Sunday, July 19, 2009

Put politics aside, let's find the answers

Parents’ wish: Teoh Leong Hwee (second from right) and his wife Teng Shuw Hor want a Royal Commission of Inquiry to be set up to investigate their son’s death.

In my column, On The Beat, published in The Sunday Star today, I wrote...

LET’S put politics aside. Most of us have never met Teoh Beng Hock, the aide of a Selangor exco member, but Malaysia is angry with the circumstances leading to the death of this young man.

A man who is a novice to politics has died in a most tragic way with his body found sprawled on the fifth floor of a 20-storey building after a 10-hour grilling by the Malay­sian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

A decent man, son, husband- and father-to-be is tragically gone, at a time when he and his loved ones were about to start a new chapter in their lives the next day.

There are many unanswered questions over how he died and Malaysians with any conscience should speak up and demand answers.

It’s not a question of protecting the integrity and credibility of the MACC; the issue here is about knowing the truth.

Malaysians find it hard to accept any suggestion that he committed suicide nor can we accept any insensitive innuendoes over his death.

The job is now with the police. They must investigate the case professionally, efficiently and quickly. We want the findings to be transparent. In fact, the Government should accept the setting up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry, with the power to call up witnesses. This is the only way to satisfy the public who have questioned the credibility of our institutions.

That will also prove that the Government has nothing to hide and is as interested as everyone else to get to the truth.

The Prime Minister and the Home Minister have both given their assurances that the case would be investigated thoroughly and when the Cabinet meets on Wednesday, it is most certain to be a top item on the agenda.

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The Truth said...

Dear Dato' Wong,

Why wait ? Why Wednesday ? Gerakan say YES, MCA say YES. Of course PR say YES. So which component from the Cabinet say NO here ?

Don't you think decision can be made immediately. Set up The Royal Commission (exclude the PDRM, MACC and AG).

We want the truth. And I believe UMNO wants to know the truth too.


Greenbug said...

Dato, you are a member of MACC advisory council, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk Seri

Your headline is nothing but bull.
You have not answered as to what you did as advisor of MACC.

Anonymous said...

Indeed,the always wanted for answers are once again seeked from the authorities.
Yesterday it was Kugan's case.
Today this decent fellow.
Tomorrow who knows whom?
Yet answers are necessary if the nation is to heal from this all.
Dr Kildare.

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk Wong

There is no answer except politics.
My answer - finger to BN.

Mighty Pen said...

Nothing less than a Royal Commission. How can the Police or MACC be trusted when they have shown to be inept and protecting their own kinds?

Anonymous said...

We can set-up as many as possible the so-called Royal Inquiry Comm (which I would find it difficult to agree - particularly with the used of 'Royal' term here).

The final outcome will always be the same as previously seen.

You got the outcome, the list of suggestions/actions, but at the end NO SOLUTIONS and ACTIONS to the culprits !! Remember with the Linggam Case - what'd happened with it !!! All will be put under the carpet.

This is just a another way of wasting taxpayers money..

Anonymous said...

For those point-scoring politicians who quickly stood up to defend MACC and did not even express any sadness over the loss of a human life, PLS RESIGN, for you are not fit to be in the human league.

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

There will come a time when out of despair the people are at loss and do not know what to do.

They do not trust the govt and the authorities to seek the truth and obtain justice for the death of an innocent man.

in times such as this, all those who believe in God should pray to the Almighty who is all powerful and knows all.

Pray for the truth to be revealed and that justice prevail.

Also pray that God will expose and remove all dishonest and corrupt leaders on both side of the political divide, and that God will raise up men of integrity to lead this nation.

God is not mocked. What a man sow, that he shall also reap.

It is better to put our trust in God than man.

To God be the Glory!!!!

vinnan said...

You UMNO ba';[' running dog. Hope to see you in hell one day so that I can take you on man to man. In hell there will be no racist institutions like the PDRM and MACC to help you. Wait for me when you get to hell, I will come looking for you.

