Thursday, April 16, 2009

Political explosions in Penang

Fairus Khairuddin, who quit as Deputy Chief Minister I of Penang, has taken a step further. He has quit as the state assemblyman for Penanti. But expect plenty of fireworks. In an interview with Nanyang Siang Pau today, the PKR leader warned that he would expose what's taking place in the party if pushed to a corner. He also revealed that he was framed by his PKR collegues and that he now has to relocate his family to KL. This is not the first time, Fairus, who is being investigated by the MACC, has claimed that he was a victim of internal politics. It is understood that internal bickering is the main reason why Anwar Ibrahim has been unable to fill the DCM post vacancy. The squabbling has put Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in a fix. It is also a by-election that the CM would not want.

Picture from Nanyang Online. Click on image for the report in Chinese.


zackdanial said...

Dato ,
You are very excited with this news .

Why no comment on Chinese ungreatful by DPM ?

Anonymous said...

"Political explosion in Penang" Wow, What a title?????

Only resignation of an opposition assembly deserves such attention!!!!!

How about the 10 rebels of umno in Trengganu? Don't they deserves some space in your blog????

Ha,Ha, Ha you are really good ,aren't you!!!

Anonymous said...

I see this as a necessary process of separating the sheep from the goat and PKR especially need to expedite this process and identify more tainted goats and cleanse the team. Hopefully they have started the process of identifying the next group of mature politicians with integrity to serve. PKR must stick to its guts to only get credible candidates for future elections.

Anonymous said...

bravo .. such a nice HEADER .. but then what to expect from a newspaper that act for and on behalf of BN ..

Pls do better la ..

Unknown said...


The resignation will force a by-election and I consider Fairus as a hero in this case.

A by election will have more money coming into penanti, right?

But BN should be using CAD not COD or CBD, Right?

Shiok Guy

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

how about some comment about Terengganu with a title

" nuclear explosion in Terengganu "

Anonymous said...

Huge News for BN, So very exciting due to one guys resignation. Real politicking by BN crony like you.MSM as usual well play up this issue to skyhigh. But other important news will be played down. Good example is being quite on Utusan's racial bashing. Thats for 1 Malysia. Let 1 malaysia be a reality than a slogan.

Anonymous said...

it is just a small matter, what "explosions"??
Bangkitlah Bangsa Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

aiyoo dato......don t you think this too much. Puppet will move the movement of the master.

Anonymous said...

Good good, PKR needed to do some house cleaning. A great party in the making unlike UMNO that is sinking by the day.

Anonymous said...

Wow! big words...POLITICAL EXPLOSION. Only one YB saja bah yang resign. No big deal Datuk. You make it sound as though Penang state government is shaking like a leaf.

Datuk, you have mastered the art of spinning.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, PKR leadership is in disarray because they have recycled leader from UMNO, such as ANWAR IBRAHIM.

Why, PKR's YBs need to waste money in resigning and call for reelection.

Well, what to aspect when most of the malay leaders in PKR are second rate umno leader, want to nominate deputy CM OF penang also, BRO anwar got headache....

Taher Sherif said...


Why are these explosive headlines for developments like these ?
How about Johor's ungrateful comment about the chinese ?

Wong.. you are leading a news publication which is considered a leading establishment in the country.. why should such a respected editor like you allow it to be a running dog for those bankrupt politicians ??

Give me a break man !!!

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

This episode in Penang is interesting and definitely is NEWS WORTHY AND WORTH BLOGGING ON.

However, to be fair:

1) Zackdanial's question begs an answer.

2) Anonymous (3.32 pm) question also deserves an answer.

I am convinced that many will agree that the above 2 topics asked by the 2 readers are news worthy and worth bogging on.


Anonymous said...


Stop being such a dramatist. Political explosions ? Come back to Penang and see how your fellow friends will treat you since now you have a new master at Putrajaya.

dale said...

I like your "About Me" - the views expressed in Wong's blog are entirely his and do not represent that of his newspaper. Who are you trying to kid? It's about time you make a 180 degree turn and ride with the wind of change

Anonymous said...

You used 'explosions' - in plural?

What's happening in Penang, which is not happening in Terengganu and Perlis?

Your own views means yu need not be neutral?

If thats the case, just add another one more qualifier for the 'about me' description.

Like - 'I will do anything possible to discredit Pakatan'.

Once this is included, you will eliminate all those brickbats that you are getting and instead will be hailed by all for being very frank and upfront in your preferences.