Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rihanna to perform in KL?

The word in town is that Grammy Award winner Rihanna will be performing in KL on Valentine's Day or on the eve of it. The venue is said to be the Putra Indoor Stadium in Bukit Jalil; and the organisers have obtained the necessary papers for the concert. Part of the show's proceeds are expected to go to charity.

If the concert takes place, that would be good for Malaysia. KL needs top class concerts and the only spoiler all this while has been the PAS leaders. We can expect to have more of the same from the party. The same crappy protests would be made and we hope City Hall will have the guts to tell these guys to go fly kite. There are many of us who want to watch such concerts and we can do without the negative coverage on Malaysia everytime there is a protest against these concerts.

In Penang, PAS tried to stop the Penang state government from going ahead with a street dance event. The Islamist party eventually gave in. In the Utusan Malaysia, the Penang Umno in its desperate attempt to win back the Malay votes have also strangely questioned the need for the I-Dance event.


Anonymous said...

Why bother? Arrange it in Singapore.
We can contribute to the economy of Singapore. They are more appreciative.

ChengHo said...

Why Inul cannot perform in KL
Rihanna act sexier than Inul
This is free country don't tell me PAS /Pakatan will do Reformis way demontrasi bogel...

BlueMoon said...

Bro Wong, As usual you choosed not to highlight one important point. Please be reminded that non-muslims had also voted for PAS in the last election. The number is quite telling. In fact in some areas, almost the entire chinese and indian voters have given their votes to PAS. Sadly Bro. Wong, the majority of non-muslims are now solidly behind PAS. Those who're still at odd forms the minority. Don't be suprise tthat hose who're protesting aginst the show dance are non-muslim of PAS supporters.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Let there not be any spoil-sport
All out to disturb other's tea pot
Trying to put others on a spot
When they're better off playing sport

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 161208
Tue. 16th Dec. 2008.

Anonymous said...


“All persons are equal before the law and entitled to the equal protection of the law.”
Article 8 (1), Constitution of Malaysia

“Every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression.”
Article 10 (1A), Constitution of Malaysia

“All citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms.”
Article 10 (1B), Constitution of Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Why is it so hard for these people from Umno to PAS to whatever parties - to recognise that everyone has a choice. We all live by the choices we make. As long as it doesnt mean killing one another, dont deprieve of others just because you dont like it.

It is no wonder that there are still people who think that Malaysians live on trees when i am overseas.

How can Malaysia be truly Asia when we are still so bloody small minded? How can we compete with other cities when we still think like a small village?

I have been back working in Msia for 8 years from working in HK et al now and nothing has improved rather gone to the dogs. I am contemplating an overseas position where i believe i will develop myself even better than staying on in KL and where I have a freedom of living my life the way I want and should.


Anonymous said...

While on the topic of entertainment, I would like to just comment on the setting up of Legoland in JB. I think it is fantastic that Legoland decided to have the theme park in JB. While Jimmy Leong was right to point out that Legoland is not in the same rank as Disneyland or Universal Studio, let's remember that from the perspective of the brand owner, it is hardly attractive for them to park Disneyland and Universal Studio in JB, as JB does not have enough tourist traffic to make money. Also let's not forget that the royalty demanded by these two big brands may not make it financially viable to locate them in JB. Even with the high tourist traffic in Hong Kong,Disney Land in HK is struggling. Legoland by itself may not make enough impact. But there is nothing to stop JB (except by the bureaucrats' own limitations) from complementing it with hypersized water theme parks, casinos, rock concerts (again we will have PAS to interfere on this one), hyper-sized reptile/critters farms, etc to make it JB an attractive balanced tourist destination. What we need is a more creative bunch of people in the bureaucracy, and a more aggressive bunch of marketing people, and less of the people (like PAS) who obstructs the development of Malaysia's entertainment spots.

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

Whether Rihanna can perform in Malaysia or not is not so important. It will not affect the future of Malaysia much.

Allow me to digress.

Why not blog on the reforms bills on Corruption, Judiciary Appointment and Police which are being debated in Parliament and which will affect the future of Malaysia greatly.

These are matters of great importance which will determine the attractiveness of our nation to foreign investors and our economy.

I am sure the public have much to comment on these reforms bills which our PM is trying to bring to reality before he leaves the scene.

Anonymous said...

I completely disagree with BlueMoon when he says "the majority of non-muslims are now solidly behind PAS".

BlueMoon cannot be more wrong although one gets the feeling that he desperately wants to be right and that he desperately wants to convince others that he is right.

Fact is the only reason, I repeat, THE ONLY REASON, that PAS candidates got the votes of many non-Muslims (and the vast majority of Muslims who do not care in the least for PAS), at the last GE, has to do with the rakyat's determination to do away with the current ruling party or at worst, to atleast increase the voice of the opposition in Parliament. For this they were willing to even vote for PAS.

However, their willingness to vote for PAS candidates where they were pitted against BN candidates, came with an ill-founded confidence on the part of the non-Muslims (and, might I add, many, many Muslims too), that PAS was being sincere and truthful when they claimed, prior to the GE, that they were putting their idealogy of an Islamic nation on the backburner. Now, ofcourse, we have seen just how sincere they are.

Further, BlueMoon says that those non-Muslims who are not for PAS “forms the minority”. This is so laughable that one wonders where BlueMoon gets his delusions from. Further, he says “Don't be suprise that those who're protesting aginst the show dance are non-muslim of PAS supporters.” From laughable this becomes moronically funny; even delusionists who habitually indulge in fantasizing will agree that BlueMoon has no reservations about ignoring reality completely.

Moreover, if BlueMoon believes he is right in his delusions, how is it that the PAS candidate at the recent by-election of P. Puah got a pathetic double-digit vote. If, as BlueMoon says: "the majority of non-muslims are now solidly behind PAS", surely he would have won by a landslide.

For crying out loud, get real!!

Anonymous said...

some are sick, some are born sick & yet some pretend to be sick...

welcome to pas


Anonymous said...

Anon 8:31PM,

That candidate in P. Pauh was not from PAS but AKIM. Just to clarify.

Anonymous said...

PAS suddenly got the delusion that they have more supporters. The only reason why they got more votes at the last GE was that the voters who voted for PAS just wanted to get rid of BN. Even if you put a dog or cat to run against BN, the dog or cat whould also get the votes. If PAS wants to be swollen headed and start pushing for talibanism, we will get rid of PAS in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

BlueMoon , you talk nonsense. The non-Muslims and modern Muslims are NOT solidly behind PAS. The votes for PAS were protest votes. They just wanted to get rid of BN who had become too corrupt, too arrogant, and too racists. If PAS keeps pushing for hudud laws and keeps pushing extremism, they will be voted out in the next GE. PAS is Pakatan's weakest link because of PAS extremism and its insistence to force its beliefs and extremism on others. Because of PAS, the Malay community are being "arabised" and Malay traditions and dresses are being replaced by things arabic.