Friday, August 7, 2009

Cheers! I simply love this beer commercial!

I love my beer, especially Tiger beer because I am an Arsenal supporter. But I also love the Heineken commercial. You won't see this advertisement on television or Astro because liquor ads are banned. If you buy only pirated DVDs, you would probably miss this wonderful commercial. But most regular cinema goers have never grown tired of this hilarious commercial, even if they are not beer drinkers. This is a great piece of creative work. Cheers man!


Barackah said...

Cheers to you too.
I didnt know you are a beer drinker being a staunch Christian and all.
Seriously I dont know why this brewhaha (pun intended) about beer being sold in 7-Eleven and convenience shops.
Use logiclah.
Cigarettes are sold everywhere.
If you dont smoke, you dont buy it right.
Same goes to beer.
I see trouble brewing between PAS and Pakatan cohorts.
Serve them right whoever put them into power.

Unknown said...

hear hear!

wandererAUS said...

Muslims did'nt appear in this Penisular overnight, they were here,long before and post Merdeka. We had beer served inthe presence of our muslim brothers in coffee shops, social clubs and golf clubs then. There was never a big fuss made, why now. Are the muslims today holier than those of yester years?
Perhaps, those muslim pretenders who made a big fuss, especially for personal gains, should search within their conscience if they followed the true teachings of Islam.

Burrp!!! said...

Yeah, Heineken commercials have always been hilarious and catchy. I salute the team behind them.

This one that you've mentioned is just the latest. Among others that i still remember clearly are "Let It Snow" during Christmas a few years back and "The trembling hands".

It could only be Heineken!

All these commercials are never banned in Singapore. You know what, it's not so much about influencing me to drink beer but it's the creativity of the brilliant brains that touches me.

It could only be Heineken!

Anonymous said...

Iklan beer pun nak tunjuk ke? pathetic.

Sivaraman said...

You are right Dato. This is one of the best ads I have seen in a long, long time. Let's drink to the Gunners and hope we have a good season ahead. I will always put my trust in Wenger...the prof is a genius. I hope we can meet up one of these days to down a few Tigers. All the best, cheers.


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


You can indulge in your fear
While I enjoy my cold beer
You can keep your own fridge clear
While I fill mine up with full gear

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 070809
Fri. 7th Aug. 2009.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When there's open garden 'beer diplomacy'
Are the people involved deemed crazy?
Why do some people like to be kept busy
Over matters outside their own fancy?

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 070809
Fri. 7th Aug. 2009.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the advertisement and, yes, it is hilarious.

On a more serious note though I have to say that while freedom of choice is an integral part of a modern, democratic society, that freedom cannot be restricted to only those who want to exercise it.

There must also be a freedom of choice to do something about those activities, in this case drinking alcohol, that greviously hurt innocent citizens. Where are the rights of those who want alcohol consumption controlled because of its destructive powers? Don’t we get to demand our rights too?

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for true democracy, and those who believe they have the right to consume alcohol should be accorded the right to do so for the sheer pleasure of it or even if they want to literally drink themselves to death. They have the absolute right to do what they want with their own bodies.

However – HOWEVER – they do not have the right to annoy, endanger or offend others when they exercise their right to drink themselves to the point where they cannot control their behaviour or actions. Even at social gatherings, where alcohol is served, it is not unusual to find the odd party-goer misbehaving themselves and generally being offensive to others. They become rude, vulgar and disgusting. In the USA, the number of drink-related deaths is phenomenol. In fact, each year, many children are killed by drunk drivers.

What those statistics are here in Malaysia, I don’t know. But as I understand it, the authorities here don’t do much by way of keeping such statistics. You may not even be able to get the stats on drowning victims, for example.

So it is not fair to demand rights only for one segment of society. Both sides must be heard and their rights must be taken into consideration. I have the right to want to feel safe on the roads and not have to fear some drunken adult, or worse, a drunken teenager, putting me in danger. We get enough of that from sober drivers who dis-respect the laws, anyway.


dreamerofdreams said...

