Sunday, December 27, 2009

Soaring focus on the RMAF

NOBODY can just cart two heavy jet plane engines out of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) base, send them to Port Klang and then ship them to a third country. The jet engines ended up in Argentina.

The RMAF surely does not expect us to believe that the scam, no, the theft, does not involve high-ranking officials.

The engines are said to weigh 200kg each and a crane would be needed to put them on a lorry to take them out.

There is a perception among Malaysians that there are moves to downplay this traitorous act by blaming it on some low-ranking officers and absolving the bigwigs of blame.

Certainly, no one would be convinced that a small band of low-rung corporals are able to plan the entire logistics of finding a buyer, stealing the engines and shipping them off.

The engines are sophisticated machines and only those with extensive knowledge of their functions and worth would be able to pull off such a despicable act.

And even if it is true that some clever low-ranking officers were capable of pulling off this theft, the head of some top officials should roll for allowing this fiasco to take place.

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Serious Shepherd said...

Anything can disappear in Malaysia, ranging from immigration records to C4 explosives.

However, if a jet engine that weighs 200 kg (times 2)could disappear, what would happen to MANPADS (especially the laser-guided ones such as Starburst) that weighs only 10kg (times 2 again)?

Good thing we don't have nuclear power plant at this moment.

Unknown said...

Malaysia has no political will to eradicate corruption and abuse of power. So much hue and cry over so many such corrupt practice, yet no actions was taken to go to the bottom of the case and nap all those involved, small or big. Just watch PKFZ case and see eventually how it is resolved. Small fish might be caught, all big ones escaped?

Anonymous said...

I understand that the two engines were lost in 2007.It was only found out that when audited in 2008.And the strange part is why it was only reported in 2009 and not 2008 when it was audited?Don't you think that it is fishy and maybe a cover-up?

Anonymous said...

This is Malaysia Boleh. The impossible can done. That is why we deserve to be world class.

Anonymous said...

Anything can disappear in Malaysia.
Jet engines. Immigration records. Money. Land titles. Anything.

Purple Haze said...

The Attorney General must think the rakyat are stupid.

He says that only low-level personnel are involved. Wow, they have links to international arms dealers.

If these "low level" fellas can do deals on the international arms dealing rings, the future is bright for Malaysia. We have such incredible talent.