Monday, July 6, 2009

Zulkifli Nordin wants fresh polls in Kota Darul Aman

Kulim Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Nordin has taken his fight with the DAP another step - he wants the DAP state assemblyman for Kota Darul Aman to quit and a by-election to be held. He has accused Lee Guan Aik (picture), the elected representative of being arrogant and chauvinistic, strangely all the traits that Zulkifli is accused of by his nemesis.

The maverick lawyer-politician has said that the honourable thing for Lim to do, now that he has declared himself an independent, would be to quit his seat and for fresh polls be carried out. The challenge is not just to Lim but also the DAP leadership.

Now, that's a power punch. The same politician had earlier challenged the DAP to pull out from the Pakatan Rakyat following the DAP's pullout from the Kedah Pakatan Rakyat. He has also questioned the non-compromising attitude of Kedah DAP chief Thomas Su.


Leithaisor said...

"Zulkifli Nordin" in my mind is immediately associated with the loud "Robohkah!" head of a Muslim lawyers' association outside the Bar Council building. Same chap who later claimed that he was only trying to calm the Muslim demonstrators down.

And the same chap is now in Pakatan's shadow committee for Higher Education! Buggers belief, DS Anwar!

Is Zulkifli's track record that of a matured, reasonable and open-minded leader?

Or does show a juvenile-like, narrow-minded trouble-maker?

Many voters voted for Pakatan last March as it offered what was a long-awaited and better alternative to the excesses and arrogance of BN.

Does Zulkifli fit in with that hoped-for change for the better?

If not, then what will that mean when the next General Elections comes around?

From the various opinions and comments about Zulkifli's words and deeds post-March 2008, I can guess what a large number of voters will do.

I certainly know that for me, I will NOT vote for Zulkifli.

Are you listening, PKR? Pakatan Rakyat?

Jackie said...

Wah, Datuk, you seems to like this Zulkifli fella very much?

I have lost count how many times you have written about him!

malayamuda said...

what a joke.........people who have no honour are asking to behave honourably !

Zulkifli should be in UMNO or PAS, theres where he belongs.....double speak and talk cock !

wandererAUS said...

Who is this fanatic religious maniac to demand anyone should resign and call for a by-election. Perhaps, a scumbag like him should do the honorable thing and resign and get out of PR...he is simply not fit to be the peoples' representative...behaving like a 'samseng UMNO ass'.........
We have not forgotten, what you did at the Bar Forum!

Half True said...

All these remarks given by your goodself are also found in you and other politicians too. Back to square one and typical Malaysian Political Leader ie DUA KALI LIMA LEADER.

Before you accused anybody, reflect yourself or look at the mirror and ask yourself... "Do I have these bad quality in my inner self". If yes and similar to you, said something positive quality to the him and make him change for the better. By doing so, you are also helping yourself and other to change too. The sum of all these activities make Malaysia a better place to live. Zul, can you take the lead.

Also, a great leade possess the quality of being a good change agent.

Zul, change yourself and set good example and be a living example of good leader for Malaysian to follow.

SK said...

By all means, IMHO, I think this Zulkifli Nordin dude should cross over to Umno and stays there forever.

I don't think a lot of supporters out there have any problem with that. Too much of sandiwara from this guy.

Anonymous said...

The blooming blankety bang bang Zulkifli Nordin. He is bottom squirming worm.

IES Agencies said...

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dari 5,000 yang diharapkan... 150 aje yang datang bersorak

Anonymous said...

We challenge Zul to resign and stand for election again to see if we vote for him or not. If he stand under PKR ticket we will vote for BN. If he stand under BN we will vote for Pakatan. He is a sick and arrogant animal. Frankly I think he is an UMNO agent sent to PKR to sow discord among Pakatan members. Why can't Anwar see through that and sack this fella?

Whatmeworry said...

This nutcase should have been a missionary instead. I wonder what he's doing in politics.

PKR, some of your reps are an embarrassment to Pakatan Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Send this Taliban Zul to the caves in Afghanistan. He belongs there.

Anonymous said...

Unless PKR head honcho DSAI does something to clean up its ranks and purge the party of people like Zul, PR will lose respectability. We didn't vote in PKR for its reps to behave like UMNO fellas. Why is DSAI still keeping Zul around in the party? PKR is a party made up of ex-UMNO fellas whose mentality is still pretty much like the people still in UMNO. Same stock.

senorah said...

This asshole is just waiting for umno to buy him over,thats what he's up to,he's just a 2 hoot lawyer who cant even string a simple sentence.