Thursday, August 7, 2008

Massive jam, Anwar to appear

Updates: Anwar charged, out on RM20,000 bail
Judge fixes Sept 10 for mention

Massive jams crippled the city as road blocks were set up along the roads leading to the Jalan Duta court complex. Anwar Ibrahim, who lives in nearby Segambut, is expected to show up soon to face the sodomy charges. Reporters, meanwhile, are fighting for the limited seats in the courtroom. While no bail is allowed for sodomy charges, the judge is allowed to exercise his or her discretion. Most lawyers believe that Anwar would probably be allowed bail and freed to campaign in the Permatang Pauh by election. But the question remains how both sides would refrain from using the charges as an issue as it would be subjudice to do so.


zackdanial said...

Well BN will feel like , how they suppose to feel On March 8 after election . They will be celebration all over town for BN .

Congrats BN .

Suatu Projek dari Kerajaan Bn untuk pemimpin BN

Anonymous said...

Subjudice - That's what the government want. To stop the Public from questioning further. From the onset, there are just too many questions that are left unanswered. If the court refused bail, I feared the worst for this country. I feared for Anwar and the justice system of this country. Behind bars, any thing can happen.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Datuk

Any comments on the "Medical Report" and "SD" By Dr Osman which appeared on RPK'S Malaysia Today.

I am sure you too will close one eye on this, and carry on with this kangaroo system.

If PDRM is fair and impartial they should investigate this Medical Report which actually holds they key to this case, the very first medical report says no "traces" of is there really a case.It just like charging a person for murder charge, when that person itself was not murdered.

So Datuk what say you, or u will still side those BN bullies.

By the way, whats happening to the investigations on the Royal Commission on Lingam Scandal. So far no arrest had been made, while in DSAI case, the police really swung fast.........

Anonymous said...

Mr Wong, you have written very objective views/opinions in your blog on Anwar but the same was not seen in your influential MSM. By being silent on many unjust issues that happen in this country, you & your organisation has participated in blinding the eyes & minds of the public for the many evil deeds that corrupt this beloved country of us. Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Cheers Chun Wai

Pray that Anwar will turn up. Let there be no more ruse that will throw the spanner in the works of justice.
If Anwar loves the peple whom he wants to rule one day, he should obey court order.
Traffic jam expected. The police cannnot take chances in ensuring security for the people. They are dealing with Anwar fanatics who might go on another street protest.

Mango said...

I dont know it is a deliberate act by the Govt and Police to frustrate the rakyat each time there is an event involving Anwar. Are they so scared that his supporters will run riot or what?
Why there is no such roadblocks for Badawi ? Probably they knew people wont bother to turn up unless there is incentive, food and drink.
Cant our Govt be more civilised and try not to disrupt our working life and waste petrol in all these unnecessary jams?
Politics and hanging on to sinking ship is killing this country economically. Somebody may appear in our history books soon as the worst leader and somebody may appear as the saviour, at the rate it is going.

Anonymous said...

From today onward no matter how much anger Abdullah creates in public, I'm not going to lose my temper but going to see things from different perspective.

My question is why Abdullah doing this when he knows too well with all this malpractices and mismanagement public would hate him to hell. Think!

I believe he is deliberate. He has a hidden but noble agenda- to destroy UMNO and BN and make sure they lose power in the next GE. UMNO is too corrupted that he with Zaid Ibrahim on his side can’t possibly achieve much to make this government credible. Hence to Pak Lah, Anwar is an effective tool, simply because he is well liked by public at large with so much influence he has on them. In another word for every beating of Anwar, the government would be reciprocated with multiple beating to its death. Think again, no PM in the world would do whatever Pak Lah is doing now unless he is sick mentally. If at the end, Anwar makes it despite all odds; Anwar would still become a PM with his tested team for a New Malaysia. Abdullah will then be the real hero- Mikhail Gorbachev of New Malaysia.



Anonymous said...

The road blocks are quite stupid anyway you look at it. For instanc if you look at the road block in front of Eastin Hotel, what does it serve except to craete a traffic jam. Did the policemen stop every vehicle to see if the passengers are wearing PKR or DSAI T-Shirt? Of maybe even a yellow shirt? How would they know who is going to take part in a demonstration or who is not? What is the purpose of the road block? What can they check, realistically? Or is the intention just to create a traffic jam?

Anonymous said...

its the usual thing laa... however, why are they afraid of anwar? he is just another politician charged in court, not a mafia leader whose cadres will throng the city with M16 and other weapons. looks silly, uh?

Anonymous said...


Section 377B of the Penal Code, the key words is "voluntariy" sex between individuals, or more precisely consenting sex.

So why only DSAI was charged? What happen to Saiful, if both did it, why only charge one, and not the other. ?

BN and Governemnt...Screwed up agan!!

Anonymous said...

I'm very angry at the police for the early morning roadblock. It causes massive jam. People are driving to work , not to the court !! The police should have monitor the road surrounding the court and not those in PJ, KL and other parts that are far away from Jln Duta. Police, please use your brain to think!!

Anonymous said...

A really stupid move to set up road blocks so early in the morning when the policemen manning the blocks looked just as baffled and frustrated as everyone else. Obviously even they appeared not to know what they were supposed to be looking out for!!!!

Practically doing nothing except staring at the traffic chaos that they were creating!!!

amoker said...

UMNO and its goon seemed not able to think. Another choking jam which serves no purpose. Syed Hamid has not come back with his infamous 2 sms, 2 blog and 2 speech evidence for the last traffic block for a supposedly rally. And now he ordered another one. He needs to be made responsibile for this fiasco.

Unknown said...

if you encounter road block in the future, horn as hard as possible. let's make the polis turn deaf.

btw, i heard shitful is having shit on all his body now. anwar was charged with consensual sodomy. shitful is gonna in deep shit... as well as the whole gangs of BN/UMNO.

may the truth, justice and humanity prevail.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian Jams defined:
> Kaya - Malaysian egg jam
> Traffic Jam - Normal Jam
> Kay Poh Jam - When people slow down to watch an accident on the opposite side of the highway/road
> 4-Ekor Jam - When people stop to take down numbers of vehicles to punt on the numbers
> Imaginary traffic jam - excuse to use if you wake up late to go to work
> Traffic Light Jam - Jam caused by breakdown of traffic lights, which happen very often


> Anwar Ibrahim Jam - Jam caused because of road blocks at various parts of the city due to anticipated problems