Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bung Mokhtar weds Malay starlet

Is Kinabatangan MP Bung Mokhtar getting married to sexy Malay starlet Zizie Ezette? This may seem trivial but I just got back from Parliament House and this is the hot gossip among the MPs. Every reporter is looking for the vocal, if not, outrageous MP for confirmation. There are plenty of sniggers, snide remarks and jokes among the elected representatives and the media.

Agenda Daily which broke the news has reported that many MPs have received the invitation cards for the reception tonight. Bung Mokhtar has denied the wedding but is keeping silent on a possible engagement. MStar has insisted that the two are already married. Daily Chilli got Bung Moktar's comments here. See more pictures of Zizie here.


Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

If what you said is true, I offer my heartiest congrats to him.

My concern is, with such a young pretty starlet as his wife, can the MP still have the zeal and energy to attend parliament to vote and perform his duties well ???

Is it too and taxing much for him ??

Seroiusly, I wish him well.

Anonymous said...

He should have pick someone his own size...age...etc..

ding-a-ling said...

Chun Wai
Suddenly he squeals like a mouse. That alone tells that he's up to something. Like all men who's guilty of having affairs. Why must the upfront man suddenly is in denial. Come on say it out loud I am married to the starlet or about to get married.
Mr Anonnymous 3.23 am, the size is about right. Plump. Lots to cuddle. But he needs viagra.
One thing is sure. Our friend will get a lot of jibing from fellow MPS on both sides of the bench.
Wonder whether Najib is envious.
But his wife is plumper.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "This may seem trivial but I just got back from Parliament House and this is the hot gossip among the MPs."

I fail to see how this is NOT trivial, compared to your most recent two postings "From the heart and refreshing" and "Swiss in the doghouse" which dealth with substantial matters.

Surely Bung Mokhtar's love life does not have the same consequence on people as your two previous postings. Perhaps you're equally "starlet" struck by Zizie. Or perhaps all's well in the world, and there is nothing of consequence to blog about anymore :)


Khalid said...

It is a testimony to the mentality of Malaysians that this old man's interest in a young lady should merit being headline news. While at the same time the world economy is heading into a period of uncertainty with countries instead of banks facing bankruptcy. And at home snatch thieves are ruling the streets. But no, this old man is news of the day!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... tempting for a datuk who is rich and powerful to use that to woo sexy girl half his age. Not his fault though because young girls tend to be looking for that qualities nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,
You mean there is no more important news for you to report on? Who the s*#t cares who that ape from Sabah marries!!?



orang sekarang kejar duit,pangkat dan perempuan.

Anonymous said...

It is only natural. Status, money and sex. Nothing else. So don't accuse other politicians when many politicians are doing it. Politicians should have sexy wives instead of wives looking like old haggards. Handsome politicians but ugly wives. No wonder no photos. No need viagra. No need Tongkak Ali. Men is men. Forever strong. Please advise your politician friends to marry sexy women. Malaysia lagging behind because politicians up to hanky panky fishy business with women !!!

Anonymous said...

This filthy big mouth has a trophy 2nd wife. I pity the first wife.