Friday, July 3, 2009

Equity issue: Hadi Awang has a serious problem

PAS president Hadi Awang has a serious problem. We are beginnining to see more and more of the real Hadi. He has opposed the removal of the 30% equity requirement for companies seeking public listing. He said that the timing was not right as the Malays were not strong enough to face economic challenges.

Hadi is talking rubbish as the Malays who would benefit from the 30% equity requirements would surely not be the poor Malay fishermen or farmers in Terengganu. It would be the statutory bodies or rich Malays who can afford to pay for the shares.

The position taken by Hadi is serious because no other PAS leader has taken a different stand. In short, their silence means they endorse Hadi's stand. Non-Muslims who believed that PAS would be different should be able to see what PAS is like now. They must be dreaming if they expect PAS to be liberal and moderate.

Even the party's reformist Khalid Samad supported a resolution to ban Sisters in Islam. He then claimed it was a mistake but the party didn't bother to retract the resolution. Perak Mentri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin called for a halt to the use of English to teach Maths and Science.

And when PAS leaders call for gender segregation among the press covering the PAS general assembly, there was hardly any response from these prominent PAS leaders.

PAS is not just playing up religious issue but also exploiting racial issues when it called for a halt to the use of English and for the 30% bumi shares rule to be retained. What PAS is telling their supporters nationwide at ceramahs in villages is that Umno is selling out to the non-Malays. Period.

We would like to hear what the PAS Supporters' Club, which has been campaigning for these politicians in religious cloaks, has to say about the stand taken by Hadi? Or will they just close their eyes and pretend it did not happen, blaming the mainstream press for spinning instead of taking the issue head on?


charleskwi said...

Now the Malays especially the supporters of these policy have good reason to support the opposition because Hadi is supportive of the idea of 30% equity for the Malays.
But I thought it was proven that has been achieved already instead he should say it should be 50% or more !

Anonymous said...

Hj. Hadi, or for that matter, all PAS members and supporter should be clapping their hands when Najid announced his latest liberisation move. Like PKR, PAS has been clamouring to the idea that all malaysians are the same and should be treated as such. Tuan Guru Nik Aziz goes one step further by saying that the term 'bumiputera' is racist.

Anonymous said...

well nobody knows when this malay dilemma is going to end. meanwhile, like cancer it has spread to everybody. we really need better leaders to deal with it. mahathir gave a good discourse in his book but in his 20 over years at the helm, the malay race was pampered so much, they have become weaker instead of stronger. let's hope najib will fix whatever mistakes previous leaders had committed. meanwhile lets pray that malay people will really strive to be strong by working hard, not by harping on their native status.


Anonymous said...

Hadi is objecting to the 30% equity because he has not yet benefited from it. If the 30% requirement is removed, then if and when he becomes a minister, he has no chance to benefit from it, so better leave the requirement there lah. He is already drooling to become a minister ever since UMNO dangle the carrot in front of him. We will punish him at the next GE by not voting for him ( same goes for Nas, and that ultra Zul Nordin).

Goh Wei Liang said...

Very very serious problems. PAS with about 1 million members are claiming equality in one hand.

Then their inconsistency are clear cut when they ask for 30% quota in investment policies to remain, PPSMI to be cancelled and of course they even slammed Dato Najib's liberalisation of the financial and services sector.

Anonymous said...

I regret of supporting PAS in the last GE. In view of the recent statements made by PAS leaders and events transpired that involved PAS, I believe PAS is just as bad as BN if not worse. The two are brothers in evil, cakap tak serupa bikin. I will not vote in future if there is no DAP & PKR in my constituency.
Let the 2 devils fight each other.
I'm fed-up.

Anonymous said...

You worry me as editor of newsprint media because your thinking is not convincing and your personal views deviate from logic.

If you blog about politics or social issues, make sure it does not contradict your newsprint media position and job.

Non-Chun-Wai reader

Anonymous said...

Hadi is already behaving like he is a PM. Dream on Mr Taliban, we will dump you in the next GE. We challenge you Mr Hadi to stand for election in a mixed constituency in an urban area instead of being a jaguh kampung. And don't even think of PAS going to East Malaysia, your medieval feudalistic caveman mentality is not accepted there too.

Anonymous said...

Can't trust PAS. Can't trust UMNO. Can't trust MCA. Can't trust MIC. Can't trust Hindraf. Can't trust Gerakan. Can't trust PKR. Can't trust those East Malaysian parties. Can't trust PPP (who?). ....Can't trust any political party. Malaysians of all colours and religions are just getting screwed all the time by our politicians.
And while I am at it, yeah can't trust any media publications too ( that goes for STAR, NST, Utusan, MT, Harakah, Rocket, and all ...

Anonymous said...

Well, it's not just Hadi that objects but most Malays in UMNO. Just that they dare not voice it out. Just ask any of the members. Only Tun Mahathir dares to voice his opinion.
So, please get your facts right.