Thursday, July 16, 2009

Teoh Beng Hock: The truth must be known and told

It's a shocking piece of news. The death of Teoh Beng Hock, the political secretary to Selangor exco member Ean Yong Hian Wah, has raised many questions. He is said to have fallen to his death following questioning by the MACC at its state headquarters in Shah Alam. The interrogation is said to have started from 5pm on Wednesday until 3.45am on Thurday. He is said to have rested at 6am.

The question is what happens from then until 1.45pm when Teoh's body was found on the 5th floor of an adjacent building. The MACC has said that he is not a suspect. If there is CCTV footage in the building, then it could perhaps shed some light into his movements. He is supposed to register his marriage today, raising more concerns about the situation.

It's understandable that his death has upset party members, friends and members of the public as there are mysterious circumstances. The integrity of the MACC has been questioned, purportedly for selective prosecution and fingers have been pointed at the MACC. The emotional outburst is expected but it would be best to let a full investigations be carried out first. Not many people would want to hear that but that is the only option.

The truth must be told. Those responsible, if there is any element of foul play, must be arrested and penalised. Those with information must come forward and certainly it would be better for allegations to be backed with evidence.

The MACC on its part must review its standard operating procedure. All questionings must be recorded from all angles. In Hong Kong, the ICAC would not even allow a person being questioned to sit on a table with edges. He faces a camera in front and a camera on his back. That is the extend the ICAC would take and for the sake of its own integrity, the MACC has to consider this move, if it hasn't.

It does not matter what political beliefs we have, the death of Teoh is tragic and sad. It should not have happened at all. Everything must be done to find out the truth. Given the background of the incident, where the MACC was holding him, the investigations may be best handled by the police and a Royal Commission of Inquiry. That could be the only way to satisfy the public.


Junah said...

I am so angry and sad by what has happened, words cannot express how I feel.

My deepest condolences to Teoh's family and fiancee.

Anonymous said...

We smell some rotten fish in the death of Teoh Beng Hock. The MACC is not only perceived to practise selective prosecution of the ruling government's opponents but has done it with full gusto from Penang to Selangor.

How come no investigation on former MB amassed wealth and other BN politicians? If PR politicians are rotten and corrupt, we are all for full prosecution but the same has to be extended to everyone else, from police to customs to BN politicians.

MACC needs an immediate revamp, not only a name change. It is not beyond reproach and certainly not independent. We have no respect for MACC before this case and even more so now. This is disgusting!

Anonymous said...

The truth is our authorities have long been drunk on the culture of bullying. End this tragedy by ending the government that spawned it.

Anonymous said...

i agree. there must be something hidden inside it...they must be punished and revealed himself as murderer to all m'sians.

Anonymous said...

Police investigation and commission of inquiry? What outcomes can be expected from them? Any action done on Kugan's case and the VK Lingam "correct, correct" royal commission? We have all lost confidence in our police force and public institutions, even our judiciary.

A young man had died in mysterious circumstance. And will justice be done? Might as well ask the family to dress him in red so that he will come back to haunt those that caused his death. May they be cursed and never have a day of peace in their miserable lives.

Carling said...

Under even simply cases, the police remanded witnesses or suspects for days. Why are the MACC officers not remanded immediately ?
MACC's statement showed clear stupidity. How can MACC allowed anyone to rest in their office after questioning, that the biggest bullshit I ever heard.Isn't MACC office supposed to be highly security sensitive as investigation materials are there?
From the stupid statement, I can only conclude that they probably tried to frighten him by holding him next to window and he must have fell or being pushed.I haev heard so many horrible stories about MACC, which are worst than the police.
Dato, is that is your son, what would you do, would your statement be the same as now? I doubt it. I will dress my son in red and hope his ghost come back to look the culprits.

BareSheen said...

Dear Datuk, we are not holding our breath at all. There have been scandals and outrages before. So many, ad nausean. And what do we have? Anyone held responsible and punished.

You know the answer.

And this time around, you expect us to believe otherwise?

The press has failed Malaysia miserably.

What we need is a new government. The same old is broken and totally irredeemable. Why don't you write about this?

Subramaniam Alagasundram said...

Another investigation, another commission of inquiry. So what will that lead us to. Chun Wai, wake up! We have been down that road before.We all know what will be the final outcome.People like me are tired of having to deal with situations like this ever so often now. Human life has become insignificant to some people. Otherwise, we would have seen a conclusion to the investigation involving Kugan by now. So, please stop making suggestions that you know are impractical.Some institutions are beyond repair in this country.

