Sunday, August 22, 2010

We need to move on as one nation

IT’S just about 10 days now to National Day. By right, we should be in an upbeat and celebratory mood and yet Malaysians are gripped with emotional political issues that are threatening to tear us apart instead of bringing us together as a nation.

The country turns 53 on Aug 31. As a nation, we are not old but we are not so young either. We can have our differences, especially political allegiances and economic approaches, but we also share the same destiny and many aspirations as Malaysians.

More than ever, we should not let racists and religious bigots hijack our hopes. We must say no to self-serving politicians who beat the racial and religious drums and get their way at the expense of the moderates.

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whereisourharmony said...

The sense of the spirit of being Malaysians are all destroyed by irresponsible politicians who make a mockery of such racialism issues. Malaysians are so much divided with hatred cause by such parliamentarian with inaction taken by our PM or DPM. Even our party leadership, can act or voice our grievance.

Among our neighborhood, there are respect and co-operation among all races & religion. We never complain or bring up such racial issue but respect each other's race & religious practices.

Will those donkeys in our parliament house, please stop causing racial disharmony or divide our rakyat, for your political mileage.

Togetherness, as Malaysian irrespective of race or religion are what we look forward to, with lots of respect & tolerance.

"Merdeka" are for all Malaysians to enjoyed and respect each other's race & religion.

sharon said...

I love my country but my country... (sigh).
Anyway, do you know at the rate things are going I am feeling increasingly worried about the situation here. I know so many people - acquaintances , friends and family who are leaving the country (malay, chinese and indians). Those who can't leave have made sure that their children doesn't come back. Whilst others have no plans of coming back. We are losing the very people that will make this country a great country.

You have succinctly summarised everything. Good article.

I hope and pray to have leaders who will walk the talk consistently.

Anonymous said...

You got to be kidding. It is getting worse. And the whole shit is done by BN.

Jahamy said...




Anonymous said...

I would also say that our founders would be horrified if they are alive to hear Malaysian question about the Article 153 of the Constitution.

Anonymous said...


Shame on you. Get it right! The country is only 47, not 53!

A Sabahan

Anonymous said...

write something about the stupid Serdang MP

Anonymous said...

That's why we must vote OUT UMNO! Now MCA can either help us or obstruct us from voting out UMNO.
Now, we already all know the answer. A vote for MCA is a vote for UMNO.

Anonymous said...

You are right. We SHOULD be in an upbeat and celebratory mood for Merdeka Day. Yet this year, in Kota Kinabalu, the LACK of flags flown and the ABSENCE of any celebratory mood shows how the people here are feeling. Where is the hope?