Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beyonce - there we go again with PAS.

How come we are not surprised? If there's one thing that we can say about PAS, it has to be its consistency. What you see is what you get, so Malaysians should know what they are getting into when they support PAS.
Kartika, whip her. Michael Learns to Rock? Ban them. Sales of liquor? Ban. Arrest the workers. Couples in Terengganu? Send the anti-khalwat troopers to harass them. Beyonce?
According to PAS Youth vice-chief Ahmad Sabki, the award -winning singer promotes hedonism. In simple English, that means someone who promotes pleasure as the chief good, bordering on sex and music, in Ahmad's probable perception.
PAS, he said, is unhappy with the trend of bringing Western groups to Malaysia "as these groups are not suitable for our Malaysian culture. Their apperance and attire are against our Eastern culture." Ahmad should know that he is speaking for PAS and its followers. Not many of us. We love our Beyonce and Black Eyed Peas.

Many of us also love our P. Ramlee, pop yeh yeh and Malay culture while many PAS leaders seem eager to embrace Arab culture and dressing instead. Beyonce is scheduled to perform here on Oct 25, so let's see it happen. Ahmad and his friends can stay at home if they choose to but many of us just want to be entertained. It's just a concert, not an orgy, please. See Khoo Kay Peng on Hypocrites in PAS.


wong said...

ahmad ali hassan, of p a s can go to zoo..i ber glad to sponsor them 1st class ticket, k f c dinner pack..

lordapes said...

"Couples in Terengganu? Send the anti-khalwat troopers to harass them."

come on. you should know better. thay are not harassing people. they merely enforce the law. altough in a way that non-muslims might not prefer.

just as the police does patrol to deter break-ins and ragut, these anti-khalwat troopers' main objective is to deter such act (which is in fact, a crime in Islam). some will get caught. some will not. most will avoid doing it just for the risk factor of being caught has risen.

at least they are showing that they are doing something.

other than that, I AGREE WITH YOU. it is not appropriate to ban something for the whole Malaysian. we have different cultural values.

Old Fart said...

Hard porn does not get to me. Soft porn does.

For these PAS guys the name Beyonce alone probably titillates them to the point of such discomfort that they have to ululate their angst!

In order to see any vulgarity or immorality in Beyonce even in her most revealing and titillating attire, or lack of it, one has got to have a mind that is so convoluted that the question we ordinary Malaysians should be asking is whether or not we should be protecting our daughters and sisters and mothers from these PAS perverts. One thing nudists and topless women detest is ogling old men who "rape" in their minds. And this is what it takes for someone to think that Beyonce could be an immoral influence over our youngsters.

Anyway, not to worry, the BN gains a lot more with PAS making utter fools of themselves over Beyonce's show. alternatively of course, they could turn around at the last moment and citing PAS's protestations to be the reason, ban the concert. Either way Pakatan loses as long as they continue to think that it is not for them to respond to PAS.

In a sense letting PAS continuing to dominate this debate, it would seem like when it comes to national morality it is they who drive the agenda. It is time DAP tells them to shove it!

Dan said...

PAS have such double standards and really don't seem to make much sense at all in my opinion. Maybe they should take a closer look at how innocent and sweet Beyonce is and how she can be a positive role model for young Malaysian women. No matter what PAS says the concert will surely sell out. I couldn't resits posting some pics of Beyonce over at my blog - enjoy!

Greenbug said...

Remember when they labelled Scorpions as Black Metal? I always thought religion encourages us human mortals to seek more knowledge?

Anonymous said...

if you guys have the right to bring beyonce to Malaysia, these guys have the right to try and stop beyonce coming to Malaysia too
what is the fuss?
let the public decide, and face it, not everyone loves the way you guys view life, so live with that or leave

Li Huat Chai said...

Brother, you are against PAS or against banning of a concert actually.

Which one is your motive???

As for me, i would rather not watch any concert but voting PAS for a clean govt. Get it?

Too much of tax payers' hard earned money has gone to the pockets of the selctive few, but u seem to ignore this.

Anonymous said...

i dont recall watch a concert is a human right.

Anonymous said...

Anon Sep 25,4.36 pm, " with it or leave."
Who are you??? and what right you have to ask people to leave???

"let the public decide...." demand and supply, but can it work in Malaysia?