Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Perak crisis: Zambry is back as Perak MB

Latest: Please click here for the full written judgment of High Court judge Aziz Rahim.

It has been a short-lived joy for Nizar Jamaluddin. He chaired an exco meeting today but Zambry Abdul Kadir has managed to obtain a stay of execution from the Court of Appeals. In short, Zambry is now back as MB pending the hearing of his appeal. The High Court had ruled yesterday that Nizar was the rightful MB. He is also seeking for a Royal consent to dissolve the state assembly.

As expected, Zambry is likely to use all the legal avenues available to him. He still has the Court of Appeals and the Federal Court to hear his case. Nizar has been escorted out of the State Secretariat. The Perak battle is likely to go now to the courts. But this charade is getting tiresome. It is most terribly hard for the staff at the State Secretariat too. Zambry is expected to go back to his MB office tomorrow. This impasse isn't benefiting anyone, whether BN or PR.


Anonymous said...

I am disgusted with what has happened and any sensible, rational average intelligent person knows deep in his heart who is the hero and who is the villain. Come on Malaysia, we are sounding more and more like a Bollywood movie and less of a properly run democractic state like Australia.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes i wish this country becomes an Islamic State.Maybe we see some real justice and fair play for the Perakians.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let it go on till the next general elections. Barisan is not only going to lose Perak, it will even lose its bastion Johor and Malacca..

Mark my words datuk seri. Please ask your MCA leaders to advice BN to dissolve the assembly and go for elections.

Winner takes all...and BN can stand proud to say that it has the people in it's heart..

Let us see it to believe..

GT said...

Hi Datuk,

Although I may be wrong but I honestly see today's event as a POLITICAL PLAY with an AGENDA.

Yesterday the court gave the edge to Pakatan Rakyat so that Pakatan Rakyat will proclaim The Court is FAIR & CLEAN. This is a trap to have Pakatan Rakyat saying they believed in the country's judiciary system.

Today, when The Court gives ZAMBRY a stay of execution, Pakatan is now trapped NOT able to defend. They can't disrespect The Court's decision becos' they said it's FAIR & CLEAN yesterday & they can't create any CHAOS cos' BN behaved well yesterday.

It's no doubt a short lived JOY but it's actually a trap.

Makes sense???

Anonymous said...

It is like a roller-coastal politics.The people of Perak are fed-up of this illegitimate government who are going all out to use their avenue to deny the legitimate government of Pakatan Rakyat to govern the state.It is very disgraceful and shameful for them to stay any longer and the people of Perak would like to kick them out of the state in an impending by-election.

Anonymous said...


Did I miss anything here or the Sultan miss anything here.. this huha mess is really getting out of hand. It's just a simple decision to put an end to this jungle mess.. We are the laughing stock to the world. Malaysia are still in the caveman era izzit?

Just a simple election will put an end to this shameful event so what are holding you back?

We Malaysia are as if we don't know how to handle our own democratic and law, how do we convince others to believe in us, to invest in us?


zackdanial said...


I agree winner takes all , unless BN think they gonna be loser .

BN blum cuba blum tau . Who know by BN dislove DUN , Rakyat back to support BN

wandererAUS said...

The circus is back in town... simply because, we have leaders who are too afraid to go back to Perakians for a fresh mandate to rule the State or plain power crazy at all cost!
Shame, shame, shame! This unnecessary Perak State crisis, have brought great burden not only to the rakyat, it has brought disgrace to the selfish politicians and undoubtedly, brought great shame to the nation and her people.

Anonymous said...

Whoa..suddenly our court system is so quick and efficient. ASAP has been redefined. Now, are we going to see all the backlog of cases resolved in the same ASAP speed?

Anonymous said...

I have full confidence zambry will win this game bcos he has full of tricks up his sleeves, what about dato sri?

Anonymous said...

Every step forward is deeper into the pool of shit. This is not the way to resolve the problem. But it seemed UMNO is going to play deeper in the shit. So more of it.

Many of the laws have holes. We never have to test them but now we are doing all the testing in one go. I wonder how many institutions will fail if we keep pushing the test. If UMNO keep paying with shit, one day all the institutions will fail.

Lastly, I dont have sympathy for the staff in the State Secretariat. They are biased and incompetent fools. They deserved to be fired.

I will be first one to object to any raise or improvement of perks for civil servants in the future.
These people dont deserve anything.

Anonymous said...