I do not support Hassan Ali's actions. But the biggest wonder for me is I will never understand why would people want to drink something as DISGUSTING as BEER!

Anonymous said...

Wong, what a noob you are.. Taking the advantage on the current turmoil that brew in the opposition camp regarding the beer issue.. I wish u were more vocal when ur pay master make mistake..
Why didn't you?

You were nothing than just a "running dog". Woof Woof it's better you keep any thought to yourself. what a letdown!


Anonymous said...

WCW seeing how you always seize the moment to try to nail PR down in every issue is good reflection that you are up there by the wrong reasons,but this is Malaysia, all corporate guys selfishly shamelessly do it, so who cares really,after all the country is going to the dogs soon.I heard Australia is a good place to migrate when you retire with lots of money.Perhaps you would like to consider NZ too.

Anonymous said...

Every one should partake in this lovely golden liquid. It is fully vegetarian.

For those who cannot and do not take alcohol, there are wonderful tasting 0.0% beers as well. I tried this in an Arabic restaurant. It was so wonderful. 0.0% beer and roast sheep.

Anonymous said...

My dear dreamerofdreams,

In case you haven't noticed, this world is wondrously diverse.

Just as you would say, "But the biggest wonder for me is I will never understand why would people want to drink something as DISGUSTING as BEER!", you will find that other people can also make remarks of a similar nature regarding food that is beloved of many, viz:

... why would people want to eat something as STINKY as DURIANS!

... why would people want to cook with something as DISGUSTING as BELACAN!

... why would people want to eat something as FOUL-SMELLING as PETAI!

Be tolerant. Live and let live.

Woman in Leather with the Whip

Unknown said...

ridiculous. the man clearly has a personal preference for beer, which he has every right to display for all the world to see. is it "pathetic" to show the world what you like? this is a blog, not a public service announcement.

and @Anonymous: there are evils associated with excess of everything. the notion that we need to put a disclaimer on the anti-social aspects of anything/everything in life is in itself proof that "political correctness" has become a poor reflection of the diversity of characters that we get in any social contract keeps humans interacting as a whole.

bottom line: some of us just like things that other do not. deal with it. without hindering the rest of us.

Jahamy said...


Err..being a muslim in Malaysia, I was'nt sure if I am allowed to see the commercial...and can you like have it on a different blog next time that does not mix with the non-beer articles?

Anyway, since I was not able to get the views of an ustad or a politician-clegy, I used my own mind (may I be forgiven by the ustads) and saw the commercial. Gosh, I shamefully found it funny.

NOw I am waiting for an ustad to ask him if I had sinned by laughing with a beer commercial!

Peace !

Anonymous said...

Actually I am sick of both sides. Yeah, both BN and Pakatan. I am sick of the decades of abuses and corruption of BN. As for Pakatan, we gave them a chance to take over. But they were not ready. But never mind, we are patient, and we let them get their act together to run the states. But sh*&, they can't even unite themselves. How are they going to unite the whole Malaysia?
There is no hope left for Malaysia. Your grand kids are going to work as cheap labour all over the world, so you better not look down on the Filipino maids and Indon maids and construction labourers. AT least the Filipinos and Filipinas can play the guitar and sing. What are our grand kids gonna do?

barramundi said...

Bavaria's spoof of heineken ad

Anonymous said...

Its been 2 weekends now that Utusan has started their racist commentary last week and today. I was hoping you'd come out with an article condemning such a commentary but to no avail..

I suppose i shouldn't be disappointed as MCA has to answer to UMNO after all.. enjoy your beer while the country disintegrates...

what is that line about evil and good man? oh yeah... "It is necessary only for the good man to do nothing for evil to triumph. Author: Edward George "

Anonymous said...

If you post means to spook PAS then you have failed miserably. Both Nizar or Nik Aziz will tell you that beers also falls under grey area. Its like praying with candles. Beers and cheers are no alien to PAS now. They are both grey. I suggest that you try something darker like guniness!!!

amoker said...

should try belgian beer.
btw, I was at the HQ of Heineken in Amsterdam.

Extreme Power said...

yeah... me like it too. ;)