Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank you for giving us hope, Susan Boyle!

At the last count, over 27 million page views have been recorded on You Tube. They all have seen Susan Boyle sing on UK's Britain's Got Talent. The amateur singer's stunning rendition of a song from the West End Musical, Les Miserables, has captured the hearts of people around the world. She's 47, a spinster and unemployed. Her late mother's last wish was that she wanted Susan to make something out of her life. She may have a beautiful voice but certainly she doesn't have the looks to go with it. She was awkward and even physically challenged, as some would put it.

In school, she was bullied and mocked at because she had learning difficulties, the result of being deprived of oyxgen, at birth. As an adult, she spent her years caring for her mother in their council home. She has never been invited out on a date, never been kissed, and no one has celebrated her birthdays, according to press reports. It's really a sad story.

But she has now caught the attention of the world since April 11 when she appeared on the show. Boyle has since appeared on Larry King's show and has accepted a date by one of the judges of Britain's Got Talent. She has provided hope and inspiration - at a time when many of us are grappling with the effects of the global financial crisis. She has proven that everyone must be given a chance. That one shot in life. Her pick "I Dreamed A Dream" cannot be more appropriate.


Meiyen said...

Chun Wai,

When I first read your heading .. I was thinking 'huh?' Why is he ...???

But you are right, she is an inspiration to us all. I hope her dream will come true. Good luck Susan!

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

Yes, HOPE.

We need hope.

Susan sure gives us hope that God is good all the time.

She says this is the first time she has sung in public. The only time she sang was in her church choir. God's blessing is surely on her.


Yes, you are right, Wong.

She is an inspiration.

I hope her late mother's wish come true.

Bitcoin badger said...

mister writer, finally you posted something worth reading by most readers :-)

Good job, Susan! go go go!

Anonymous said...

As Amanda Holden,the lady judge of BGT, puts it, "I honestly think that we have been very cynical and this is the biggest wake-up call ever." Her statement is very true to the political scene in Malaysia. Who would ever imagine that the PR can win 4 states and 82seats in parliament.
Therefore, for the people in power, don't ever be cynical, like giving broom trophy & the agitating Keris Wushu.

Idzan Ismail said...

Dear Cun Wai

Susan Boyle you go. Rah,Rah.Rah.
You are on your way to superstardom.
Love to see the sneering, cynical Simon Cowell agreeing with the other two judges.
This can only happen in the West.
Here we are shallow, superficial people who value beauty over brains and talents.
Boyles will not even get an entry form if she tries out for our reality shows.
Not so long ago, I witnessed a girl who stole two lipsticks from a pharmacy.
The security manager confiscated the lipsticks and only ticked her off saying: "Rugi awak cantik tapi mencuri."
I asked the guy: "You mean only ugly girls steal.And you will be dragging her to the police."

Anonymous said...

When I watch her story on CNN, I was deeply move. She's had truly shown that despite all odds, do not despair. When people laugh at you, be who you are and give your best. There's always hope and Susan Boyle really shock everyone not only in the audience but everyone around the world.

Anonymous said...


The reason I buy The Star is that The Star constantly gives news of the disabled. From your regular columnists to regular coverage, The Star stands out as a newspaper that cares for the disabled. There are many Susan Boyles all over the world.They only ask to be given a chance, not charity, employment, not donations.

quoi? said...

100 million views on youtube now, chief. versus avril lavigne's 118m (which is the lead vidoe now), which took over 2 years.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Chun Wai, I came here through a series of mouse clicks,I just want to say thank you for sharing this piece of info about Susan Boyle whom I was greatly inspired. Indeed we are not to be judgmental.

God bless,