PR would like to solve the problem, BN want to prolong the problem. GO back to Perakians to solve the problem via snap election. majorities then rule. Period.

No name said...

Whoa macam silap mata.
Houdinipun kalah.
What happened at the Sultan's Palace this morning bro.
Please update us.

Anak Perelih said...

Kalau Zambry ada telur anak jantan, apa kata dia dan Nizar berpakat mengadap Sultan untuk bubarkan DUN. Biar rakyat yang tentukan kerana rakyat Perak sedang menderita akan krisis ciptaan ini. Biar rakyat yang tentukan.. negara kita kan negara demokrasi?... Mengenai kos piilihanraya yang tinggi, rasanya kos rakyat menderita akan krisis ini lagi tinggi... pelabur pun takut masuk ke Perak akibat ketidaktentuan ini.. yang dah ada di Perak pun boleh keluar ke Selangor dan Pulau Pinang yang diperintah PR. Oleh itu, sudah seharusnya BN setuju kuasa dikembalikan kepada rakyat Perak kerana kalau tidak, BN dilihat sebagai GILA KUASA kerana terus mahu bergayut memerintah Perak tanpa pilihan rakyat dan tanpa mahu kembalikan kepada rakyat untuk memutuskan siapa yang layak membentuk kerajaan....

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

You are very wrong!

Zambry is not back as Perak MP.

The person who claims to be Perak MB does not look like Zambry at all to me. He looks like Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi. Or so he claimed.

This is the greatest joke of the century! But strangely I am not laughing.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


In this world of ours do we want rule of law
Or do we really prefer the law of rule
Whereby we can frequently get to see see-saw
In action on who's more powerful to move the mule

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 120509
Tue. 12th May 2009.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


"Come what come may
Time and the hour runs through the roughest day"
But when will people on the street have their say
To make the final decision as to 'Yes' or 'Nay'!

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 120509
Tue. 12th May 2009.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to making the biggest political joke of the century in the global arena- Malaysia certainly lives up to its hallmark of "Malaysia Boleh"


if they would like to burn a hole in citizen's pocket, then use it to make Malaysia the most innovative country, (as shown by Singapore lately in the polls and survey) and not through a smirk or snide from foreigners when they hear that we actually come from Bolehland "Malaysia"

btw, would appreciate if local politicians do not taint the great names of Mandela or Gandhi, Mandela actually free his nation of ignorance..

the rakyat demands politicians stop playing musical chairs n charade and start living up to great responsibilities that lies ahead for Malaysia


Anonymous said...

Looks like BN is very afraid of the Rakyat in Perak. BN days in Perak is coming to the end?

Anonymous said...

In my large family, we have 154 voters. We are simply fed up with whats happening in Perak. Datuk, you can be assured, we will not vote for BN in the Next General Election, this is 200% sure.
We are totally disgusted, and fed up. Whats so difficult to " have another state election" and finish this issue once and for all.
It was started by the DPM Dato Najib, he should be man and gentleman enough to advise the so called current "MB" to seek the Sultan's consent to dissolve.
The stay of execution order, does not proclaim Zambry as the MB, in fact it does still recognise Nizar as the MB.

Its a total disgrace...and we are totally fedup and the business is badly affected in Perak.

We are not voting BN, the next GE, you can tell you MCA and Gerakan this point blank.

enta omri said...

stay of execution atau penangguhan pelaksanaan perintah/penghakiman mahkamah bukannya satu keadaan dimana pemohon mendapat perintah mengenepikan perintah yang dibuat oleh mahkamah yang pertama mengeluarkan perintah/penghakiman itu.
bermakna, penangguhan pelaksanaan perintah yang dikeluarkan oleh mahkamah rayuan berpihak kepada zambry bukannya bermakna zambry boleh berbuat apa2 fungsi sebagai menteri besar perak. beliau cuma boleh duduk saja menunggu kes rayuannya didengar oleh mahkamah rayuan kelak. beliau tidak boleh menjalankan tugas sebagai mb perak malah tidak berhak langsung menduduki pejabat mb perak yang telah dikosongkan semula oleh YAB DS Nizar.

kesan perintah penangguhan itu terhadap mb yang sah hanyalah setakat beliau tidak boleh menjalankan tugasnya melalui kuasanya sebagai mb selama mana perintah penangguhan itu berkuatkuasa.

