Monday, October 13, 2008

The elusive Zulkifli Nordin

Updates: Oct 14, 3.05pm- Zul denies he is defecting.

Kulim-Bandar Baru MP Zulkifli Nordin, who shot to national notoriety, for barging into Bar Council interfaith forum is fast making a reputation for himself as the elusive MP. Not only does constituents do not know where he is most of the time, even the PKR leaders and reporters have problems contacting him. The PKR disciplinary committee has also yet to act against him for his outrageous behaviour at the Bar Council meeting, hoping that Malaysians would just forget about the whole incident. Today, the talk in town is that Zul Nordin, a lawyer, is joining Umno, according to the Malaysian Insider. He did not turn up in Parliament although his party boss, Anwar Ibrahim, was making his maiden speech. Neither could he be reached for comments on the Alor Star High Court decision to throw out a BN petition after the BN withdrew it, ensuring Zul remain as MP. The BN was said to have a strong case against Zul as he did not submit his elections expenditure from his 2004 polls. No reasons have been given for the BN decision. He seems to be making news for the wrong reasons. It seems the last they heard of him was that he was heading to Mecca with some Uzbekistan friends.


Anonymous said...

Zulkifli Nordin can join his mates in UMNO, nobody is going to shed a tear. An unprincipled politician like him has no self respect and a let down to PK. Yes, he is right to go to Mecca, to cleanse his soul.
If his religion is of utmost important to him, he should have opted to serving his Allah... give up his seat and allow a by-election to take place. Anything less, will make him an 'holy' hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Did they look in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan or tribal regions of West Pakistan?

He might have been checking in with his real master.

Anonymous said...

This worm ? Who cares where he is.

Soon he will resurface as an UMNO parasite.


Anonymous said...

Umno suits him better!!

Anonymous said...

No issue brother. Stop spreading rumours and I know you are good at it.
I like to read your blog as it will make me laugh to see the way Malaysians behave as initially I thought malays are kaki bobek but chinese also got kaki bodek ahhhhh.
Aiya you also want to join UMNO Lol!!!

zackdanial said...

Dato ,
you may need to read malaysiakini

"Meanwhile the man at the centre of attention himself dismissed talks that he would be joining Umno soon.

"I am still with PKR. I am still seated on the PKR seat. The question of defection doesn't arise at all," he told reporters when met at the Parliament lobby.

ChengHo said...

BN need 12 more seats for 2/3 majority welcome to UMNO welcome to BN we need strong government.

Anonymous said...

Can a MP be fired for not performing his job. He is get paid for doing nothing.

PKR, not taking action is not an option.