Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ignore the rumours, Najib to be sworn in

Ignore the rumours that's been making its round via SMS and purportedly on a certain website. It's all systems go as far as preparations for the swearing in of the new Prime Minister is concerned. Tomorrow, we will witness history when the country's sixth Prime Minister is sworn in. Both Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib Tun Razak met the King today at Istana Negara. Pak Lah met the King to seek his permission to resign as PM and to seek his Majesty's consent to appoint Najib to succeed him, The Star Online reported. The necessary documents for the change in leadership have been prepared to pave the way for Najib to be the new PM. Agenda Daily has a report on the rumour mongering.


Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

manikumar a graduate from UUM.

this is the kind of educated and model state assemblyman we want to represent us.

and also PR represent everyone regardless of race.

no more indian represent indian, chinese represent chinese, malay represent malay.

say no to race based party.

say no to MIC-MCA-UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I am looking forward to this. I have a good feeling about Najib being our PM. I bet the Pakatan folks are not too happy and worried. Am tired of all of Anwars promises and antics.

Anonymous said...

To Bangsa Cina Malaysia,

That is where you are wrong, PR do not represent anyone but Anwar. Without Anwar, PKR will die off, PAS & DAP will fight each other and lastly PR will be rightly gone to the dustbin. That is the reality.

-Kie kie

Anonymous said...

That's where you are wrong. BN does not represent anyone but UMNO. Without UMNO, BN will die off, MCA and MIC will turn into ashes and lastly BN will be rightly gone to the dustbin. That's the reality.

- The above looks like a darn good scenario from my perspective.

Kah kah.