Sunday, December 7, 2008

Of politicians and politicking - the same story

Some things just don't change even if there is a change of government. Politicians may say that they want to be elected to serve the people but at the end of the day, they just want to serve themselves. Politicking is what they do best. So it comes as no surprise for Malaysians to read from Malaysiakini that two Penang PKR leaders have been at each other's throat.

Penang Deputy Chief Minister I Mohd Fairus Kamaruddin has earned a reputation in Penang for being incompetent and inefficient. We are now told that Anwar Ibrahim has warned him to buck up or risk losing his job. He has been reportedly late for work and absent from functions. His Penanti constituents have long complained about his under performance to the PKR supremo, saying he has been evading field work. And what is Fairus' defence? The standard "they are jealous" of me. Sounds familiar, isn't it? Almost a leaf from a BN elected representative's standard operating procedure manual. He has denied that he would be replaced, according to Malaysian Insider.

That's not all. Another state exco member from PKR, Abdul Malik Abul Kassim, is now accused of plotting Fairus' downfall by feeding information to bloggers. He has denied that he was given a dressing down by Anwar but the talk continues that the state PKR secretary is eyeing the Deputy CM's job, according to Malaysiakini.

The March 8 political tsunami saw voters supporting many Pakatan Rakyat candidates regardless of their education background and experience. The opposition coalition itself had little time or little choices over candidates. Some dubious characters, projecting themselves as people's champions, are of course now facing charges in courts for various offences. It would be easy to just dismiss these charges as "politically motivated" but in a big organisation, there would be all sorts. Just because they are in opposition, it doesn't make them saints.

In the next round, the PR would certainly be working on this problem as they would have a bigger pool of proven talent to choose from. The New Straits Times recently quoted Kedah PKR exco member Tan Wei Shu as saying that he almost wanted to give up after his third day in office. For the Chinese sinseh-masseur turned politician, a state exco member's job was just too much.


Anonymous said...

In Pahang there was a Sinseh who serve as an EXCO for two terms and the State Assemblyman for $ terms. So MCA is a bankrupt party without capable personality after more than 50 years. At least Keadilan is doing well and DAP will be better unlike MCA. Maybe you should write an article on MCA's internal politicking too

BlueMoon said...

Your comment on incompetent PKR messengers is not at all suprising. By golf standard their MPs at best are hadicapped at 20. They don't have any experience and lack everything when come to governance. They shot to fame on rheotoric winnings and this is exactly how they're performing - full of rheotoric. Even their No. 1chief DSAI never hide the fact that his intention is not to serve the people but to pursue his personal agendas. He has only one thing in mind - to become a prime minister by hook or by crook. Mind you Fairus and other Pakatan leaders of his statue are supposed to be creme-de-la-creme within PKR. Imagine the quality of ordinary PKR's MPs and the "Yang Berhormat". They're more suitable to work in the circus instead of serving the people.

Anonymous said...


It is always sama sama. BN or PR.

Incompetent people appointed to jobs they cannot do.

Whatmeworry said...

To show they are team players, the DAP had to appoint a member from the PKR as the Deputy CM. I am sure there are other more qualified people who could serve as Deputy CM and do a much better job. Let's hope the current fellow do something about all the bad press about him. He could be a victim of the BN controlled media. Let's hope he doesn't let down the DAP who gave him a shot at high office.

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,
Wakil Rakyat or people's representative is actually not an easy job. That's why I do not want to be one. Practically you are the people's slave. I do not envy the position. I have experienced it first hand. My father was in that situation from 1955 to 1978. It becomes more burdensome when at that time the member of parliament for the constitution was Tun Tan Siew Sin. Yes it is the Batu Berendam Constitution where my father is the state representative. For one our house is the people's house, he has to serve the people 24 hrs a day, seven days a week for the 24 years he was the elected representative. His allowance then was RM 375 ringgit a month and the Government pays for the phone bill which is also the people's phone. His car is the people's car. Actually there is no family life. So for those aspiring state and parliament reps, if you choose this life, you have to accept the responsibilities and what needs to be done. Its not an easy life. There is no two way about it. The choice is yours. You cannot have the best of both world. You want to be a politician serving the people then do it properly. One of the reason why Barisan Nasional lost is because the representatives are not up to the mark even thogh they are considered to be very experienced at it. So for the new oppositions, I am certain they got a lot in their hands and not too sure whether they can handle it successfully. We are all only humans anyway.

Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

And, I have not forgotten the Kulim MP

ChengHo said...

The answer is meritocracy and giving the right man for the right job. Imagine if these quality running a federal government. we will all go down the drain.

Anonymous said...

now...who is not giving up. Datuk Shabery cheek - wants rtm to become like bbc - same standard.. good ambition but a dream will never come true. if they dont make drastic changes..i bet they simply cant accept changes... minister should lower his target - mauritius tv perhaps... ha ha ha

now - who is not giving up ... Media Prima and the Manila tv story... heard not happening?