE, they might find themselves nowhere!

If Anwar is smart, he will cash in on BN’s unpopularity and strengthen his multi-racial party so that they do not need any other party to join them.

Then, perhaps, we can have a truly Malaysian government without the race-based parties, race-based governance, and self-appointed morals police messing around with us.

Anonymous said...

Hahaahah! I find it more interesting that there are actually reggae, rock, and pop artistes who actually want to play live in Kedah.

NewChief said...

why ban people from having good times with their favourite stars- be it foreigners or malsysian stars?

why pas youth always to throw themselves into the limelight for the wrong and ridiculous reason?

i mean no insult to our national religion but all pas can do is to advice and educate especially the muslims on what can do and what not can do.

why pas has to put religion as a shield to fight for their cause? they should have full confidence on our muslim people that they can judge for themselves the good and the bad. please don't insult anymore in the name of Islam and Allah like saiful or najib of both whom you youth pas keep quiet about.

don't be ignorant like barbarian nationalists as this will lead to your downfall in politics because we are now living in a modern world coping the ever non-stop price hike of essential needs.

come out to give ideas as to how we can improve our daily bread which barbaric nationalists fail and you shall gain popularity and respect from all.

be malaysian and not be 'malay'-'sia' . prove to the world that Islam is somehow like this : be kind and considerate to all and not be selfish or ignorant. then, more shall join !!!

BlueMoon said...

It shows who is more powerful in PR. Even the secular DAP would not dare let alone PKR. Today Dato' Seri Hadi has again stressed that everything here must be based on islamic merits. Banning the concert is nothing compared to the talibanisation of the rules of laws.

Anonymous said...

here we go again..with this nonsense!! i do hope that PAS will take over the country and ban all form of entertainment because we Malaysian are stupid people that doesn't understand between good/bad and very very easily influence by concerts/karaokes/pubs to become bad. Thank you PAS for telling me how stupid you're and let's all Kedahan vote against them.

Lastly, you're the most worst hypocrite in this Malaysia.