Saturday, August 9, 2008

Avril Lavigne also cannot ah?

This is unbelievable but then, what do you expect from PAS? The party has consistently called for a ban of concerts, gender segregation and the imposition of hudud laws. They have never changed. Encouraged by its success in stopping dangdut queen Inul Darista from performing at the Merdeka Stadium, the Federal Territory PAS is now calling for a ban of the Avril Lavigne concert. Its chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad is saying the Canadian rocker's "punk elements" are unsuitable. Please-lah. Are we living in the dark ages or what? A good clean concert also has to be banned, we are becoming a laughing stock. If you feel so strongly about the concert, just stay at home lah! Why deprive others from having a good time? This is not Iran or Afghanistan, so please don't impose on Malaysians your kind of theocratic rule. Last month, Kelantan PAS' moral police squad stopped an underground music gathering in Kota Baru. At the rate things are going, it looks like pop concerts would have to be held in Genting Highlands only from now. But then, when the mullahs take over, the casino complex would be shut down too.


Anonymous said...

Comelah....we are all entitled to our opinion. Pas can make as much noise as they want. It is their right. You can make as much noise as you want. This is your right. It is up to the authorities to act as they see fit. If we do not agree with the actions of the authorities, then we can choose to vote someone that will represent our view. This is democracy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Finally, a more objective comment from you! Maybe I will start to read stuff you post more.

Anonymous said...

This morning we had witnessed the unruly behavior which the protest led by PKR Kulim-Bandar Baharu Member of Parliament, Zulkifli Noordin on the forum held by the Bar Council. now we have PAS which never respect others people right & views that only want to turn this country to Iran or Afghanistan....

Very sad we can trust any party now, what the rakyat want is the party that rule this nation with justy. A government that would not discriminate base on race or religion. more sad is the corrupted and selfish BN already dissapointed us, and now Pakatan Rakyat seem like no different from BN.


Anonymous said...

You wrote like a jerk. No brains no facts. Aiyah, apa susah-susah, you boleh seronok kat rumah jugak apa? Malaysia ni ramai orang Islam. tok pekong lu ajar suruh tengok konsert aja ke?

Hosanna said...

Soon even Chris Tomlin's, Newsboys' concerts are not allowed. Pray for the nation!

Anonymous said...

come on la... Avril Lavigne only la.. it's entertainment... why they like that? what March i voted for PAS for my area la.. i can't stand this stupid country la.. i think i better finish my education (higher diploma) overseas and not come home.. damnit..

Unknown said...

Dear Wong Chun Wai,

When are you going to be more objective and also highlight the despicable behaviors of UMNO (and PKR) hooligans who shouted racist abuse and slogans against Chinese and Indians at today's Bar Council forum. By all means whack PKR and UMNO too! And don't tell me that there were no UMNO members (proxy NGOS) there..PEKIDA, GPMS, ABIM

Anonymous said...

Lack of understanding and respect for fellow members of the society is what causes them to behave so ignorantly. How could you be so unreasonable with others?
I believe the political leaders want to continue harping on issues to relate Islam to be popular in this country. Like someone mentioned it, vision 2020 will not be possible even after another 50 years.


Aimar said...

"Islam tidak menghalang hiburan asalkan hiburan itu tidak bertentangan dengan agama"

I don't know why PAS want to ban Avril Lavigne's concert. I don't see any Avril's songs that critic Islam. It's that because Avril not wearing hijab or something like that? If so, why they didn't ban any local artistes that not dress up 'properly'? Come on la wei.. It's just a music, man..We want to enjoy. If u don't like it, just tido kt rumah la...

Anonymous said...

Datuk Wong,

Malaysia has no need for PAS to make the nation a laughing stock. BN is already very successful in doing so.

We have Sodomy 1 ten years ago followed by the sequel Sodomy 2 that's currently tops the blockbuster chart worldwide!

Now, that's Malaysia Boleh!

coffeerox said...

"Canadian rocker's "punk elements" are unsuitable."

This was so farnee - got me laughing for hours!

Seriously.. have they even taken a look at the local punk culture!? I think THAT should be a cause for more concern that the "Canadian rocker's punk elements!"

Talk about pot calling the kettle black!

Unknown said...

Refer to your statement 'A good clean concert also has to be banned, we are becoming a laughing stock',
why you never condemn Dorah govt on charging Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy is far more a laughing stock in the eyes of the WORLD?

This only show how naive and shallow you are!

Anonymous said...

Ban Faizal Tahir and Indonesian rock bands in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Yah! Pakatan rakyat fools! Should Anwar become PM, PAS will be worst than they are now. Mark my words, it will happen.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that after half a decade of being Malaysia there is so much of insecurity. Where have all the Malaysians with common sense gone..

We can't seem to see the forest for the tress..I wonder how many Malaysians of all races and religions are going to fall into moral decay by just attending this concert alone...

If we have taught our children the right values and lived it as an example to them, then no matter what they hear and see they will not steer far from the right path.

We should all take some time to revisit our religious convictions and beliefs and while we are doing that we could ask ourselves what exactly does it stand it love, peace, humility, judgment, condemnation...this answer can hopefully be found in the silence of our hearts..

Anonymous said...

PAS can make his own comments. BUT if the authority follow what they farted from mouth then they are MORON....

Anonymous said...

wong chun wai...

I tak sabar for the "mullahs" to take over, actually and make your lie ven more miserable, you pathetic excuse of a journalist.

I am glad, reading the comments here, that your readers are not as horrific as you are.

Anonymous said...

aiyo puhleaseeee...rock and punk not good for malaysian youths?? haha so funny..most of the punks out there ie sidewalks of lot 10, pavilion, sogo..are all Malays! even more punked than avril some say! Im also very punk...arrest and ban me la. shite!

lanaibeach said...

Let PAS shout and jump
It is democracy to disagree
Holding concerts in our land
Of multi-racial people and religions

PAS has not changed its color
It is still the same image………
When you see PAS
You know what they usually do

But UMNO faces change
Every time suiting its needs
You can’t believe in what you hear
The two hands showing so many tricks

Then we know about the coalition partners
Never raise a hand to protest……………
The elder brother says everything will be alright
So they go out pouring ‘teh tarik’

Nobody is above the laws
So it seems we hear everyday
Let the issuing authority makes its decision
For the laws should take its course
But you and I know
There is always two set of laws here
One for the friends; one for the opposition
And this is nearly 51 years of independence

So PAS will keep protesting
Until the moon drops out of race
For it is its nature
The party shall not change

Anonymous said...


I hope that you can spare some space in the Star and publish Dr M's latest speech and article ie Approaching 2020 - Major Trends that will Impact Malaysian Business and Mengajar Sains Dan Matematik Dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

As much as I disagree with a lot of his policies, I've to take my hat off to him for his speech on vision 2020.

Since Hisham has no balls to tell the Malays the importance of teaching of Maths & Science in English, he has explained it very well in Malay and I presumed for the Malay community. Read here English vs Bahasa in teaching Maths & Science

If BN govt (or PR) don't act now, then more FDIs will bypass us.

I find it very amusing that our PM is chanting the mantra "human capital" but nothing substantive is being done to our education conveyor belt that is producing more unemployable workers.

We need to revamp our education system radically ie one education system, only sekolah kebangsaan and English as the teaching medium. Bahasa Melayu as compulsory subject and Mandarin and Tamil as optional language. There is no compromise in teachers and we need to base it on meritocracy.

If we make the changes today then in 5 to 10 years time, we'll reap the fruit.

Anonymous said...

even i dont agree with PAS with this one,,i gotta agree with anon at August 9, 2008 9:57 PM....anyone enttitled to voice their opinion,,its all up to the aothorities to make the decision..and we, voters decide the aothorities,,

Anonymous said...

instead banning avril lavigne's concert... why they did not put more efforts in creating a better place for "Malaysians" . Why have we divided Malaysians to different ethnicity and throwing racism points towards each other. I am pretty sure a concert will not affect any adults to behave differently after watching it.

If they have thought about all this punk stuffs will affect us earlier..why not just stop Malaysians from having satellite tv and entertainments. Just stay home, pray and meditate. by this way, we can even save fuel. LOL

Anonymous said...

i agree, avil should be ban,.. the song suck!

Anonymous said...

Even if we are all entitled to free speech, I don't see any need to ban Avril. Why?

1) She does not sing any form of Anti-Islamic songs
2) She does not strip down to her undies like Britney or Paris Hilton
3) Her songs, regardless of whether they are awful or not, are decent and do not call for sex
4) She does not dance "sexily" in a way that would turn men on

So, it doesn't make any sense if FT PAS wants to ban Avril but is OK with those Malaysian Jiwang artistes who dress worse and occasionally sing awfully "unislamic" songs.

Thus, it seems that these group of people need attention, and they sure have - just not the one they want (and surely not the one we want).

We can only pray that DBKL will issue a permit to Avril to perform or else no one is going to come here and perform!

That said, if this goes on, i believe one day, a group of people would come up and call for A ban of Nasyids because they may spread "extremism". Now how ridiculous is that?!?!