Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Avril Lavigne: PAS still pissed off

It looks like the Mullahs are still pissed off with the Avril Lavigne concert. Upset with the Cabinet decision to allow the concert, the men in green are determined to carry out a last ditch effort to stop the concert. It is appealing to other Islamic bodies to back its plan, according to Deputy PAS Youth head Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi. The party's online portal also described the Canadian rock singer as a "sex symbol" - what a joke! Nasrudin went on to say that the concert was a disgrace to the nation. The Prime Minister also came under fire from the Islamist party, which is expected to stage a protest at the concert. Well, that's nothing new and it is their democratic right to distribute leaflets, so long as the party's loonies don't disrupt the show. Seriously, a lot of us are also really pissed off with these PAS guys for trying to impose their beliefs on us.


Anonymous said...

Never before heard of a mere concert by a foreign entertainer needing to be approved by a gov't. It shows utter immaturity and freakishness. Hypocrisy would be a more appropriate label.


Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

It is indeed sad that a political party like Pas always seems to be more concern with form rather than substance. In other words, they are more concerned with how one dress, or outward appearances than other more important matters.

There are many other more pressing concerns like drug abuse, corruption, and other social problems which warrants Pas's immediate action.

If Pas continue to persist with this foolish move, right thinking and moderate citizens will think twice before casting their vote for them in the next GE.

Freddy Toh said...

PAS may have been attempting to impose their beliefs on us but ... what do you have to say about UMNO's imposing upon everybody its racist policies?

I would love to hear you openly criticise UMNO using the same language you use on PAS.

A long long while ago, before ayam bertelur, I had my days bashing PAS .... PKR ... DAP ... as well as UMNO, MCA, MIC ... Gerakan ... etc.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Hypocrites! Zealots, extremists, that's what they really are.

Anonymous said...


before opposing to this concert, i believe almost all pas members love watching hindi films on tv, which to me are more revealing and sexier in their act of dances.

and what about the indonesian dangdut artistes who used to perfom in malaysia. arent they 'revealing' too?

apa laaaaa...! ini pun mau kecoh ka?

KongKor said...


Don't you think you are wasting your time talking about this? There are better issues for you to debate on lah, like the economy and good governance for example.

For goodness sake, this is your blog and not one sided MSM Star. Be a man for a change!

Anonymous said...

Ha, Dato , you are pissed off that PAS is trying to block this concert because you want to attend the concert. Well I don't blame you. You should be pissed off that the PAS goons try to block your entertainment.
Now just imagine how pissed off that the PR supporters are, ach time the BN goons try to prevent the PR coalition from holding a cheramah. Hey, you BN folks may not like our cheramahs, but we PR supporters enjoy them, OK? So the BN goons should not deprive us of our rights.

Anonymous said...

Most embarrassing when this was in the news in one of dubai's english radio station. Quite lengthy quote from PAS rep.

What's exactly PR government policy on this?