Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Terengganu MB under siege

The political storm in Terengganu is far from over. It looks like the monsoon has arrived earlier than expected. The MB Ahmad Said is facing a revolt and the number of dissidents has reportedly increased. Malaysiakini has reported differently saying seven out of eight Umno divisions backed him. But another report said at least one state assemblyman, Rasol Wahid, has come out openly to fire a new round of salvoes against the MB.

The MB has been accused of picking a former ambulance driver and ex-primary school teachers as directors of a state subsidiary, the Star Online reported. But this can't be the story. It appears to be the result of pent-up frustration. It is a fight between the political personalities in Umno but they had better be aware that if it reaches boiling point, the biggest loser would be themselves.

It has a strong opponent, PAS, in its backyard and their continuous bickering would only alienate the voters. But there is also a silver lining for Umno. This is the time for Najib Tun Razak to clean up the act in Terengganu. This is the chance for him to make changes in Terengganu Umno and to pick those who are effective. The trouble in the state may have come a little too early for Najib, just when he is starting his job, but if he reforms the committee correctly now, he would see the positive effects later. If the Terengganu Umno leaders are unable to resolve their differences, then he has to put his foot down.


Anonymous said...

Politics in Malaysia is no more about serving the people anymore...seems like UMNO has lost the plot..someone pointed out rightly that UMNO used to be a party of teachers in the 60s and 70s who defended the race and religion, but modern UMNO is all about multi million contracts and Mercedes Benz chauffeured contractors...

Anonymous said...

Najib should go to Terengganu and whip the a@$& of the Terenganu UMNO assemblymen. Show them who is the boss. And cancel the big funding promised during the pre-KT by-election. And cancel the gas royalty funding. That way there is no money to fight over. Yeah, Najib, show them who is the boss lah.

Anonymous said...

Najib need to stamp his newfound authority in UMNO/BN.
1) Quickly put his feet down in Terengganu and show the Terengganu UMNO men that he is now the head honcho, and they got to obey orders.
2) Shred the crooked bridge idea to show that he is the real boss, and not somebody else puppet. Show that he cannot be pushed around like Badawi.
3) Give Perak a snap election and end the bickering there.
4) Suspend any of his men who dare to undermine his "1 Malaysia" thingy.
5) Give PR a walkover in Penanti. If Najib reverses his decision, then people will form the view that he is controlled by somebody else.

Anonymous said...

Not that my criticising these HARLOTS posing as newshounds will ever make a jot of difference to their dedication to deception.

Anonymous said...

Dissolve the state assembly and call for new election in Terengganu. This will get new blood into the state govt.

Mullah TTDI said...

Dear Datuk

I love reading your writings. Balance and sometimes, fair to BN & PR. But in this case, the real deep problem is with UMNO. Too busy in championing Malays (please read as their) rights while forgetting the most important thing right now, that is ECONOMY. That's all