Saturday, October 25, 2008

Zulkifli Nordin rapped by Pakatan Rakyat MPs

He has been courting trouble since he was elected the MP for Kulim Baharu MP. First, Zulkifli Nordin created a ruckus at the Bar Council interfaith forum and was singled out for his aggressiveness at the meeting. In fact, he barged in uninvited. He then made a disappearing act as the media and his party leaders following the uproar. The PKR disciplinary committee finally announced that he has been hauled up but the fact is that the panel is dragging its feet on the fate of the MP, probably fearful of losing him. If they can, they want Malaysians to forget about his misdeeds. Now, the lawyer - who has projected himself as a champion of Malay and Islamic rights - has irked his fellow Pakatan Rakyat MPs with his speech at the Dewan Rakyat on Thursday where he fired pot shots at practically everyone including his PR colleagues. Zulkifli's targets included groups who wanted signages in Jawi to be changed, those who wanted to use the word "Allah" and the Bar Council, of course, according to a report in The Star. I think Malaysians have had enough of these self-appointed heroes. We certainly had enough of Datuk Ahmad Ismail, the Bukit Bendera Umno division, with his racist remarks and more recently, we wonder why Gerakan leader Tan Lian Hoe stirred up an honest's nest with her remarks on the origin of Malays in the country. She's not been very clever as her constituency is predominantly Malay but more importantly, Malaysians do not need racist politicians who use race and religion to project themselves.


Anonymous said...

We should just respect his right to be himself. What is the problem with it, the GERAKAN lady can say anything, the MCA youth member can say anything, Ahmad Penang can say anything as a free country unless you want to deny them.
It is all political stunt, so what, we have ears, eyes and brain, so the choice is for the voters whether you want him to be their reps.
I think we just don't complicate the matter. The simple truth is, if you think someone is racist so do you, but if you believe that you can write the way you want it to be understood, so same thing goes to others. So let it be, stop thinking we are the only smart and very concerned citizens of MALAYSIA ku..

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

we need MP who represent all races
and religion and most importantly
must be liberal minded

Anonymous said...

I urge DSAI to sack Zulkifli Nordin as he is a liability to PKR. It is OK to lose this seat. Whether PR needs 31 or 32 seats to control the govt makes very little difference. But having Zulkifli in Pakatan will cause a big and permanent damage to PR. Let him join UMNO where he should feel at home.
PR supporter.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...


Anonymous said...

Gerakan leader Tan Lian Hoe may have stirred up a honest's nest with her remarks on the origin of Malays in the country. At least give her credit, she spoke the truth!
If more politicians learn to speak the truth, Malaysia can then take pride that we are in a cauldron of various races living in peace and tolerance. Again, it points to the maturity of a nation.
Racial political parties are the biggest culprits that turn this peaceful country into a land of suspicion among the various races... simply for political gains!

Anonymous said...

Defending Islam is okay. But being an extremist (thinking everyone is wrong and he is right) is dangerous. That will lead to being like terrorists who bent on destroying others who don't think as they do.

Vesu said...

you have to blame the political system in this country. Just because you work for the independence does not mean that you can stay forever in power-refering to BN if you do not change according to the need of the society... racist has no place in this world..history has proven on their downfall... as Hindus , we preach love to all mankind imaterial of one's believe ..happy deepavali

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

This man thinks he is a defender of Islam when the religion need no defending.

Don't waste your time writing on him in your blog or your paper.

Simply refuse to give him any mention in your paper.

This man craves publicity with his moronic religious outburst from time to time so that people will remember him and think he is a politician of substance when actually he is a childish bigot.

I really fail to understand why no action has been taken against him for his past actions against the Bar's forum. That is why he is so bold now and thinks he is a hero when he is a big zero.

amoker said...

Datuk, am confused at the intent of the message. While we are targetting Zul, we must also agree that UMNO did not really punish Ahmad Ismail. Am sure PKR will have enough evidence now to work out that discipinary process. And they should not wait longer.

BlueMoon said...

