Wednesday, October 22, 2008

High flying KL Datuk Bandar

Fresh from the controversy over the decision to rename Jalan Alor, the world renowned food street in Kuala Lumpur, the city mayor Datuk Ab Hakim Borhan has now found himself in the news again. The Dewan Rakyat has been told that taxpayers spent over RM1mil on travel expenses for Ab Hakim, according to a report in Malaysiakini. He must be the most travelled mayor so far. Meanwhile, Malaysians are waiting for Federal Territories Minister Datuk Zulhasnan Rafique, who is now visiting Labuan, to return home to put things right. Zulhasnan must have heard the loud protest over City Hall's brillant decision to change Jalan Alor to Jalan Kejora. A news item filed by AFP yesterday on the controversy made it across the globe - that's how famous Jalan Alor is. We are counting on Zulhasnan to put some senses back to the officials in City Hall. If they want to name some little roads in the Bukit Bintang area after the planets, it's really up to them but keep Jalan Alor as it is called.


. said...

"Alor" is a Bahasa Malaysia term. What is wrong with it? We have ALOR SETAR and ALOR BIAK (in Jerlun, Kedah). I just dont understand why DBKL changed the name. Could someone pls help me?

Anonymous said...

He went overseas to learn how to change names of streets ? What about transport systems, sewage systems, security systems....

Anonymous said...

KL Datuk Bandar needs to go on study tours to widen his narrow mindedness, that is the reason, he came out with this brilliant idea of changing the name from Alor to Kojora...modern sounding. A**hole not with our one million!!
Why must the taxpayers, always be made suckers to these hollow-brained administrators?

Nick Chan Abdullah said...

Datukship is now an obscene word

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

I really wonder... did the city mayor travelled round the world to do a survey on how roads are named in other countries and in the process, taxpayers had to forked out over RM1 million on travel expenses for him ????

Attempting to name roads after the planets? He must be from another planet.

There will be a FLOP after the FLIP soon.

Malaysia Boleh !!!!

Anonymous said...

More difficult than learning new things is unlearning things which one has known all their lives. While it all so convenient to use word or object association or other forms of mnemonics to aid in the memory process, the argument of elevating Alor to a planet so that it is in line with Bintang and Bulan, is so lame. Or that it eases the job of a handful of postmen. Bandaraya must realise that our postmen are not that dumb. Or the people for that matter. Ask them where Petaling street is - they will tell you that it is not in Petaling Jaya.

Anonymous said...

Mark my words, Malaysia will never be a developed nation! You don't change name roads to change things, you change attitude! As long as people do not change their 'tidak apa' or 3rd world attidude, our city and country will always be dirty and chaotic. Change the attitude of your enforcement officers so that nobody throws rubbish everywhere, nobody would park along the roadside right in front of your HQ etc. Dont you think the traffic would not be so bad if cars are not simply parked illegally along most major roads in the city? - from me, anti-illegal roadside parking and law abiding citizen.

BlueMoon said...

I still think that renaming the road to Kejora is not as seditious compared to Tan Lian Hoe calling Malays as pendatang. There is no need to introduce a new course on history because of the ignorant of one YB. Not to mention a YB whose political fortune depends on the same community that she is now bullying. I thought this would furiously trigger your reaction in the same way you did with Dato' Ahmad. However this is not fourthcoming and I rest my case here. Inspite of this I'm with you on the city's mayor. The amount that he spent for travelling alone can sponsor dozens of students studying in New Era College and another bus loads at KTAR. I think it is also high time for this high-flying mayor to have a date with the ACA.

Anonymous said...

Which is why city councils should be run by elected personnel. Likewise the post of town/city mayors should be elected in the same way.
This would ensure that these reps are answerable to the rakyat (since they are spending the rakyat's money)and not to their political masters.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wong,

The history books of the 70's, that moulded globally accepted Malaysians,says the sons of the soil were the Senois,Jakuns and other Orang Aslis.
As for the rest, like it or not, we are all PENDATANGS who robbed and clobbered the OA's into an insignificant people.
But the history books after the 70's says otherwise..

"Who controls the past,controls the future;
Who controls the present,controls the past" -George Orwell.


BlueMoon said...

Another point Bro. WCW: since the subversive assertion by YB Tan Lian Hoe failed to amuse you, how about the 30 odd declarations made by PERKASA today?

Anonymous said...


when city hall is runned by imbeciles, dont expect any help. apart from engaging in some nonsensical exercise like renaming roads, these imbeciles are darn good in spending your and my money with expensive travels.
please, can any lawyer provide me with some advice whether I have locus standi to sue this IMBECILE?

