Tuesday, April 7, 2009

PR wins Bukit Gantang and Selambau, BN takes Batang Ai

Update: Official - Bkt Gantang - Mohd Nizar (PAS) wins with 21,860 votes against Ismail Saffian (BN) 19,071 votes and Kamarul Ramizu (Ind) 62 votes.
Update: Official - Selambau - Manikumar (PKR) wins with 12,632 votes against Ganesan (BN) 10,229 votes. Independents get total of 1,200-plus votes

PAS is leading in Bukit Gantang and all indications show Nizar is likely to win the parliamentary seat while in Selambau, PKR is said to be leading too. Again, this is only unofficial indication. Many news websites have already declared PR the victors in the two contests.


Bukan Pengundi said...

Kemasukan Tun Mahathir tidak membawa makna. Malah membawa kekalahan BN di bukit Gantang dan Bukit Selambau. Luckily dia tidak ke Batang Ai. Otherwise BN might lost Batang Ai too!

romerz said...

Yes they won. Is that so hard to believe?

Hmmm, you're still wondering whilst the rest of Malaysia are celebrating!

A piece of advice from a fellow Penangite. Believe the title of your blog.

This is indeed a New Malaysia!

DAC said...

The rakyat has spoken once again loud & clear. Reforms by BN must be concrete otherwise, they'll suffer even a higher casualty come the next GE.

Perak should be given up by BN for the people to make their choice. They must learn how to win back the confidence of the rakyat after their March 08 whitewash. Taking over the state by force will not win them any greater support. The results says it all. Case closed. Congrats Dato Seri Ir. Nizar and Saudara Manikumar! Well done.

Anonymous said...

Bukit Gantang:
The people have spoken!
They still see PR as the legitimate state government of Perak!

Bukit Selambau:
All the new PM and all the old ex-ex-PM cannot put UMNO back in the seat again. It looks like the old ex-PM's influence is over-stated. So is he going to blame Badawi for the loss? I am sure he can probably find an angle to put it all on Badawi.

Anonymous said...

basically, BN time is finished. without sarawak, it would have been in the drain. i hope they know how to value sarawak for keeping it in power. it is a shame that sarawak is not using its trump card to ask for more oil royalty. what a shame!


Anonymous said...

I hope this message is well taken heed by BN. Populist annoucements ain't nothing but another form of bribery to win votes.
I am really proud with the Bkt Gantang & Bkt Selambau voters. It's a NEW MALAYSIA indeed that we are looking for.

Anonymous said...

This is the people's power.Even the elder Tun Mahathir does not bear fruit anymore.He is just a spoiler and the illegitimate govt. of Perak had paid the heavy price for robbing the state from the PR.This is a Referendum and the people's power have won. Syabas.

Anonymous said...

You can tell that UMNO is desperate when it starts recycling old expired politicians as the latest and greatest solution to its woes.
TDM should just follow Badawi's example and just retire gracefully instead of interfering with the government.
The two Bukits have already rendered its verdict: They don't want anymore mahathirism.

Anonymous said...
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zackdanial said...

Tun M need to leave UMNO in order UMNO to be OK again .

Thank God Tun M did not go to Batang Ai .

People Of Perak do know who the real penderhaka is .

Anonymous said...

Look at this way, Sarawak people are smart as Sarawak still under BN and much easier to get funding for projects and improvements in Batang Ai.

So let those promises made by BN before election be fulfilled first. See if BN practise what they preached.

Next round vote to change and no more BN in Sarawak.

Idzan ismail said...