soalan pokok siapa mb perak yang sah sebagaimana yang diperintahkan oleh mahkamah tinggi semalam kekal tidak berubah. jadi, YAB DS Nizar ialah mb Perak yang sah dan kekal sebagai mb di negeri Perak sekarang.

melihat kepada keadaan ini, saya berpendapat, walaupun YAB DS Nizar tidak boleh menjalankan tugas2nya sebagai mb (dek kerana perintah stay itu), tetapi DYMM Sultan boleh pada bila2 masa dan dengan serta merta meminta dan mendapatkan khidmat YAB DS Nizar.

jadi, persoalan besar sekarang, dari mana zambry ini mendapat kuasa untuk menjalankan kuasanya sebagai mb sebagaimana yang beliau sebarkan dimedia sekarang??!!
dia mb negeri Perak yang masih boleh menjalankan tugas2 mb.. SAYS WHO??

Anonymous said...

This Zambry has the nerve to say that he was the rightful MB after the reversal Court of Appeal granted him a stay of execution. Infact,he was a stubborn and illegitimate MB that the people hated most in Perak.He dare to say that he is liken to Mandela and Gandhi!!My foot!!I would say.Why don't you look at the mirror and see for yourself what you look like?An imbecile moron hand-picked by the controversial PM.

Odette said...

Really not surprised at the turn of events.

Expected it even after the court ruling yesterday.

BN has made it clear that they want to win at all costs.

Not sure if it is a smart move or not. I suppose that only time will tell.

I only fear that this may cost BN alot more than it anticipated.

I thought that with March 8, things would start improving, that good governance and accountability might return to the country. I hoped that in the end common sense would prevail.

I was apparently wrong.

Something tells me there is more to this than meets the eye.

Wag the dog is all I can say. Too much attention in Perak.

Anonymous said...

Perak is a failed state, with no legitimate government anymore. That is now translated to employees of the state, where one day you are legimately employed, the next day you are not. And no vendors want to supply to the Perak state for fear they will not be paid. Things are grinding to a halt in Perak.

Anonymous said...

Najib has to accept that the best way forward is to hold fresh elections in Perak to let the people determine who they want for the Perak state government. If not Perak will continue to be in limbo with no end of legal actions and no end of appeals. It also sets a very dangerous precedent for the rest of the country. Najib should not be afraid to face the electorate. Afterall, BN stands a fighting chance to win, and any state election in Perak does not guarantee a stroll in the park for Pakatan. To refuse to hold a state snap election is to admit that BN does not have the support by the people.

ChengHo said...

If Ngeh is the ex MB ,Perak political problem can be resolved . the problem with Nizar is PAS only have 5 seats no real power even if Nizar wanna sit down to resolve Perak political impasse with Zambry , he relied on DAP defacto power in the state....

amoker said...


its downfall for UMNO

and zamry is loosing his legitimacy, the police is loosing respect ... Zamry will be the fall guy. people are leaving him. No sympathy

BornMalaysian said...

Datuk, how about the politicians, community leaders and opinion shapers like yourself propose that May 13 becomes a public holiday in Malaysia, called Unity Day, a special day that celebrates all things Malaysian. A day of celebration of Malaysian culture, innovations, talks by Malaysian experts, concerts, movies, exhibitions, food fairs, etc. A day for Malaysians to reaffirm its commitment to 1Malaysia. A day for reflection on the lessons of history so that we can move forward together as one. A day for all Malaysians to mingle, interact and celebrate our unique cultural diversity. It could even become a tourist attraction like Oktoberfest in Germany! I hope that I will live long enough to see Unity Day take place in Malaysia.

P.S. Studies show that racial discrimination is largely caused by lack of education and lack of interaction between people of different racial and cultural backgrounds. Studies show that people with neighbours of a different race and culture are much less likely to be racists.

Anonymous said...

This has to come to an end. We are wasting a lot of time and resources because this the deadlock. When will this end? Appeal after appeal. This is a waste of rakyat's money too.

Why not call for a snap election. If Zambry thinks that he is the MB , surely he must have the support of Perakians. Then dissolve the assembly and call for an election. Unless, he thinks that he is going to lose badly.

Zambry, pls think of the Perakians now. Don't just think of who wants to be in power. Maybe BN can win the elections. No one knows. It will be decided by the rakyat.

And please, Zambry, don't compare yourself to Ghandi or Mandela. You are nowhere near them. What sacrifice have you done? They think and scarifice for their people. You? I would rather says that you think for yourself only. Am I not right?

Anonymous said...

