Monday, October 26, 2009

Of tom yam and feuding politicians

I have just spent a few days in Bangkok with the family. I still do not know why a stressful place like Bangkok was chosen to get rid of my stress and exhaustion. But with my wife and daughter along, it was a good break. I tried staying away from the Internet. The English language newspapers in Thailand, written for farang (foreigners, read Westerners), was dead boring, so it helped me to stay away from newspapers. But it was the massage and tom yam that did wonders.

I am still on leave as I write this posting. I have missed nothing. Nothing else has changed in Malaysian politics. Politicians regardless of their political affiliations are doing what they does best - squabbling among themselves for positions. It does not seemed to matter whether they are from the MCA, MIC, PAS, PKR or Umno, the feuding is almost never ending.

We all thought we have had enough of extra ordinary general meetings but now even PAS spiritual adviser Nik Aziz Nik Mat has been bitten by the EGM bug. He has aimed his pot shots at party president Hadi Awang. Nik Aziz insist Hadi has not given up on working with Umno. His enemies have hit back at Nik Aziz saying he appointed his son in law to head the state investment arm, insisting nepotism exist in PAS too. Well, nothing is impossible anymore in Malaysian politics.

But it's one fight that Nik Aziz will not win. He has influence in Kelantan but the president's men won in the party polls. The president always has the upper hand. After all, he has the power to reward and punish. That is something the MCA rebels have realised.

4 comments: said...


good that u enjoyed the vacation.

back home, our politicians remain the same, looking for cheap extra mileage, bickering over nothing and buying new cars and furnitures while they can and got the opportunity.

to me, politicians nowadays are the opportunists. they only know how to lucre out of their position.

we, the rakyat, are their facilitators. we voted for them. in return, their vetoed out needs!

Dian said...

Maybe u shd tink of taking a long break and enjoy yr family time. Work never ends, politicians never change for the better. All of them are dirty rotten scoundrels!

Anonymous said...

Chun Wai, rest more. Work will always be there. Take care of your health!


LIN LIANI said...

Chun Wai,

Jagalah diri baik-baik. Jangan kerja teruk sangat. Harap dapat sembuh segera dan kembali kerja.Biar politik terus bercelaru, fikiran kita jangan bercelaru. Tenangkan fikiran, untuk kesihatan diri.

May God always bless you.

salam ikhlas,

anak watan.