Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Anger management course for Tajuddin needed

Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Rahman has lost his temper again. Which is, of course, no longer news to Malaysians. If he uses crude and foul language, again, that's not news either. The man needs help. He needs to see a shrink to help him to deal with his foul (oops, pardon the pun) temper, that means he needs to take an anger management course.

Speaking at the Dewan Rakyat, he does not understand why he has been a target of criticism, saying he did not mind being punished if he had done something wrong. In short, he does not realised what he has done. Or he is pretending. He has also fired The Star for what he claimed to be unfair reporting against him by contributor K.Baradan.


Anonymous said...

Datuk Wong,

I agreed with you that, Mr six million ringgit man should attend the anger management course. However how about Dato Chua Soi Lek and Dato Ong Tee Kiat-should they attended the same course as well since both of them can't control their anger too.

As an example, Chua Soi Lek lambasted the Ketuanan Melayu issue as an escapism of losing control over his anger in not given good post by Ong whilst Ong is unhappy because the Chinese MCA still elected Dr Chua although Dr Chua is caught in sex scandal and has a sex video being made with his girlfriend.

To be fair, why don't you highlight your MCA leaders with problem, who should attend the necessary course or for that matter, you should attend Malaysian History special course. So what say you?

Anonymous said...

This is a dangerous man. Sent him to Tanjung Rambutan. He will hurt someone one day.

Also, was he one of those who went on the MP trip to Taiwan. Looks like he picked up one trick from that trip.

Anonymous said...

He needs more than anger management! He needs an inner overhaul! His remarks has tarnished Malaysia! And he still thinks he's a victim. Triple sigh!

amoker said...

Typical UMNO. Everybody else is wrong except them. When Ahmad Ismail's remark drew reaction, he blamed Sin Chew. Tajuddin is now blaming STAR.

And when it involves UTUSAN, they are also as protected as Ahmad and Tajuddin. UMNO is tuan!

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

I think you are wrong.

This Guy needs to attend not one but two courses. An ANGER MANAGEMENT course and also an INTELLIGENCE MANAGEMENT course!!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When you want to flare up with a bad temper
Take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror
Try to make peace with God and fellow men in a right temple
To avoid seeing your true self being such a horror

(C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 021208
Tue. 2nd Dec. 2008.

Unknown said...

This is what you get when you pay peanuts. Political parties, in particular the BN, should go for quality as well as morality when selecting candidates for the coming general elections.

This particular Yang Berhormat was once referred to as 'the six million dollar man' and was disciplined by his own party. Now, he is an elected Member of Parliament. Malaysia certainly boleh!

Anonymous said...

as pointed out in your previous post, malaysians should read the hansard of the early parliament where the exchanges really got class. the tunku, tun ismail, etc very good.

Anonymous said...

In a well managed country, cream rises to the top. Most unfortunately in this country, shit rises to the top! If this is what a country of 25 million can offer, something is very wrong with the way our politics work. How did we allow the village idiot to be paraded before the nation at such a high level?

BlueMoon said...

Lim Kit Siang is another MP who should attend night class on anger management. He is now an angry man so much he demands Dato' Mukhriz be tried for seditious. In contrast LKS was in the moon when his son bulldozed BM road signs and replaced them with vernacular version. Nothing seditious in spite LGE had clearly contravened the royal's constitution. The same thing with Gerakan wanita chief who claimed that malays are indonesian immigrants. These racist maggots clearly need to manage their anger as well as tutorials on history.

Anonymous said...

Tajuddin should be sent to Tanjung Rambutan to be put under the supervision of shrinks and security guards. He is a menace to society. A therapy of tranquilizers may be able to calm him down. Also he may need to be put into a boxing ring with a boxer to help him get his anger out, like trading a few punches. He likes to fight, so help him to get some proper and respectable boxing matches. And maybe we should also send him to a clown school,where he can learn to be a proper clown where he can try tomake people hapy instead of angry.

Anonymous said...

Biasa lah Wong Chun Wai, bila nampak orang salah laku ,dia nampak hanya Orang Melayu aje.
Orang lain sebangsa ngan dia buat sama pandnag dengan TURUP DUA MATA"
orang ni merbahaya, kerana meracuni pikiran pembaca akhbar ingeris STAR.
Wong Chun Wai ,tiap perkataan anda yang di tujukan dan di cetakkan menjadi tugu peringat maya.
Kita ingat dan di ingatkan olih apa saj yang anda lafaz secar terbuka atau menyindir terhadap orang melayu .
arjuna waspada.

Anonymous said...

Tajuddin is in the bucket of the low quality MPs. Wassting time on trivial issues. Trying to be a "malay hero" by making a hill out of a mole hill on trivial issues. What has he got to say to contribute to ideas on helping Malaysia minimize the impact of the global financial crisis, or how to improve racial integration? His verbal tirade reveals what he really is: a piece of low quality garbage MP. His YB should stand for Yang Bodoh.

Anonymous said...

3 cheers to Tajuddin for making UMNO look like a bunch of uneducated ruffians! He will accelerate the demise of UMNO. He will highlight that UMNO is a place for people who cannot debate with brains and rationale. He willshow that in UMNO the members and leaders win support by shouting obscenities, illogical and irrational statements, and cannot and dare not go to the podium for a logical debate. It is a party for people who are bankrupt of ideas to improve society,and is a place for people who are there to manipulate the masses to take care of their own vested interest.

Anonymous said...

What do you expct from a party of goons?Aisay,man if this the best Unmo can parade in their star list,then come GE13,PR can just walk in,la.Not tutup satu mata but tutup 2 mata,still can win hands down.People are not fools.This is the 21st century,man.Pak La just confirm in the interview with the SUN as saying what for 90% vote for me,it is Unmo who calls the shot.Need we say more?I say give them some rope,like the Tunku once said and watch what happens....