Monday, May 11, 2009

Police should not be too jumpy

Why are the police acting so jumpy? The cops reportedly stormed a DAP dinner in Sitiawan after the party showed footage of the recent fracas in the Perak state assembly. The DAP apparently defied orders not to show it. Audio visual equipment was seized. We understand the police have a job to do. They would have acted on orders. But seriously, this reactive and super-sensitive actions are not helping the force one single bit.

The visuals are available on You Tube - angles being put up to suit your political leanings - and the footage was also shown on national television. Really, it's no Official Secrets. In short, the whole world has seen it. So what's the fuss if the DAP wants to put it up? In fact, the BN should also put up their own video to prove the BN did not start the fracas. See Rocky Bru for the footages.

Let the people see for themselves the various footages. Was Sivakumar dragged out or did he want to be dragged out? Was it the BN or the DAP assemblymen who created the fiasco?

But the point is that the police need to show they are not taking sides. They need to show some restraint. The recent arrest of five lawyers at Brickfields has already dented the force's image. The latest incident won't help.


zackdanial said...

Dato ,

Do you need wake up call ? . In M'sia Police work for BN , not for the people . If they can storm DUn Perak , what is DAP function for ?

Anonymous said...

The police is being unreasonable. The police is getting political. It is a very disturbing trend.

Is this how Rais Yatim is reacting as the minister of propaganda. Using the police to apply censorship.

Dont it remind us of Hitler and Stalin.

Does 1Malaysia means only one kind of Malaysia. The BN kind.

Does it means now there is only my way or you are in jail.

Anonymous said...

Among the reasons why people voted for the Opposition in the March 8 2008 elections,
(1) High handedness actions by PDRM on various issues.
(2) Failure of PBT to take action on grouses of the public.
But Datuk, you see the PDRM will never change, and this will be repeated in the 13GE...again BN will lose states.
Its not the people who did BN's grave, its their own "agents".
PDRM is one of the agent who is digging BN's grave.

Anonymous said...


Fully agree with you and MSM must do their part to condemn these actions by the police. I was in Hong Kong during the Labor Day weekend and could not help but notice how professional the Hong Kong Police were in handling demonstrations. The demonstrators were screaming at the top of their voices and the policemen were just there to give them passage and to block the traffic and to handle the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who expected Sivakumar and PR to just be quiet and say to loser ganesan: "Come, take my seat" is a damn fool.

So if you accuse Sivakumar of wanting to be dragged, than Zambry, his gang, BN and cops were fools to fall into the trap knowing today's technology.

If there is no dragger, there's no dragee lah chun wai. So don't you subtly lay the whole blame on PR for the fiasco.

If BN has accepted decent reps who cross over because of ideological differences, I would support them.

BUT in this case were 3 shitty people who were seen in Najib's constituency days before the crossover. Two of them facing corruption charges.

And Najib is pictured laughing with these crooks during the announcement. So what does all these speak?

People with dignity don't cross over after being elected on a certain ticket. Najib's version that even Winston churchill changed parties must be viewed from the fact that he wasn't bought over and he wasn't a dubious caharacter like the three perak reps.

And it's damn insult for Najib to even mention Churchill's name alongside scums like the three reps.

Anonymous said...


The police only report to BN. They are to catch all political activist but not the Mat REmpit, criminal, snatch thief, raper etc. No wonder we see crime rate increased. No thanks to the wrong priority of the police!

Manature said...


Please use your good office as Chief Editor of theStar to create a really new and better Malaysia.

wandererAUS said...

Sivakumar dragged out or did he want to be dragged out? Was it the BN or the DAP assemblymen who created the fiasco?

Hey, are you an editor or a joker?
You are almost suggesting the presiding Speaker invited the plain clothes celaka royal police to have him forcefull removed from the Assembly.
What blooming power the police had to invade the asembly hall and did the most disgraceful acts the country have ever have conveniently omitted what have transpired which was the most importaant issue. Do these lowly educated blue uniform clowns have the right to take over the whose order!?

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

You are right!

I have long ago lost my respect for the police.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Wong, you can't blame the cops lah! They are only returning favour for favour.

ChengHo said...

let's the POLICE do their job....why complain ..complain....everything we complain...lightning strike also we complain to Najib..