Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Keep the thugs out!

Something is terribly wrong when thugs, regardless of what political parties they come from, barged into a forum, shouting racist remarks and demanding a properly convened meeting to be stopped. They may call themselves political activists or non-governmental organisations leaders but they are just thugs. In this case, it was an Umno-PKR-PAS combo of hooligans who were unable to participate in a rational discourse. One Member of Parliament has since disappeared - he must have forgotten he was elected by Malaysians of all races and faiths. This PKR politician is widely known, among lawyers, for his religious zeal.
There is a problem, relating to conversion, and it needs to be addressed. The High Courts, so far, have been passing the buck and unless we are bold enough to resolve it, the problems would continue. If the Bar Council, comprising lawyers of various faith, cannot even meet to find ways, then how can one come up with solutions? Perhaps, the Bar Council could have registered the participants and held it behind closed doors. The protestors have a right to voice their objections as that is their democratic right. But to break up meetings and to shout racist remarks is another thing. It's criminally intimidating and seditious. We should also not be too quick to condemn those who have expressed their concerns at meetings which may stoke racial and religious anger, as they do not want meetings and counter-meetings to be held. Their concerns, I am sure, are genuine. It is obvious that not everyone is able to take part in a rational debate or want to. Let cool heads prevail but keep the thugs out.


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In western countries, most demonstration are held peacefully. This is something we should learn from them.

I do not understand why demonstration in Malaysia must always turn violent. It is either the police forcefully breakup the demonstrator or the the demonstrator behave violently. Thank God that both do not happen simultaneously.

If we always resort to violence to solve a problem, we will never progress as a nation.

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Tulang Besi of malaysia Waves has given an insight of this whole issue. Very articulative and makes sense too. Our Politic is all about race and religion when BN is in trouble. A good one. You should read:-



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Datuk Wong,

This is a rather fair piece from you. However, I wish to ask your opinion as to whether such protests coming from the combination of UMNO/PKR/PAS could be the product of UMNO's Ketuanan Melayu?

If so, do you think that Ketuanan Rakyat could be a possible answer to end this?

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After 50 over years of independence are we still not matured enough to discuss these issues rationally? Why keep postponing the problem? Lets us all keep a cool head listen to evry party's opinions and come out with an amicable solution. Why are we so uncivilised as to disrupt a legitimate meeting and shout profanity? On hind sight do we want these YAB from UMNO-PKR-PAS to represent us?

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It is a disgrace for the religious zealots of PKR,PAS and also UMNO for having such a low mentality to storm into a closed door meeting of the Bar Council to discuss about the conversion issue.With such a shallow attitude and behaving like a bunch of rowdies,how on earth are we going to unite among the three races if these religious fanaties shut the doors on the conversion's issue?If the lawyers cannot discuss it on closed door,who are going to fight the issue for them - you tell me?

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Morning Chun Wai

Again a reflection of the failure of Dollah to put his foot down. Soft talk like telling the Bar Council not to hold the meeting won't work.
He could have summon the eminent lawyers to his office and ask them to submit a memo to the government.
"We understand your concern. We will study the proposals. We will then submit it to parliament.'
"The thugs" on the other hand should get a court injunction to stop the meeting.
The way I see it, both the Bar Council and the protesters are demonstrating hubris to get the most political or popularity mileage out of the event.
Both playing games out of the miseries of the two women whom the Bar Council is supposedly championing for.
Wonder why the PKR leader is silent on the matter except to echo BN leader's comments.
Why is he not supporting and querying where is his missing PKR MP?
The hallmark of a good leader is to be brave to make a stand in matters such as this.
Oh I forgot. He's got to think of Permatang Pauh. It will dent his votes.
Thousands more votes will be lost in the looming UITM issue.
Will he reprimand Khalid Ibrahim or will he support him? We are waiting.

Unknown said...

Dear Chun Wai,

Chun Wai, the word, 'thugs' is an understatement. I think the right word to describe these people is BARBARIANS.

Malaysia has a long way to become a developed nation when politicians who are supposed to be leaders to lead the rakyat by good conduct, choose to behave like unthinking, moronic BARBARIANS!

The govt. should take action and charge the rioters who barge in and disrupt meetings like barbarians under the relevant laws, without fear or favour.

If not, the rakyat will lose what little faith they have in the police force.

The rakyat is watching.

Anonymous said...

Bro Wong

At last you got your balls and respect from many of your previous readers.

chris hanson (िशव) said...

well people who protested was just about 300 and obviously the police under malaysian current goverment only. other are modernised and more civilised. they did the protest but we must see the deeper picture. who is behind this? who supported this? how come police can escort protestors? so its a clear picture.......dont expect the goverment to understand. all they want is to create racial hate and when the country is fighting with those issues they can take the opportunity to steal the money.....people of malaysia....do something.....love the peace and dont let these morons ruin our unity. stay together....


alvin lee said...

as long as our government adpots a system of selective prosecution, such incident will continue. As a matter of fact, this is not the first time we witness people or group from the privileged race to hold demonstrations and utter racist or seditious remarks. They dare to do all these because they know that the ruling party will not take actions against them and they also know that no other component parties will dare to open their mouth.

In short, it is the system that has made what they are today and thus it is the system that needs to be changed if we want to prevent such incident from repeating in the future.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

It's really embarrassing how these thugs
Right under the lawyers' feet pull their rugs
When what they really need are more human hugs
Instead of trying to flex their muscles with noisy shrugs

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 130808
Wed. 13th Aug. 2008.