Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hadi Awang - also PM in waiting?

Everybody wants to rule Malaysia. PAS president Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang is also putting himself up as the next PM. Bahasa Malaysia newspapers today, including Sinar Harian (pic) quoted PAS central committee member Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah as saying the Islamist party wants Hadi as the next PM. The same view was echoed by its Dewan Ulama, comprising the party's theologians, today with its chief Datuk Mohd Daud Iraqi saying the council endorsed Hadi as the PM. The popularity of the firebrand PAS leader - who met Umno top guns for talks- has not been affected obviously. Hadi had met Umno leaders to find ways to work together, a move which upset others including Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat. In short, PAS is saying they do not want Anwar Ibrahim to be a PM, which has led many to suspect that this was one reason why Hadi toyed with the idea of doing a deal with Umno, in the name of Muslim unity. Hadi is said to be uncomfortable with Anwar's liberal and multi-racial approach. But could the real reason be their long time rivalry since the Abim days? Or just plain power and position? Hadi is also very much in the news for his comments at the Penang PAS convention that PAS would leave Pakatan Rakyat if there are more non-Muslim MPs than Muslim MPs. It's not a surprise really. Hadi has in fact gone on record in its party newsletter, Harakah, as saying that he is disturbed by the increasing number of non-Muslim majority constituencies in Sabah and Sarawak. Surely, his own party newsletter cannot be misquoting him.


Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

Everybody wants to rule Malaysia but it is God who decides ultimately. God pulls one down and raise up another.

Man may plan but it is God that decides.

Pray that God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


wong said...

this is getting more interesting..big party for everyone....hadi has every right to pitch as any other..pitching doesnt mean he will have it..varities is spicies of life...leave god factor aside..the chritian claimed their bible is from wise the muslims...n hindus..if god can give 3 books why cant we have 3 prime for the east, one for the west n another for east malaysia. we have choices to stay where we want like russia. all are happy !

Freddy Toh said...

Datuk Wong,

Do you have hearing problems? What thought to be whisper is actually a loud shout.

The people just want a change. My first response to this is that, it doesn't matter even if Hadi becomes the next PM. So long as a change occurs, it will be the beginning.

This 51 Merdeka, what new meaning has Badawi given the nation and the world? Well, for all we know, the dark blue canton represents perpaduan or Malaysian Unity.

But the worrying one is the alternating red and white stripes whereby under the current Badawi's administration, it seems apt to interprete as flip-flop, flip-flop ...

Sue.Aleen said...

in PAS, there's no such thing as "putting himself up as the next PM". even as a leader. his people chooses him...

you should join the muktamar!

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

in the bible they are known as adam and eve
in the quran they are known as adam dan mawa
in the bible he is jesus
in the quran he is nabi isa
what is the relation between christianity and islam ?
Pas leader is Nasharudin Mat Isa
Perlis MB Mat Isa
Former NS MB Mohd Isa
all uses the name of Jesus (Isa)

can someone please clarify.
my god no one is able to answer this question.

How about you Mr Wong Chun Wai.?

lanaibeach said...

PAS on greed already
The party wants Hadi to be PM
I think PAS should change its clothing
Before they ever think about it

So Hadi now opens up his ambition
Secret talks with UMNO
Finally this truth prevails
The power grab seems on the card

Now PAS wants the other controlled states
Flow with Kelantan administration
Is PAS playing along with UMNO?
No more Pakatan Rakyat in their minds?

Let the other states work
With the partners in government
One system there work
It can’t work in partnership rules
So let the other states be
Don’t push your luck imposing your views
For in reality PAS can’t govern the country

Maybe PAS too has Trojan horses
Galloping to derail partnership for personal glory
Greed of power befalls any person
Don’t they learn it at all by now?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

'Man proposes, God disposes!'
What more need we say in any prose
When things are beyond our means to compose
Except to accept what's going to be the final pose

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 140808
Thu. 14th Aug. 2008.

raj raman said...

Nothing suprised me anymore.
Politician always a politician.its can be a MUllAH or anyone as long they are call MALAY want to be PM.

rajraman666.Politics - the devil also cant unmasked to them because they are more powerfull.

Anonymous said...

He can be our PM! Sure! Why not? BUT, don't Islamize Malaysia. Don't HUDUD Malaysia! BECAUSE there are almost 50% non Muslims here who don't believe in Islam!

Anonymous said...

These extremists should be removed from the party. They have gone back on the PR vow for multiracial policy and back to BN's stone age.

Unknown said...

Aiyoyo....Another politician who want to become PM...As 1st we all vote for pakatan rakyat not bec PAS,PKR or DAP is good but we rakyat no choice but to vote for differents.Actually we all already fed up on this power war issue then another issue come out.

Now,our PAS want to be out of PR if more non muslim MP then Muslim MP,I dunno did he realise what he are talking.Actually not PAS,PKR or DAP win,is the PEOPLE who win BUT want to dissapointed us again.Maybe someone want to become PM due to some greedy things in minds.

As there are almosts 50% non Muslim is not agree on HUDUD or else.If PAS really want to ban or control on acholcol or entertainment,please go back to Kelantan not in other PR states.

I really think this 1 of the tactic playing by some politician before Permatang Pauh election.Darn another sad story....

Anonymous said...

hadi awang is not qualify to be PM, let along PM in waiting. Malaysian gave March 8 victory to Anwar Ibrahim not PAS. The very thought of Hadi wanting to be PM is an act of betrayal to voter of PR. No investors will come to Malaysia if Hadi becomes PM. Hadi should not insult PAS and should be more noble like Tok Guru.His U-turn behavior suggest that he will be easily tempted, coaxed, into hidden sins when he comes to power and will end up like UMNO of old...NO TO HADI AS PM.

Anonymous said...

semua cakap kosong....hahahahhahahaha...biasa la.....Parti Politik Malaysia, semuanya main KOTOR!!!semuanya macam budak kampong yang main dalam longkang.......termasuklah Mr.GAY - Anwar Abraham ( LoL ) and MR.Infidel - Hadi Awang......