Friday, May 8, 2009

Arrest of lawyers - it's ridiculous and shameful

Updates: 4.30pm - The five lawyers have been released.

The five lawyers arrested for representing the protestors is certainly a case of over-reaction by the police. Surely as lawyers, they have a right to represent their clients. Let the court decide whether their clients have taken part in a wrongful assembly.

The police may have arrested the protestors yesterday but it is not for the cops to decide on their guilt or innocence. Arresting their lawyers is certainly incredulous, even outrageous. What were the cops at Brickfields police station thinking when they decided to arrest the five lawyers?

It is not only shocking but a clear transgression of the rule of law. Turning up at the police station is not exactly shouting protests in the streets. They could have been wearing black suits but not in black T-shirts. Every person arrested by the police must be have the right to legal representation.

What signals are the police sending when they arrest these lawyers? This is totally unbecoming of the police there and the Inspector General of Police should ask for a report from them. They should be reprimanded and even action taken against them for their abuse of power.

Lawyers should not be given the impression that they risk arrest if they represent dissenters. They deserve the right to be defended and certainly what has happened today is utterly shameful. This is not a police state and certainly it would not be tolerated by any rational thinking person.There is no need for the cops to over-react.


Jeffrey Chew said...

Really, do they listen anymore?Do they really Dato Seri Wong?

Anonymous said...

Well done, Chun Wai. You just showed one of your balls!!
Appreciate that as it is indeed very diffficult being in your position of power in Star nothwithstanding the fact that you are clinging on to the position as the exepnse of your integrity.

To be fair to the good Datuk Seri, let's appreciate him for calling a spade a spade. Someone's head must roll for this fiasco.

And Zamry's head must roll too for the Perak fiasco.

I believe the ISA release is an immediate damage control by Najib in preparation for a snap state election in Perak. he wants to placate the outraged and incensed Perak voters.

Let us hop for a fresh election in perak. And thw inner must take all. However, BN will be samrt not to field the three merceneries.


amoker said...

Datuk , after reading the star's today on the Perak assembly, i do wonder if you are involved? It stated that barisan has succesfully taken over, ridiculing the pakatan and basically spinning the whole issue. This is a black mark for Star, going this low to be another dog of UMNO

DAC said...

It's disgraceful. And it's pathetic. No wonder the police force is no longer being respected.

When they are needed most, they will give all kind of reasons like manpower shortage etc etc and etc.

But when it comes to political issues, you can bet your last ringgit they'll show their true colours.

Wong, you called for the IGP to act on them. I am telling you don't waste your breath. For all you know, he sanctioned the arrests as clearly those guys were acting based on higher instructions.

What a way to start 1Malaysia?! It's 1Malaysia My Foot! We have reached a point of no return.

But I am happy Wong with your bold comments. I am happy to see someone in your position making a stand on what's right and what's wrong. We need a few others like you to send stronger messages out on our behalf.

Be who you are and say what you really feel. Thank you Wong for putting things int he right perspective.

Anonymous said...

What were they cops at the Brickfields police station thinking when they decided to arrest the five lawyers?

Dear Datuk Wong,

Our cops do not do any thinking at all. They just 'ikut arahan'. The Brickfields OCPD is the one who is in charge and gave instruction through his loud hailer to 'Tangkap! Tangkap Semua! in both arrest last night.

The Brickfields OCPD alone should be fully responsible for his ridiculous and shameful decision.

Unknown said...

thanking you for speaking up . Need more voices to condemn this act .

malayamuda said...

Thank you for standing up and speaking up for whats right for once Datuk

Enough of ass licking...... the country is going down the drain

tom said...

Surely you jest, Datuk Wong when you suggested that the IGP should demand a report. This is obviously an order from someone higher-up. Policemen are trained to take order without questions. No ifs, ands or buts. They are incapable of forming an opinion and do not have a mind of their own. The arrest of the lawyers can only be ordered by the IGP himself, no less. Why then would he need a report? To show what a good job the boys from brickfields has done?

susanloone said...

so you speak only when lawyers are arreste?
what about the others?
who did nothing except show solidarity for their friend in lock-up.
A detention he does not deserve.
What about those who got arrested in Perak?

Why lawyers are a special species?

I know I saw the MCA statement just now, it's just like yours.


Baby shami said...

Well done!
Well said!