Anonymous said...

The emotional outburst is expected but it would be best to let a full investigations be carried out first. Not many people would want to hear that but that is the only option.

Answers to this statement of yours:
1) Full investigation...
you mean you still trust any ivestigation that will be carried out. Tell us how many unsolved mysterious death under investigation that has not being solved? Don't act as if you don't know and act stupid.

2) Not many people would want to hear that...
We have heard enough of all the stupid and lame logic surrounding all these cases. We want to hear and see some results like someone responsible arrested or prosecuted. Don't you want to hear that also or are you paid to act stupid.

Don't pretend as if you care.

Anonymous said...

It is very clear where the responsibility lie. What is amazing no one from MACC come out to make any clear statements other than those trying to push the responsibility away. Where is the blooming head of that organisation? Where is he hiding?

Niuku said...

I remember..When MACC was formed, some top dogs from the ICAC of HK came over for a visit, expressed their well wishes and "brotherly" support. May be it is time to ask for a brotherly help from ICAC, why not fly their top investigators in to help out in this case.

The credibility and reputation of MACC are at stake now. No one had said building a brand new MACC is an easy job. A mere re-branding exercise by changing logo and uniform are just not good enough.

No one had ever said building a world class anti corruption agency styled after the ICAC is easy either. Those sit in the Board of Commission, the parliamentary committee and ultimately the person who receives the performance report on MACC knows that.

It is time to act and act fast. The rewards of having a world class MACC built on solid ground will benefit the generations to come. Look at SG and HK. Who do not want that ?

Anonymous said...

Datuk, Do you really believe we will get the "truth".
We have enforcement agencies practising "selective procecution", what can you expect"

PKFZ, and Istana Khir Toyo are some of the examples.

VK Lingam is still in the loose too.

♂无聊♀乂♥melvin♥ said...

MACC should be held responsible for the demise of Teoh Beng Hock.I hope the police would conduct the investigation on his demise professionally,truthfully and transparently.Those held responsible should be brought to justice without fear or favour.

The Unspinners Kembali said...

RPK's article is an attempt to spin and lay blame at MACC.

Read our hyperlinked article and ask yourself.

Will MACC go to the extent of slitting someone's wrist and tearing his pants?

RPK said it is an accident. Is it an accident?

RPK should now ask his good friend, Ronnie Liu what happen?

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

The public is shocked, angry and sad over the death of Teoh while in the custody of the MACC. And he is there to assist the MACC as witness. An innocent young life lost just like that.

There are just too many unanswered questions over the strange and mysterious circumstances of his death.

One thing is certain. The reputation of the MACC has gone down the sewers.



Previously, the ACA was accused of being a TOOTHLESS TIGER.

Now the MACC is being accused of being a TOOTHLESS, BLIND AND DEAF KITTEN!!!






aiya ! apa sudah jadi 1Malaysia ?

The truth will not come .
The truth is to change 1Malaysia in the next election.

My condolence to Teoh family.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you noticed that everything UMNO and BN touches turns to dust? The public no longer has faith in anything BN does. Although people do not go on massive demonstrations, the disgust and anger we feel is real and deep.

Odette said...

Deepest condolences to the family of Mr Teoh.

We have reached a very dark point in Malaysia's political path. There is no longer any credibility in the current administration or hope for justice / accountability.

Malaysians are too tolerant

We have let too many things slip in the past.

Will we continue to let it happen?

I can't believe that there are no CCTVs in the MACC HQ.

KH Lim Blogs said...

Dear Dato'
We are all extremely saddened by Teoh's death. It's scandalous to say the least. Calls for a Royal Commission of Inquiry have been made by both BN & PR politicians. The Govt has no choice but to accede.
I also like the suggestion by one of your commenters to call in the ICAC as they have been closely-linked to MACC. Why not? Let's be seen to be transparent -- not just promising transparency and then pull out rules and procedures to cloud it.

Anonymous said...

Wong, if you are on the other side of the fence, will wait and see be your only option???? You certainly surprise me with your comments this time. If this can happen to Teoh, who's next? We must make this the first & the last. We must pressure the Govt through vigils, petitions and peaceful gatherings to ensure justice is served. You cannot expect anything more from another round of inquiry by PDRM or Royal Commission. All major inquries have ended inconclusively so far. You still have a lot of hope on such inquiries huh??

colorless said...


