Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Political storm over Terengganu

A political storm is brewing in Terengganu. Eight BN backbenchers boycotted the second day of the state assembly sitting in a purported bid to force Mentri Besar Ahmad Said (pic) to step down. There were speculations earlier that a motion of no confidence would be tabled but in the end, it fizzled out and remained just rumours. But emotions seemed to be running high as three BN assemblymen have reported that they allegedly received death threats via SMS - a day before the speculations of the no faith motion. All three - Rosol Wahid (Ajil), Zakaria Ariffin (Paka) and Halim Jusoh (Pemaisuri) have lodged police reports. This is not the first time a leadership struggle has taken place in Terengganu. The previous MB Idris Jusoh was also a victim of power play in the state. There were also talk that he was not favoured by the palace. The rebellion isn't like to end soon as the eight have now reportedly taken their case to Putrajaya, accusing Ahmad of being a mini dictator.


Anonymous said...

Huh, another derhaka case!!!!

Anonymous said...

There is a smell of "gas money" in the air, and it is making some people very itchy to get hold of the money, especially in these tough days when honest business is very difficult to do. With the gas royalty money, some contracts could be dished out in Terengganu....mmmm the sweet smell of petrogas lingers in the air. I say, let's call for a snap election in Terengganu. Let the federal government pour money into the state for the pre-election campaign, It is good for the Terengganu economy.

Anonymous said...

UMNO makan UMNO. There is no unity.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Let not political storm
Fast become the local norm
In the midst of proposed reform
Unless those involved are deformed

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 140409
Tue. 14th Apr. 2009.

Anonymous said...

Civil war in UMNO.

This war is more about the control of the oil money. These peopl will go to any length to gain control of the rakyat's money. Money for political purpose.

Idzan Ismail said...

Dear Chun Wai

This is what happens when a new leader comes into power.
People want to test his political mettle.
An old wound suddenly festers in Terengganu.
Idris Jusoh's men cannot forgive Tun Abdullah for bowing to the wishes of the Sultan in not re-appointing him.
So they are now wanting Najib to set things right since he will bs putting in place all the state's party structure.
Guess by now they are already called by Najib to stop the hanky-panky.
For all we know the emergency resolution was just grand-standing.
Najib being chief territorial Datuk in the Pahang royal household knows the way with Sultans and will certainly solve it quietly.

Anonymous said...

Kalau saudara pernah jumpa mereka - mereka tu semua, dia orang tak cerdik , tak tahu merintah pun politik kampong kedai kopi bolih lah.

andyksyong said...

Stop demonising the government or institutions that favour them. All accusations should be substantiated. Even a villain deserves to be praised for his good deed. For the sake of the nation pro-Oppositions should endeavour to make our country a better place and not for political exigencies - especially those internet spin doctors.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian politicians certainly have nothing better to do.
One after another..seriously, i dont think the idiots will stop until they have caused 'political unrest' in all states of the country.
a load of crap. its getting so boring that Im not even interested to read anymore.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Chun

I am puzzled.in Perlis and Terengganu..both MBs are appointed by the respective Sultans. But UMNO considers them "MB Haram", while in Perak, its says...MB Halal is Dr Zambry.
Why the double standards.
Basically UMNO will never change, its ONLY GREED and MONEY ...and thats why in terengganu now, there is this revolt/
I do know this MB Terengganu..he was a DO, and stern and clean man, he did "told off" Datuk Eric Chia n Dr Mahathir...when Eric CHia was the Perwaja Chairman he started building houses for staff without the permission of the state government.
Its as thought terengganu belongs to Him and Dr M.

This MB is clean.thats why he is appointed.
And UMNO does not want clean MBs....look at Utusan headline..BangkitLah Melayu....
why datuk u r not commenting on this...so much for 1 Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

1 Malaysia for you, the other 1 Malaysia is for me, and there is another other Malaysia for them. Who ever said that there is only one "1 Malaysia" ?