Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Bukit Antarabangsa Tragedy

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Sometimes it has to take a tragedy to jolt us out of our senses. The landslide that hit us today did not choose the race of their victims. The tragedy has already claimed three lives - a Malay, a Chinese and an Indian - and injured 15 people. The rescuers did not look at the skin colour of the victims. The soldiers, the police, the Red Crescent and the Rela personnels put their entire hearts and minds into helping the people.

Racing against time, some rescuers had to use their bare hands at time, worried that any use of heavy machines at this time would worsen the soil conditions. The police have been extra careful by advising the media from hiring helicopters to take aerial shots. In turn, they have supplied very dramatic pictures, some showing the best of Malaysians at work in times of tragedy. An NGO even sent its team to rescue 50 cats out from a house. No one was forgotten. The skies have turned dark, the rescue work would be more difficult and at this point, the priority of everyone is to make sure no one is forgotten. Please pray for everyone in Bukit Antarabangsa, they need it. God bless Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

It's tragic. And my hats go to all the rescue workers all over who poured their hearts and tireless efforts to make the survivors feel a little more comfortable in this heart-breaking times. But one thing sure stood out in this report - the emphasis that nature disregard racial lines when she stikes at her worst. I believe this reference to race is totally irrelevant. It should not be raised at all in the report. Malaysian lives are lost. And it makes no difference whatsoever whether they were Malays, Chinese, Indians or whomsoever. In this aspect, I have to take my exception to this specific reference from this reporter. Whatever comfort or his intention may be, it's not appropriate in this situation at this time. Are we talking about professional journalism here?

Whatmeworry said...

When one destroys the environment in over development, this is the tragic result. Sad but we never seem to learn from our past mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Next will be the repeat of the landslides along the highway embankments ? Wonder if the PLUS athorities has been checking on the drainage in the slopes to ensure there is no pressure build-up on the slopes caused by trapped water.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

highland tower replay.
Malaysians never learn
bcoz they tolerate corruption
at the high level.
Nature Strikes Back.
never mess with God's creation.
jangan menggangu alam semulajadi Kurniaan Allah

Anonymous said...

Next to happen will be that Medan Damansara project by Selangor Dredging. Someone should keep an archieve of what Selangor Dredging, city mayor, DBKL and all the architects, developers, engineers have to say!! Greedy buggers!

Anonymous said...

After every landslide, promises are made. But soon after, the promises are conveniently forgotten, as greedy developers and greedy politicians and bureaucrats will again approve hillside developments or destroy more natural forests.

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

To those who are victims from irresponsible developers, kindly put in your side of your story!

My main question is why protect the irresponsible developers when our government authorities can do the alternative?

I am sure that even if irresponsible developers on a later day repent and fix our problem, they would still drive to work in their BMWs.

What is the “Invisible Hand” that is so powerful that Government Authorities have to “KOW TAU” to these capitalists? Are they funding their campaign funds?

Please don’t take our lives as business decisions! The head of MPAJ should be sacked for over looking this issue that resulted in human life!

MPAJ leader, Dato’ Mohammad Yacob - How can you sleep at night? How did the CF approved from the first place? An oversight? A inheritance from predecessors?

Anonymous said...

We are not talking about race or about semantics. We are talking about the people who are mainly responsible for the tragedy. Who are the the culprits? No prizes for hazarding a guess. The Barisan government gave the OK to developers to build houses on hillslopes in the seventies, leading to a proliferation of bungalows, apartments in areas like Bukit Antarabangsa and Damansara. There was no check and balance because the Barisan's majorities in the states were so overwhelming they practically rubber-stamped the assemblies. One joker by the name of Khir Toyol even had the temerity to predict Selangor would have zero-opposition before the last election. Of course, buyers of these hillside houses are partly to blame. These people should have realised the dangers of staying in these houses. Indirectly they are abetting avaricious developers by paying exhorbitant sums for these houses. I am no clairvoyant but I can see the next tragedy at Medan Damansara where the rape of secondary forests has begun. The residents there are living on edge. They fear another landslide on the scale of the Bukit Antarabangsa tragedy will occur. Many of my friends are considering selling their houses but during these difficult times it is practically impossible to fetch a decent price. These people are going crazy.

Anonymous said...

this aint the first time and wont be the last. the lust for money takes precedence over life. and the local councils are protected by ruling of Federal Court judges to continue their muderous ways. thank you, "CORRECT CORRECT CORRECT".

