Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tear down the wall of silence against racism

THE message has been made loud and clear – there will be zero tolerance for racism. No rational and reasonable Malaysia would argue against this in the wake of racist remarks made by bigoted Malaysians.

We are used to bankrupt politicians uttering hurtful words about other communities in the belief that they can win votes by projecting themselves as racist supremacists and, by extension, as protectors of their race.

But this sickening action seems to have grown, with more racial champions being given bigger space in the media, which would only encourage them further.

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Anonymous said...

For starters, all the political leaders, etc,etc and the people must decide on a language of unity - though we already have Bahasa Malaysia - and please, I am apolitical and non bigot - please let it stay as Bahasa Malaysia and not Bahasa Melayu.
A language of unity and hopefully then reduce the unnecessary political pander.
But, oops, our Constitution already says Bahasa Malaysia is the official language of Malaysia. Like in Indonesia - Baha Indonesia. In Thailand - Bahasa Thai as we should be calling it. In China - Mandarin, WHICH IS NOT A MOTHER TONGUE - they are no "Mandarin People".
The Government should then only aid schools which have the unifying language - in our case Bahasa Malaysia - not Bahasa Melayu please as, lets go by the same logic, BAHASA MALYSIA is not a mother tongue but a official unifying language.

Or else choose Urdu, French, Spanish or whatever, but please lets have one unifying language like every other country in the world. We cannot let our people go astray and each wanting their own medium of language. Do it in your spare time if you are afraid to loose trait of your mother tongue. Surprisingly, our same people, Malays, Chinese, Indian, Kadazans, Ibans, etc,etc are not afraid that their future generations loose ability of their "mother tongue" if they are studing in say UK, USA, Taiwan, China, India, Pakistan, Egypt.

Anonymous said...

Yes. All these ulgy racial slanging have made me ugly too. I have never been a racist. But now I am proud to be one. Why? Because our so called national leaders do not care. So, why should we care? Tell me.

peggychan said...

Your insights have hit home. It looks like a tug-of-war between PM's 1Malaysia and racists who are now coming out of the wood.

Gone are the days when there was real oneness among Malaysians. Today one can't help but feel that the oneness has been eroded and there is a subtle unease beneath the outward appearance of unity in diversity.

Anonymous said...

i think PERASA's demand for status quo in the constitution is not racism.. if so, then the whole BN government since 1957 has been a racist government.. is that what MCA and MIC are saying actually?