Anonymous said...


in total agreement with you. BN component parties are pointing fingers at each other and uttering obscene racist statements in their attempt to champion their respective community interest. these buggers ought to be charged in a court of law, dont they?

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...




Anonymous said...

Maybe the mayor have to go check out how the big cities work, you know like why the restaurants cost so much in other big cities (maybe the wine and food taste better mmm...), or go check out how they manage their flesh trade, or how they keep their backlanes clean, mmmm got to travel more lah because he still has not found one city yet that changes street names for the heck of it. He has to learn best practices to bring back to KL you know. After DBKL changes the street names, DBKL still got to work on the names of the kampungs. Kampung Baru may not sound very space age. DBKL may want to change "Kampung Baru" to "Galaxy Baru" ..sound more changgay and futuristic leh. Or "Kampung Attap" to "Black Hole Gragon"...sound like Star Trek leh. Aiya you all complain so much because you are not in his entourage, so jealous lah!

Anonymous said...

It confirms what we have always thought of the BN govt: They are filled with pea-brained spineless nincompoops! DBKL just proved us right again. The other stupider nincompoops are the people that voted for BN.

amoker said...

Read how this Datuk bandar spends our money and weep. RM300K over of claims on one trip. Did he bring the whole kampung with him?

He needs to resign. With the fiasco with the KL plan and many others, he has lost any credibility. And spending monies like this does not help if his incompetence is the real issue.

BlueMoon said...

"...these buggers ought to be charged in a court of law, dont they?"

Absolutely, they do. Lets who's who is the law deal will this. Considering the owner of this blog who's the greatest proponent of fairness and equality or wish to be seen as such; the least he can do is to be sensitive when his own colour is singing the race card. He did not. The way he was steamrolling Dato'Ahmad but did nothing to Tan Lian Hoe says everything.

Anonymous said...

If after the anger and outraged criticisms make the authorities realize their folly and decide to change the name back to the original Jalan Alor, then the bumbling idiot who caused this controversy should pay out of his own pocket for replacing the street sign back to its original name. Why should the long-suffering rakyat have to end up paying for the mistake of a stupid bureaucrat?

Anonymous said...

Three years (or months, whatever, still waste of time lah) to PLAN this big change of name? I want to know what kind of Nobel-Prize-winning research Department Bangang Kuala Lumpur conducted to come up with the conclusion that our (usually non-Malay speaking) tourists will find KEJORA more "friendly" than ALOR?
You know what will work, Dewan Bodoh Kuala Lumpur? Doing your damn job. Stop wasting taxpayer's money on your salaries as you sit there using that solitary brain cell in your vacuous heads to conjure up names and start cleaning the streets better.
Cleanliness is friendlier than stupid names. Kejora sounds like some has-been frust-kangkang-rambut-gerbang rock band wei. Or do they have a share in the printing business - cos there's a shitload of reprinting of maps, guides, etc to be done.
Maybe instead of changing the name, we should change the buttwipe responsible for this idea. Or change HIS name to Mangkuk bin Hayun. Now, THAT's friendly :)
300K for what? Maybe lobotomy to increase IQ higher than a toenail.

Anonymous said...

BN govt, show us you all walk the talk. BN talk about reforms. SHOW US. Sack this Datuk Bandar, and have the ACA investigate the real nature of his trips and how he spent our money. If anything has been abused, then charge him in court.

Anonymous said...

What 'Hakim' decides upon, nobody must query!
Maybe, we should petition to get his name changed first! Hehehe!


Anonymous said...

The correct spelling as per kamus Dewan should be "Alur", not "Alor".
DBKL and Dewan bahasa must have thought that rather than just change the spelling of the road name, why not change the name itself. Anyway, most malaysians, Malays included tend to mispronounce the word. Kedah and northern Peninsular says "ALOQ", Central and Southern Peninsular says "ALO", Chinese says "ALOGH" Indian says "ALOO" and so on and so forth. And there are some sexual innuendo realted to this word. "Alor" also means a watery, narrow creek. I certainly don't recall the presence of any creek of a geographical origin in the Jalan Alor area. So folks, please be more open-minded. This is a positive change. KEJORA sounds and mean more pleasant.

Zul Sri Hartamas

Anonymous said...

Travel expense of over RM 1mil.

No wonder this sort of corrupted and greedy buggers are busy imposing parking fees in our neighborhoods which often cost more than some commercially run shopping complexes.

Did someone say we should have local government reform and direct election ? It is long time over due !

Did someone say we need reform in ACA to style after the Hong Kong ICAC ? just do it and don't just say it. It is long time over due !