The stay order, done in record time, shows that "Might is Right".

carlos said...

All this fiasco seem to come from PKR.
Politicking all the time!!!!

First came Anwar asking wife to vacate place for him.

Then Eli with the nude pics, and new ones just surfaced.

Then that fellow in Bukit Selambau.

Then Penang DCM resigned from Penanti.

Then came the two Perak frogs.

If there will be more by-elections in Perak, I hope PKR can look closely at their reps, to make sure they're not frogs.

Now there are rumours or speculations that there are more frogs in PKR, plus speculation Anwar trying to hold a few more by-elections to "psycho" BN.

What is this?


Anwar is much better in Jail so we can all get on with our lives and focus on the failing economy.

No Name said...

Ypu may laugh and think this is zany and absurd.
But I feel Najib should replace Zambry with someone else as new MB.
I think this protracted crisis has something to do with Zambri's attitude.
He's sure got attitude.
Isn't he a strongman of Anwar once?
So the way he acts and conducts himself smacks of arrogance.
Soo like Anwar.
Revert back to Tajol Rosli as MB to tide over this crisis.
Next elections choose someone else,
maybe Zahid Hamidi.

Manature said...

Dear Datuk,

How should we spin the story about Nizar's appeal being only heard after 5 long days while Zambry's appeal not only took a superfast hours only to get heard but to also being granted. Maybe we can spin it this way. After all it is Malaysia rubber time - elastic mah.

Anonymous said...

The whole series of going-ons in Perak is disgusting. What reforms is BN talking about? More abuse of the constitution? More abuse of the court? More abuse of the use of the police? More abuse of the civil service? Is it still "might is right"? Don't the leaders in BN know that with each passing event in Perak, we the citizens of Malaysia are getting more disgusted with BN? Don't they knbow that they cannot hide behind propaganda anymore? The days when they can manipulate the press to fool us are over. We can see what is going on in the country on the internet even before the day is over, and get updates by the minute. We can see Sivakumar get dragged out by the police. BN can censor the TV and the newspapers, but they cannot censor the internet. They can block M-T for a day , but no more than that, and they cannot close down YouTube or the other zillions of other sites. They cannot censor news of their abuses anymore.

Anonymous said...

Is the Perak fiasco an example of the new 1Malaysia way of government? Sorry, no thanks, we don't want this new brand of government. If BN is sincere in reforms, show it. Show us that democracy, freedom, and justice are important in BN's way of government. Walk the Talk. There are still almost 4 years for BN to win our hearts back before the next GE. But so far we are waiting and waiting, but still there are no signs of any reforms. Only talk and talk, and more of the same.

Anonymous said...

NO, we do not recognise Zambry as the MB of Perak. If he has any dignity, he would have committed harakiri for bringing shame to Perak and Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Najib, go for the snap election in Perak. Don't turn down the challenge. Show them all that you've got guts. Afterall, you have a 50/50 chance of winning. Why do you let your own UMNO lackeys tell you that you can't win? Go for it!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it is rather embarrass to stick at the present status of the illegitimate MB.He still can go round telling investors that everything is back to normal when he himself is already granted "tidak sah " by the High Court.What a thick skin he is!!

Anonymous said...

Something is seriously wrong with the state of government legal services in Malaysia. Although I am not a legally trained person, but it is crystal clear to a layman like me that a stay means that no one can profit or have an unfair advantage over the other. Why is the AG and state legal adviser not commenting on this issue. By right, Perak now is a state without a Mentri Besar. Shameful indeed and I pity those law lecturers and professors in local universities..how can they teach law??

Anonymous said...

There are lots of video on you tube that show DAP/Pakatan Rakyat harsh behaviour during the May7 fiasco in Perak dewan.

here's one and carry thru with all the related videos


The truth is so clear!

Are these the sort of leaders the perakians is chosing.

PR has ignored all protocol of the Dewan.

So who is really making the fiasco? BN?

Anonymous said...

According to news reports, MM said that in a snap election in Perak, Pakatan will win. ( Which is like admitting that the majority of Perakians support Pakatan). But in the same breath he also was against the snap election ( Which is like saying that Perakians will be denied a government of their own choosing)!!!!. Now you can see why BN keeps losing support from the people. Even BN component parties are fed up of the Perak crisis and want a snap election. Even within UMNO, there are voices calling for a snap election. So Najib, com'on and just do it. WIn or lose, that is the proper thing to do. And there is no such thing as a foregone conclusion on the outcome of a snap election unless it is rigged.

