Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jho Low: A world exclusive

International Man of Mystery Jho Low, who parties with Paris Hilton and is reputed to chalk up hefty bills for champagne, has finally come out to talk about himself and the life he lives. Read the full story exclusive here.


Anonymous said...

World Exclusive!?! Read what your fren Marina has to say... Get a life!

Anonymous said...

His replies sounds like a load of bull and I am very disappointed the Star papers gave him the front page treatment. It is patronizing readers to hear him simplistically attributing any form of "success" to his school days liaison with the sons of sheiks. It's not that simple and any smart guy will tell you it's not that simple. What a load of crap to put on the front page!

In any case you should have been more assertive in your questions and probed further on his answers....I would have done it!

Anonymous said...

oh ordinary LOW makes ordinary man wanna puke!

IES Agencies said...

Perhas Jho Low is the fish that everyone wants to see hung to dry

Anwar says Ling Liong Sik is not a big enough fish for MACC: Who does Anwar want MACC to go after? read all about it HERE

Hopeful Malaysian said...

Dear Datuk,

My son is studying in a chinese primary school. Since the day you put Jho Low on fronpage, he has been asking me to put him into an international school. He wants to know the right people. He needs to go to the right school and place.

He find chinese school too tough now but not before. He told me that he would only need to know the right people and go to the right school. He doesnt need all those tough school work in chinese school. He is willing to make arrangement for his friends to watch movie, eat dinner or go to concert. That is not too hard.

Can you help me with this, Datuk? Your glamourisation of Jho Low is putting me in a big dilemma. Party going, fun seeking, ass kissing are glamorous and important to be rich, and not pay for your bills too. Is this the culture for you to tell your children?

Anonymous said...

seriously, this Jho Low disappointed me. this is not the kind of role model that we need right now. I'm a 19 year old college student, and now i'm told that success is attributed to having the right connections?
Agree with Marina, The Star and Mr. Wong, i believe that you guys can do better than this!!!