The decent thing you should do is to quit the MACC advisory board.

Anonymous said...

The call for a Royal Commission goes to show just how much faith and trust the public has in the police to do the right and fair thing.

But like the past findings of a Royal Commission, taxpayers money and public outrage counted for nothing as the findings of the commission was not followed through.

ICAC said...

Ahmad Said must resign!!!!!

Chettiar said...

The UMNO/BN government is beyond redemption and must be removed from power. Datuk, you and the Star must help bring this to fruitation if you want to retain this title "New Malaysia" for this blog. Otherwise change the blog title to "Another BN lap dog"

Donplaypuks® said...

You sit on the advisory board of the MACC.

Why don't you initiate some firm action to get rid of the deadwood and bigoted elements in MACC and clean it up?

Anonymous said...

Is really sickening to read of such barbarousness acts, I rather read The Star for juicy stories from Terengganu,really interesting pieces comes from their are the best.

amoker said...


u are in the board of MACC. instead of just writting and sound very emphathatic, why not do something useful and use your power to clean up mACC. no need anzbody else.. you can make a difference. do you want to

The Truth said...

Dear Dato Wong,

The Royal Commission is the only option (exclude the PDRM, MACC & AG)

Since you mentioned about HK ICAC, why not Malaysia commission the rep from Hong Kong.

Correctly pointed out by Gobind, can the Malaysian, still trust the same AG who handle Kugan's case ?

Who can enlighten us with the TRUTH ?

Anonymous said...

Tan Beng Hock's death is grim and sad.
The emotional public outpouring is understandable and not unnatural.
During the Kugan incident few months ago there was similar outpourings.
Though some members of public/even ngo's chided the outpourings/support given then, Kugan was still just awaiting trail and hence not guilty legally as deemed necessary to be proven in a civilised society.
Now another human being has died mysteriously in a location not expected one to die suddenly in, yet has happenned.
Naturally people would express outrage feelings.
A lesson to be learnt by all here is that all death is mourned at some level personally,culturally or nationally even globally occasionally.No one should stand afar unemotionally and make judgements cynically.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chun Wai,
"The emotional outburst is expected but it would be best to let a full investigations be carried out first."

I beg your pardon? Can we trust the police to carry out the investigation?

Truth will not be told. PDRM is pathetic, MACC more so - the mere unavailability of CCTV footages attests to this.

What a mess, and I blame BN for this. Good governance is non existent in a land called Malaysia.

To those BN/UMNO cybertroopers, don't blame us for voting for the opposition. You can add your spin to this however you like but you can't change the way I vote. Please note that the more you spin, the more antipathy and disgust you generate against BN.

I am out. Bye.

nstman said...

You want the truth from Umno? You must be on another planet, because truth has never been in Umno's dictionary.

Anonymous said...

Teo is the accidental martyr that will help in the process of bringing an end to BN rule. Just like Neda in Iran.
His name and picture will be prominent in reminding Malaysians of his tragic death in all future elections. But his name and picture will be banned too, like the Mongolian woman's.

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk

I read your piece in the Star. You wrote as a bystander. But you me you have a responsibility as a member of the advisory boards. You and you fellow member failed in carrying out that responsibility.

Old Fart said...

Fallen to your death leaves the impression that death occured as a result of the fall. He could have died and his body pushed out. It may have been his body thatt had fallen and broken up as it surely would have done.

The absence of blood, or as much as is normally expected if he had fallen to his death should be something you as a seasoned journalist should be questioning.

So please, by your reckless writing of his death don't willfully or innocently guide us into thinking how he might have died when this has yet to be properly established.

Anonymous said...


From my personal perspective, is the officer from the MACC qualified or just SPM holder? Furthermore no such things like video recording for persons who have been questioning and the same to our police also.

Furthermore let not forget about the infamous TOYOL MANSION case as I think this is more money than anything else.

I strongly believe there will be NO 100% JUSTICE IN REAL LIFE.

Just asked anyone yourself who will benefits alot from the death of Teoh. If no one benefits from it he won't die.

Most of the blog regarding Teoh death have diversified the attention and pointing at DAP. Of course there are something DAP must answer but the most important matter is not here. I hope Teoh death will not be a point to over throw the current SELANGOR GOVERNMENT LIKE PERAK CASE.