Anonymous said...

Who's jumping into any conclusion? Why draw comparison to the squat case when both cases are entirely different?

Maybe you should start walking your talk by quitting from Advisory Council of MACC.

If you believe in justice, then in your column, you should have been bold enough to state your stand that a Royal Inquiry is necessary. Yes, the public in general wants an inquiry. But all you did was comment about public demands. You remained 'safe' with your comments. Truly disappointing. At least KJ was more courageous with his call for an Inquiry.

BlackJustice said...

We should all wear black tomorrow to mourn for another black chapter in our M'sian gutter politics. We want justice Wong.

Anonymous said...

MACC chief should resign.

IGP must also resign. Otherwise the police investigations will not be impartial.

Wong, you too should resign from MACC's Advisory Council. You need to do this. Otherwise, your image will be tarnished as well.

Najib must be pesonally involved in the setting up of a Royal Commission. He cannot side step this matter by sending his envoy and just a wreath. We want to see positive actions.

Anonymous said...

The setting up of MACC is a failure. For all I care, its just a change of name with no substance. Remove the MACC Chief and go for a total overhaul. Do what it takes to restore public confiendence. Its one bad start to our PM's 1Malaysia call!!

Dr D said...

Lame article from you Wong. Mostly comments with no real fire power. I expected more from you. But maybe because you are also involved with MACC thus you went limp instead.

Anonymous said...

Please ask the Malay newspaper to put the racial aside, let's find the answer.


Anonymous said...

When people like you and many more Chinese leaders especially in BN who are more interested to protect your selfish interest and nothing else, so I am sorry for the Chinese in this country.
Either you guys and the MIC leaders wake up now or you will see many more will suffer. So, sorry for the Chinese and INdians as your leader are all without balls.

Anonymous said...

I value your contribution on this sad topic in the public domain, considering the limitations that working in a newspaper owned by a political party within the Barisan would entail.

Do your best, Dato', and do not be discouraged by those who only want you to write in their manner.

romerz said...

How to put politics aside? It was because of politics that Teoh Beng Hock died in the first place!

A Royal Commission of Inquiry will not be set up because of the conscience of the ruling elites but rather of political pressure from all concerned citizens!

The ruling elites have no conscience, only fear of losing their grip on power!

Suci Dalam Debu said...

Mr Wong,

Why don't you be an agent of change?

Life would be a lot more meaningful than having to do a lot of spinning.

Anonymous said...

MACC is a pot of excreta left behind by Badawi. It was designed to fail. And failed it did. It just took 6 months for the implosion.

1. Weak or no oversights. 5-6 ineffectual advisory boards that achieved nothing except to massage the egos of apple polishers.

2. Bad Management.

3. Arrogant and not very professional staffs

Any wonder we end up with a disaster and some one died.

The Truth said...

Dear Dato' Wong,

We expect the Police to tell us something really "interesting" today after the handphone was found.

In fact, my humble opinion, the Police told us something that we already knew.

No action yet is taken against the boy from MACC who "officially pass" the handphone to PDRM. Statement fr Khalid Abu Bakar said they got it from the MACC boy. WOW!

And the PDRM now has full access to the Telco's record.

What do you think ?

Anonymous said...

The majority are 100% behind Dato' Wong. To those who do not believe in this country constitutions, police, laws and orders - there is only option. Take a one-way ticket out of the country!

Anonymous said...

DS WCW, don't you think that our BN government, including their leaders and youth leaders, have a knack for saying all the wrong things to infuriate the people after each tragedy and other big cases? Don't they have any clever PR people to advise them? Or are they so arrogant and out of touch with the people that they keep issuing bad statements. They ask the people not to talk about it. (How not to?). They ask opposition not to politicize it. (But how not to, when one of their kind is killed?). Then their youth and press start accusing the non-bumis of using the event to undermine "bumi" institution, which in the face place should be a Malaysian institution. (Hey these guys should be arrested for instigating racial hatred!). Don't they realise that MACC's job is to curtail corruption regardless of race or religion? Don't ehy realise that whatever abuse MACC impose on Pakatan reps could also one day be imposed on UMNO reps with the wrong faction?

