Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No lion dance and tight clothes in Acheh

The barongsai, the Indonesian version of the lion dance

It's disappointing. When they were hit by the tsunami on Dec 26, 2000, the world came to their aid. The support came from many Chinese groups from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and many Buddhist groups in the region. Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan put in milllions to help the tsunami victims of Acheh to rebuild their lives. That's not all, without the Americans, there would have been many more casualties.

I was in Banda Acheh just days after the tsunami hit Acheh. The Americans were the most effective in delivering food and water to the victims because they had the helicopters. Most European NGOs could only sit by at the airport with the relief supplies as they had no air support. There was no way land transport could be used as the roads were already damaged by the effects of the disaster. Uncle Sam certainly saved many lives, even if the US is hated by some in Indonesia.

So, it is pretty small-minded for the authorities in Acheh to ban the local version of the Indonesian Chinese lion dance, barongsai, to mark the fifth anniversary of the Acheh tsunami disaster. See Malaysian Insider for full story.


Himmat Singh said...

This proves that their thingking style is still primitive...and that they do not want to move on with the times i.e. have a desirable mutual relationship with other races, cultures and religions. The conclusion - extremism leads one nowhere.

Anonymous said...

The next time a tsunami, earthquake or volcanic eruption disaster hits Indonesia, please don't ask the world for aid. And don't ask me for money. I am Chinese and I prefer giving my donation to countries that don't discriminate against me.

vinnan said...

God knows what to do with racist bastards. Tsubnami 2?

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

It's the season to rejoice and celebrate the birth of our Lord.

Wishing you and all at home a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


Anonymous said...

Bro Wong, it seems there is hidden agenda behind the donations or it isn't. It so unnatural of you to expect the Achenese to do something that the donators want them to do. I'm sure a multi-millionare Jackie Chan or rich countries like USA, Australia and europe did not attach a string when they decided to contribute. It was only you who feel the otherwise. BTW, Bro Wong - how much have you donated in order to warrant lion dancing?

nstman said...

To the people of Aceh: Next time you get hit by another tsunami, we wont risk our lives to come to your aid. Instead we will celebrate with lion dances. Bodoh.

resident.wangsamaju said...

1 more tsunami please.