Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Manek Urai: PAS scrapes through

The BN lost the by-election narrowly to PAS but their campaigners can hold their heads high. They put up one helluva fight and almost walked away as the victor, which many had predicted would surely go to PAS. The immediate question following the by-election is this - has the Prime Minister pressed the right buttons and is the hard work beginning to show?

The series of feel-good promises by Najib Tun Razak on his 100th day in office must have made an impact. There were other factors including the PAS in-fighting, which must have left some impression on the minds of the voters. PAS deputy president Nasaruddin Mat Isa made a last minute entry into the area but his admission that he was initially banned from campaigning did not help. Retracting his statement did not help for sure.

But the lure of development mattered the most. The promise of a RM7million bridge could not be ignored. Beside the strong campaigning by the Deputy Prime Minister, another personality which helped made the difference was Mustapha Mohamad. Known as Mr Clean, he has plenty of admirers in Kelantan. The fact that there was no element of sabotaging within Kelantan Umno showed that they have united.

Umno must be very encouraged by the results of this by-election, losing by only 65 votes. This could just be the beginning for the BN in Kelantan. But for PAS, their supporters would say that a win is still a win, even with a majority of one vote.


Anonymous said...

65 votes. Hmm... wonder how the 56 Chinese votes went?

Anonymous said...

If Mustapha Mohamad is a Mr Clean, then he is in the wrong party. He should quit UMNO. Like the saying goes, if you put black ink on a piece of white cloth, the white cloth becomes black. The black ink does not become white.

Anonymous said...

DS WCW, Najib can't fool us. What real improvements are there? High profile corruption cases are staring everybody in the face, but he has done nothing about it, just because the people implicated are all BN people. But a slight accusation of the most minor stuff with nothing concrete to back it up, will see MACC officials descending on Pakatan reps office. What BullS#!% is this?
Meanwhile our best brains continue to drain from Malaysia because of racial discrimination, and nothing real has been done yet to stop the bleeding. The list could go on...but the above example should suffice. We are still fed up with the BN government. Nothing has changed since the the last GE, so there is no reason for the rakyat to flock back to BN. The government controlled media can't fool us like in yesteryears when there was no alternative source of information. The MU election and the squabbling among Pakatan parties have not changed anything. I will still vote for them, just like the last GE. If I have to choose between a clown and a snake, I will take the clown any time.

Razak Alias said...

Pas is slowly losing its grip.

By the way, why are your sports pages so mundane? Local sports isn't all about badminton.

Richard Cranium said...

Right, now that Najib has pressed all the right buttons, and a constituent of 5,000 voters voted for Umno, we can now all sit back and enjoy justice, freedom, and prosperity.

Oh, and let's not forget that a poll of some 1,900 people said 65% of "us" are happy with Najib's performance.

Perhaps, to really test this hypothesis, we should have a couple of buy-elections on the west coast cities. How about Bukit Lanjan? I'd love to get me some economic stimuli.

You call the bridge a "lure of development". You are right - people who fall for it are like fish, hook-line-and-sinker. In some circles, its called a enticement, and its illegal in election law, no?

mynakednews said...

Dear Datuk,

Dont you think BN would have said the same thing. A win is a win even with One Vote. I am sure you would have worded your analysis differently to suit the BN if that has happened. Happy ball carrying. Hope you will get Tan Sri next.

Anonymous said...

If you read back all your past postings they are 90% about Pakatan problems, strange ain't it?

Anonymous said...

yalah brother, promising so many things and still fail.. is that a win? it shows the people basically still with PAS. PERIOD.


amoker said...

isn t the promise of the bridge a bribe