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

Asalamualaikum ,

inilah akibatnya mengacau alam semulajadi kurniaan Allah
yang sepatutnya di jaga dan di pelihara untuk kesejahteraan

Pihak pemaju dan ahli politik sama sama untung.

Percayalah lepas 3 bulan semua kembali seperti biasa
dan akan di lupai sehingga berlaku kejadian yang tidak di ingini seterusnya.

Inilah Kerajaan Malaysia Boleh.


BTW can we have a Fatwa banning Hillside development ?

Anonymous said...

Time and again the environmentalist had been trying to reach out and preach to the nation and the government to take care of Mother Nature. Her name itself may sound gentle and kind. But once she is angered, she shall strike to her heart's content. This is a classic example of nature striking back to the humans.

The government especially should do something about it especially curbing projects that have the potential to create great threats to innocent lives. The government has the authority to curb and control these developments. We, as Malaysians, have the voice and together we should let our voices be heard because the government is governed by the people. Please stop tormenting Mother Nature!

For those who have lost their homes and loved ones, our prayers are for you and we hope that you'll be patient and go through life with great strength. But as the Malay saying goes, Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikulnya'. May the Al-Mighty be with you always. Al-Fatihah and a moment of silence for those who have left us. May their souls be at peace.

Anonymous said...

When you look at the photos, you are reminded that much of the area primarily consists of laterite soil. The forest cover is essential to keep things from collapsing. Everytime a new development is approved, it strips away more trees. I saw on TV how the drains didn't seem to have much water run-off which means that heavy rainfall is just soaking into the ground, and awaiting a disaster to happen. Look at all the retaining walls, the roads, the houses, how can they match against the forces of nature? Land is a state matter and I am waiting to see what the PR government policies with regard hillslope development will be like. The federal leaders can lament all they want but ultimately the state decides.

Unknown said...

Dear Datuk,

Someone got to be held accountable for all these incidences.

Isn't it that not so long ago, our Malaysian rakyats protest against hillslope development citing the possiblity of such tragedy. And didn't some consultants or professionals and if my memory didn't fail me some of the local authorities claim that it is safe and alright.

In our country, accountability doesn't seem to mean anything. Hence such tragedy repeatedly!

Anonymous said...

Who should we blame?
Most probably no one will be charge until the public make a mockery of the government and DBKL.
The problem with property development: CORRUPTION.

Unless ACA is independent, our country will remain the same. Whether it's the Pakatan or BN. It's just the same. The problem with Malaysia... our politician is more concerned about their own pocket rather than the welfare of the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Who are to be accountable. It is a long list:
-govt bureacrats

All are negligent in upholding their responsibilities. Criminal charges should brought against them.

These "professionals" are more interested in how much money they make.

Shame on us.

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

It is very sad that a landslide has happened again resulting in many deaths, injuries and loss of properties.

That such a tragedy can happened again after an earlier landslide which clained more lives is even more tragic.

What is even more tragic is the same promises are made again by politicians and the authorities to be stricter and even prohibit development in slopes and hillsides.

These same promises will be broken again resulting in more landslides claiming more lives and destruction of properties in the name of develpoment and possibly due to corruption.

The VICOUS CYCLE repeat again and again with tragic consequences.

When will we ever learn....???

Anonymous said...

December is always a tragedic month.
The govt have to b very careful with al the landslide projects.The should b check n balances b4 approving such projects.

Anonymous said...

A survivor...

My heart cried when I saw my neighbours (Eng Yee Peng's, Saiful Shah's, Dr. Yoges') bodies recovered from the rubbles. Yes I am one of the survivors and my condo stand just a few meters away from their wrecked houses...A place once safe where I grew up for the past 15 years now becomes the most dangerous place marked in the map, reported in tv all for the wrong reasons!

During these testing times, when most of us (in Tmn Bkt Mewah) are left without a home (damaged or not safe to stay), some even with a missing family member, the authorities and developers are still taking time pointing fingers to one another. No one seems to claim responsibility for what has happened. Promises were given, but no confirmations, reports were postponed to a longer date that we have to wait, information were twisted and at the end of the day we might just be left alone struggling to fight for justice. We are the victims and this tragedy will definitely be repeated if nothing is done now. It did happen 15 years ago, it is happening now 15 years can happen in future.... May this tragedy be precedent to a new law for all hillhome owners, may there be laws protesting us, the buyers.

My prayers for all Tmn Bkt Mewah and Bkt Antarabangsa residence. May god be with us in these challenging times. Ameen.

A big thank you to all rescue workers...your kindness and help will always be remembered.