Friday, May 8, 2009

How Mas Selamat stays elusive

The big news is the capture of Mas Selamat (Star Online). Singapore Straits Times has the story too. But the satire by the Singapore website is hilarious.


Anonymous said...

nothing is more hilarious than those new clowns in perak.circus has come early to ipoh.

amoker said...

yes, we harbour terrorists .. esp. in Perak. They destroy the very institution that we love.

Manature said...

Wong Chun Wai: "The planned Sept 16 massive defection exercise was perfectly acceptable and anticipated with glee by some sections of Malaysians, even when a democratic government had been elected."

Of course - BN cheated and have unfair advantages of a subservient press (including theStar), Election Commission and other important institutions. If not for cheating BN would have lost. Plus BN using federal power are trying to sabotage PR state governments.

Anonymous said...

Yes - hantam the corrupt BN government.

Wong Chun Wai: "Transparency has also become the most abused word. The Government deserves its share of criticism for the lack of transparency, particularly in awarding massively expensive projects."

Direct negotiations seem to be the preferred method instead of open tenders, where the information should be put online for everyone to scrutinise."