Dear Chun Wai
The People in the two hillocks and the riverine have spoken.
We respect their wishes.
But if you analyse the results, Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau won by a mere 10 percent majority.
For all the sympathy and eomotional votes. Nizar could have garnered more.
Who is Ismail Safian compared to Nizar - the spinessless stooge of the DAP?
Moreover Anwar ran a dirty campaign of slurs against Najib's alleged scandal.
Malaysians love scandal and they took it in lock, stock and barrel.
As For Bukit Selambau, BN should not have chosen Ganesan.
He lost the Lunas state seat in the 2004 elections and was not chosen as a candidate in the March 08 polls.
And of course if racists issues Hindraf amd Makkal Sakti was used,
the PKR man won even if he was also not the ideal candidate.
With the 13 independent goons of about 1500 votes and the 415 spoilt votes, the Keadilan majority will be reduced
BN may even scraped through.
But the victory especially in Bukit Gantang is not a referendum on Najib because he just took over and Bukit Gantang is just one constituency.
Not a reflection of Perak's sentiments.
But Najib has to start being firm, radical, transparent and performance-oriented beginnig now.
He's got to start with a workable Cabinet and not recylced half-past six ones.
BN should no more play a defensice role.
Just do their job and stop answering to PKR's politicking which will be vocifeorus now that they won.
The Batang Air victory is a reflection that Sarawak people are the least racist in our country.
They always deliver and should be rewarded.
Anonympus 10.49 a.m. said it's a shame for Sarawak not to demand for more oil royalty.
Mr Anonymous, if you must know Taib Mahmud is a suave, debonair and a true gentlemen politician.
He's not like the hooligan bravado of Anwar.
Sarawak's development is a testimony of this.

truemalaysian said...


Are you lost for words? You would have written a long analysis if BN have won these two bukits. This is what we Malaysians are sick of. I dont know why UMNO/BN and media like yours fail to see this and simple acting blind.

Anonymous said...

Najib have two choices:
1) Continue status quo.
2) Implement radical reforms.

Najib can continue the current system, and together with his close supporters, milk the system dry and then say adios at the next general election.
Be the PM who will bravely implement radical changes to reform UMNO, BN, and the government, that is CLEAN UP THE SHOP. What has Najib got to lose? If he does not do this, he will be blamed by UMNO for losing the voters. And the PR supporters will blame him for all of Malaysia's woes. But if he can bravely change Malaysia, he may end up as the hero that saves Malaysia, instead of being dumped by UMNO and the rakyat at the next election.
The peninbsular Malaysians already make it clear they do not want status quo. So Najib should be brave enough to make radical reforms. The old formula does not work anymore. The old retired leaders should not ask him to use yesteryear's tricks.

Bunnie said...

Kalah lagi.. Strike 4 already! If I am Najib, I panic!! Aiyoo.. that Batang Ai is not even a win. It is a DONE DEAL from the start, where got thrill like that!?

Anonymous said...

So the people have spoken and the respective parties held on to their precious seats. Would that be called a referendum?

Najib has just taken over the driver's seat for BN and has outlined his agenda. It hasn't been implemented yet, who knows, down the road in 2 years time things may change....No one predicted the political tsunami of March 8, 2008... so let us wait for GE13...whether it be PR or BN, let them rule and steer our economy to safety....Then we will have our turn to reward or punish them...

Anonymous said...


You must be a little old. You speak like the old school of thought and a blind loyalist of Umno.

First you got your Maths wrong. Even if All the independent votes and spoilt votes had gone to Ganesan, BN would still have lost. Strange you can't get simple arithmatic right. Speaks volumes...

Recycled Cabinet? - You spoke too soon. He appointed 4 big losers - Koh, Sharizat, Chew mei Fun and Awang Adek. This practice must stop. It's simply ridiculous and a put-off.

Tsk Ysk...Batang Ai won because of development. You don't seem to know anything Ms ismail. Money was spent like water in areas where there was no water supply. After 43 years of being in power, many people do not enjoy water and electricity.

But the families of CM and others live in RM28million homes in Canada and multi-million home in Sarawak and Peninsula Malaysia.
What do you call these? Development? BULLSHIT!!!

"Taib Mahmud is a suave, debonair and a true gentlemen politician." - See what his family members are worth. It is frustrating to see people like you not be able to see how the poor are being "raped" in Sarawak. I guess you being an Umno stooge can never empathise with the poor people in Sarawak.

Come on Ms ismail, we are all going to face judgment day one day, so repent and see what these politicians have done to enrich themselves.