D'evil said...

We are now threading on dangerous ground in this L'Affaire Perak. Government institutions are prostituted for political purpose. Democratic processes are trampled upon. Citizen's view are simply ignored.

Each step forward without a resolution will take the country one step closer to hell.

Anonymous said...

Zambry you dimwit. Which investors would dare put money in Perak, and who would believe you? You can be here to day and gone tomorrow. Not just investors, even suppliers/vendors etc do not dare supply any stuff to the Perak state govt for fear they may not be able to collect any payments due. And the already "backlogged" courts are suffering further with a barrage of political cases.

Anonymous said...

It not so bad if the investment to go to Perak. Less development, less hills cut and more greenery.

When one drive through the highway, the most disgusting sights are the hills destroyed by human greed.

I think this is a blessing in disguise. Perak get to keep it heritage.

Let the zombie and nisar fight on for many years. I dont think Perak should be in a hurry to dig the sands, destroy the hills and sea coast.

rahsia said...

I wonder whether if Sivakumar is still the speaker, will he let a motion of no confidence be carried out?

I think that's also a part of the speaker's power that should be curb as it provide a mean to reject a legitimate motion. Just like the Sultan's prerogative to agree to a snap election request by the MB.

These flaws in the constitution should be amended to as clear as possible. Otherwise we can argue till the cows come home & the mosquito goes to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Najib is just missing the point when he went about defending UMNO's power grab in Perak. AT this juncture the people are simply too fed up with the going-ons in Perak. They just want to put the issue to rest with a snap election. And they want life to get back to normal after that, whoever wins the election fairly. It will be to UMNO/Najib's interest too to just have the snap election. At this moment, justifying UMNO's actionbs in Perak is making things worse for UMNO and BN's image. The best thing Najin can do is to have damage control by having an election in Perak instead of letting things drag on. And who know, BN may even win the election.

Purple Haze said...

Pardon my ignorance of the law, but does a "Stay of execution" overturn the High Court decision ?

I thought a "stay" merely puts things on hold.

Thus, if things are on hold and the High Court found in favour of Nizar, then isn't Nizar the legitimate MB but unable to perform his duties ?

Its like Dato Wong is the MD of a corporation but is temporarily suspended (for whatever reasons). But he is still MD.

Miss Lime said...

Good day. It's been a while since I left The Star. But I've been following your comments via your blog occassionally.

As a Perakian, I am deeply ashamed by the state's current political struggle. Having been always proud of the state's ruler and leaders, I am deeply disappointed this time by the lack of judgement and the constant display of childishness.

Usually, I never give much attention to politics because there are more important issues to worry about, like how to put food on my table everyday. But this time round, it is difficult to ignore the dramatic episodes of fickle mindedness and the lack of gentlemanly courtesy to bow humbly when defeated.

What makes BN think that securing the state this time round would make them winners in future elections?

Unless there are a few possibilities:

1. It's a ploy to play up this issue to hide behind something more sinister while cleaning up their dirty laundry.

2. Kiasu and a lousy sport.

3. All the above.

I seriously cannot fathom why BN just won't let go. Instead of gaining public trust and respect, they are wasting the rakyat's time and money. Just organise another election and be done with the whole hoolabaloo once and for all.

The defeated party should be channeling their energy into building back the trust and respect of the people. Instead of forward thinking, they are only living for the present without a hint of what is to come in future.

So suddenly, my Perakian pride has been snatched away by idiocy and power-hungry politicians.

Anonymous said...

dear Datuk Seri,

you are spot on, "This impasse isn't benefiting anyone, whether BN or PR."

so obvsiouly, the current problem calls for a total political solution, if dissolution of Perak state assembly is a no option.

but how?

coalition government is certainly a no, unless everyone in BN and PR wake up in one sweet morning and hug each other with love and warm.

how about share-share? Monday, Wednesday, Friday Zambry as MB, Nizar as MB on other days?

Or first half of the year BN become state gov, second half PR's?

so, u see, Datuk Seri, even as brillant and visionary as you, i reckon it is very very difficult to slot in a solution other than dissolution of Perak state assembly.

by the way, this para i dont expect you to post, just one question, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat is now suing the media. Being a seasoned journalist like your good self Datuk Seri, you ok with that? setuju ke Datuk Seri?

Elizabeth said...

BN's trap.. no doubt about it..