Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beer ban - now Zul Nordin wants Ronnie dropped

Ronnie Liu: Something's brewing in Selangor...

Latest: MB Khalid rejects call to strip Liu of portfolio, says it's a non-issue. All state officials warned not to issue statements until meeting on Friday to resolve issue, Star SMS alert.

Maverick MP Zulkifli Nordin has entered the fray. The Kulim Bandar Baharu MP has described Selangor DAP state exco member Ronnie Liu as a "liability" to the state Pakatan. Zulkifli also wants Liu to be dropped before "the people drop Pakatan."

According to MStar, he also expressed support for the call by Selangor PAS chief Hassan Ali who wants a blanket ban on the sale of beer in Muslim-majority areas in the state. In an unprecedented move, Hassan asked Liu to be removed from his local government portfolio following the DAP leader's directive to the Shah Alam council to send back the 70 cans of beer they had confiscated from an outlet.

Instead of banning the sale of beer, the Selangor state government should punish outlets which sell liquor to Muslims and underaged customers. Show the ID cards. If outlets are found selling liqour to people who should not be buying, then the punishment should be meted out. This blanket ban is a lot of nonsense.

If we are talking about Muslim-majority areas, that's almost the entire Selangor, except parts of Petaling Jaya. And with the Chinese population coming to 25% in a country of 26mil people, we can see pubs being shut down in future, if we buy this kind of argument.

The enforcement officers told Liu that they were pressured to act against these outlets. Liu should reveal to us who are these councillors and what political parties do they represent. Drinking, particularly excessive drinking, is discouraged by all religion but non-Muslims are given a choice. PAS will use the same tired argument but the point is we must have a choice.


Donplaypuks® said...

Zul Nordin is also a liability to Pakatan.

So, how?

kita anak melayu said...

Guys I am tired of hearign PAS people tellign me that Umno is unIslamic, read a very nicely written alternative viewpoint here..

Umno's Islam is closer to the spirit of the Faith

also ada news tentang Blogger Patriot tawan Selangor

Noh Omar gave some pertinent reminders during the launch - got videos one

Anonymous said...

BN used to spent awful lot of time on sexist issues like women's skirt length ,period,tudung wearing,jokes on women and racist issues too. Now PR is spending time on liquor issue,slaughter house etc....can somebody pls tell me who is taking care of the nation's economy? We used to be one of the 5 Asian Tigers before 1997. