Thursday, August 21, 2008

Are they from another planet?

What's wrong with some of our MPs? An innocent question on national integration at the Dewan Rakyat yesterday ended up with MPs throwing racial insults at each other. It was just a simple discussion on the national integration programme and soon our MPs were throwing tantrums, putting on their worst behaviour and shouting racial slurs. The notorious Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (BN-Pasir Salak), who has a record for making outrageous remarks, and Datuk Lilah Yassin (BN-Jempol), have left Malaysians wondering what's wrong with them. (For the full transcript of the exchange, check out the Hansard in the Parliament website via this link and read from Pages 13-18)

Are they from Malaysia or another planet? Yes, they represent Umno, a Malay based party but surely, they also need the votes of other races in their constituencies. Surely, they must understand that Malaysia is a melting pot which we can trace our ancestry roots to Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, China, Thailand, Myanmar and elsewhere. So, what's with this "go to Singapore" and "this is not China" remarks? They smacked of racism. Malaysians, regardless of their races, are pretty tired with such racist politicians. They seem to come from all parties and when they lose in the elections, they wonder why, and they start blaming everyone else except themselves. Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia and Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz must be commended for bringing some sense back to the Dewan Rakyat following the uproar. If our politicians want to be addressed as Yang Berhormat, we expect them to show maturity and self-restraint in Parliament.


Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

You are wrong. This politicians do not deserve to inhabit other planets.I really don't know which hole they have crept up from.

The rakyat is truly fed up with racist politicians who are the GREATEST STUMBLING BLOCK to national integration leading to a Bangsa Malaysia.

Malaysia has no place for this gutter politicians.

The people are now in despair and can only pray fervently for divine intervention to rid this nation of racist politicians and heal this beloved land of ours.

Anonymous said...

Is this what we get in returned for voting them to Parliament? Should never have this type of MP but then again, don't UMNO loves those extremist and no action taken against them. One was even elected as Deputy of BBC. Way to go, M'sia.

Anonymous said...

An insult to the intelligence of the sultan that gave them the datukship.

siewkhim said...
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Abi Ayyub said...

That's the problem with people who chooses this kind of people, they think they have the right to say that because they are from UMNO/BN.

Thats why, all that the "opposition" do are wrong, what ever they do is right. As a malay I think That guy Tajuddin just does not know what he is suppose to do as an MP. Most importantly, the guy that chose must be as bad.

Anonymous said...

Well, in politic eveyone just want to be show off as though they are the knight of the community with thier immature mind.

Anyway, so long the community is not open up thier mind and able to think rationally, this bunch of politician will continue using the same dirty tactic again and again.

Only if we all stop listen to what the politician say or promise but to see only what they deliver, then surely we will all in peace.

Anonymous said...

'Maybe we should learn to wear the turbans and learn how to ride camels from now. Remember, Hadi is the PM in waiting'.

Quoted from ur posts "Ban the skimpy sport attire from tv". Doesnt this also sounds like a racists to you sir..Mr. Wong?

Even worst ur implying that others is not as good as yours. Isnt this also sounds like, you need to wear a sarong/songkok to go to a "melayu" festival, functions, etc..

correct me if im wrong Sir,,:(

Anonymous said...

Doest it make sense to you Dato sir?

Both our ancestors come from china and India. But we are Malaysians, born and bread here having breathed Malaysia's air. Do you think we are less Malaysians than those corrupt? And do you think politicians of this type help us into progressive Malaysia? Who are their leaders and why they have such mindset?

You tell me on what basis one could support the BN which is nothing but an institution that promotes racism in this country.

Please place your hand on your heart before uttering one good word about BN and its leaders?


BareSheen said...

Chun Wai,

Why don't you say it out loud?

Enough of BN. Enough of divide and rule. Enough of racist politics and politization of Islam.

We the rakyat is sick to our very core of these nonsense.

March 8 is a clear message on this.

And BN still does not get it.

From March till now, do we see any signs that BN is listening? Changing for the better? Hope of a better tomorrow?

Answer is no, no, no.

The core is rotten. BN's core is rotten and it is clear as day now that BN is beyond redemption, beyond salvage. If you say otherwise, I am sorry but you need your head examined.

So, why don't you just say it out loud?

Sal said...

They are Malays? I think you are wrong. Malays are very sopan-santun and very tactful. Mr. Wong, please check your facts - they sound more like from the beruk species...

Anonymous said...

Dato, I know you don't trust PAS due to their extremist policies and practices. But why do you trust UMNO? They are more extreme than PAS, as they try to prove they are more Islamic than PAS. Not only that, UMNO is more racist, and corrupt to the bone. If you cannot support PAS, you shouldn't support UMNO either. Maybe you should consider supporting PKR or DAP. Supporting MCA is equivalent to supporting UMNO. Time for you to get unshakled.

Anonymous said...

Kick racism out of Malaysia.

romerz said...

Dear Datuk Wong,

They are not only racist but arrogant racist as well. They think they can survive on their narrow communal support with total disregard for others not of their kind.

How wrong they are for the rest of the world will be less accommodating than the minorities in this country have been. Too bad they haven't learned that yet.

Things are not well in this country and very soon the rest of the world will let us know.

Time to get rid of these racists with their narrow interests which will forsake the future of this country and all who live within, them included!

Anonymous said...

Merely writing in blogs to vent one's unhappiness may help a person blow off steam and feel better. But we all know that it will not achieve anything. Things will remain in status quo; and rude, ill-mannered people will continue to behave badly.

What is needed is citizen activism.

If a minister or a public official behaves boorishly or makes offensive remarks, the people/rakyat should immediately make their disapproval and disgust known to the miscreant by bombarding him/her with telephone calls, SMSes, emails and letters. When he gets hundreds and thousands of these calls and messages daily, surely it would give him pause to moderate his behaviour in future.

Of course, the citizens making these calls should refrain from being verbally abusive. Just politely state their unhappiness and displeasure with the misbehaving official's behaviour/utterances and leave it at that. There's no need to exchange angry words with him or his secretary.

However, most people usually find it difficult to make the first move (to do something like the above). This is where The Star can come in. With its position as a leading news and information provider and with its resources, it can act as a rallying point to start concerned citizens on their way to register or make known their displeasure at uncouth behaviour/utterances from ministers and public officials.

Another way that The Star can help put misbehaving ministers on notice is by having a section in its online version of the newspaper that will be devoted to highlighting the misdeeds and offensive speech of such people.

It can be called 'Knaves List' or 'Rogues Gallery' or 'Kick Them Out List' or whatever suitable name.

Name these ministers/officials, put up a photo or portrait of these neanderthals so that your readers would know who they are and be able to recognise them at all times.

Then list all the bad things they did and said. Make sure that this information stays permanently on the website, and that it is easily accessible (ie, don't hide it in some obscure corner of the website).

You can be sure this will be very useful to your readers, ie the public, when election time comes around again. By going to the website and reading about what these Yang Berhormats did and said, we will know whom to give our votes and whom not to give it to.

Anti Uncivilised Behaviour