Zukfli Nordin reflects one of many extremities which characterise PR. Before this there was PAS with its HUDUD and islamisation policy. Obviously this has scared many non-muslims with some feeling offended. Somehow this party has mellowed down in recent months and the vacuum was quickly filled by PKR. Zulkifli is playing up the sensitive issues in the same way Pas or UMNO have been doing countless number of time before. Of course others are also doing the same, perhaps with tens folds of magnitude. DAP is the famous kid in the block when come to drumming-up recially motivated issues. It was only yesterday Mr. Lim Guan Eng has announced that signages in Bahasa Malaysia in this state will be replaced with ones containing Mandarin and Tamil characters. Expectedly, the response from Utusan Malaysia was almost immediate. The comments today are very sacrcastic and negative. Surely this issue will be sensationalised by UM in the same way The Star and Chinese dailies have furiously played up Dato' Ahmad alleged remark.

So we're back to square one. Yes the politicians have significantly matured. Undoubtly they are getting more racist too.

BlueMoon said...


Tan Lian Hoe was telling the truth but Dato' Ahmad was not. As the saying says: you can spot the hyprocrisy when they start writing.

ChengHo said...

respect freedom of expression especially in the parliment . this is internal policy matter between Zul and Dsai . interesting to see if Pakatan will sack Zul.

for Tan Gerakan she should show protest to represent Malay majority area by resign and giving up her parliment seat let have by election otherwise another populist and racist tone.

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk Wong,

Can you pls share with us your ideas: vision, mission .. you know, the big picture/conceptual stuff, that moved you to name your blog NEW MALAYSIA.

I sincerely think that it is about time you articulate your own ideas. Forget about politicians (for the time being), take a serious look at the global financial meltdown, make us aware of how ASEAN and ASIA can impact us.

No more spins no more slants, just be yourself (well-networked and connected) , a concern Malaysian citizen (a good human being, I hope) like many of us here in Malaysia.

TQ Datuk and peace,

Anonymous said...

Lets see how PR handles Zulkifli. Can they walk the talk?? at least Zulkifli is consistent with his principle.
For Tan lien hoe and many others - she represents malay majority area ...does she seriously think malay is racist? She should be honorable enuf to answer to her supporter what she means...(does she?}.

Anonymous said...

Zulkifli Nordin is an embarassment to Islam. With this kind of idiot trying to portray himself as a representative of Islam, he will frighten away all the potential converts. Is Zulkifli Nordin's behaviour what Islam is all about?
Is he showing the values that Islam teaches? Do the majorityof Muslins agree with what he says? Do the majority of Malaysian Muslims agree with what he says? If not, are they voicing their own opinion loud enough to be heard?
PKR should get rid of this dimwit. If not, come the next election, PKR will be thrown into the rubbish bin. DSAI must realise that this Zulkifli fella is a gangrene rotting a limb away, and needs to be chopped off before his poison kills the rest of the body. Give him to UMNO. There are a lotof people like him there to keep him company. Send him to the Penang UMNO to keep Ahmad company.

Anonymous said...

We have higher expectation from PKR and PR. We know BN parties will sunk to gutter level, including the lady from Gerakan.

If PKR leaders do not set the high standard now, it will sink to this low level.

PR do not and must have this kind of representative. It must show that it do not condone this kind of representative. If no action is taken, then it has no moral ground
to question BN -UMNO and gang.

Why should we vote PR - PKR and DAP the next round.? They cou8ld be as bad or even worse than what we have.

So Beware!

Anonymous said...

dear DSAI, if you read this, we want you to know that if you don't SC@#$ this Zulkifli's backend and sack him from PKR. If not, we will SC@# your backend. You can forget about becoming PM if you insist on keeping this Zul fella. We are watching your actions to see if you walk the talk, or whether you are just like UMNO,and if the UMNO blood is stil in you.

Anonymous said...

"Many are not aware that the quality of Mandarin, as spoken by Malaysian Chinese, is ridiculed in mainland China and Taiwan"

Many of your kind also are not aware the quality of your Bahasa, as spoken by Malayisan Chinese, is ridiculously ridiculous.

You get the drift?