Elizabeth said...

How can you leave out politics in the late Teoh's death? He was a DAP member, an aide to an ECXO officer of Pakatan ruled Selangor which has been mysteriously singled out by the MACC on corruption allegations while Khir Toyo and Ali Rustam is free.

For starters, MACC should seriously stop their investigations on Selangor Pakatan representatives and purge the correct culprits.

ria said...

Will the actual truth come out? I wonder...

Manature said...


I hoped you read Lim Teck Ghee's Open letter to MACC Advisory members. I agree with LTG as despite the selective persecution and unacceptable interrogation methods and now death in MACC custody, we have heard nothing from you and your fellow members. It seems you are just wall paper for decoration there. We ask you to resign please.

Purple Haze said...

The RCI as proposed by the Cabinet will investigate the methodologies used by MACC.

An inquest will be held, helmed by a magistrate (hopefully not that Judicial Comminssioner Ridzwan) which will probably tell us that Beng Hock died - which we already know.

If Beng Hock was at the window at T=0, we want to know what happened at T=-5 mins before to T=0.

That is the answer the family of Beng Hock seeks. As you say, Dato, put politics aside and let's find the answers.

We already know he was still in MACC custody since MACC had his personal belongings in their possession, despite initial statement of him being released at 3.45 am.

Manature said...

I mean this from:

Teoh Lee Lan:

"We were very happy when we first learned about the Cabinet's decision to set up a royal commission of inquiry as announced by the prime minister yesterday. However, after knowing the entire content, we felt very disappointed. This is not what we want!

"All we want is a royal commission of inquiry that will conduct thorough investigations on why Beng Hock has died at the MACC headquarters.

"The entire family cannot accept the Cabinet's decision of setting up a royal commission of inquiry only to probe the interrogation procedures of the MACC.

"On behalf of my family, I would like to appeal to the prime minister and the Cabinet to change the decision, and set up a comprehensive royal commission of inquiry that will investigate in particular the causes of Beng Hock's death."

Anonymous said...


thanks for the politically correct statement.

for goodness sake, trust the police and AG office to be impartial? what happened to Kugan? Hope you havent forgotten.

Anonymous said...

anon 6.31pm

the country does not belong to the police, aca, ag office.
they are just servants of the country. we the taxpayers are paying their freaking salaries. get it right, pls/

ttttt said...

Just wanted to say something…

A lot of Pro-PR supporters have been saying that the document is fake because of the date on the document which started sometime before GE12…i.e. Item 1 dated 28/01/08

HOWEVER if these people actually UNDERSTAND ENGLISH, they would have read the following :

” Documents containing 83 projects (item 89 to 172) in Sg Pelek constituency given to one Wong Chuan Chow. The constituency is under the purview of Ronnie Liu. ”

Items 89-172 all started AFTER GE12!!!

Stupid PR supporters!

Truth for Teoh Beng Hock said...

Truth for Teoh Beng Hock

The truth will be out. Teoh Beng Hock is a true hero.

Manature said...

Datuk, hopefully theStar will never sink this low: IS THIS THE STANDARD OF JOURNALISM IN THE NEW STRAITS TIMES TODAY?

1) The writer made a significant error of fact by claiming that the purpose of the Royal Commission of Inquiry was "to probe the chary [sic] death of Teoh Boon Hock".

Why is this error significant? Because the writer then went on to use his "fact" to attack the character and motives of Pakatan Rakyat leaders throughout the article, beginning from the headline itself.

Manature said...

Thank you Datuk a trillion times for this article in theStar: FULL RIGHTS TO THOSE BEING INTERROGATED.

Don't know if you have a part in that, but whatever, let's hope we are on the way to a Better New Malaysia!!!!! (give credit where it is due)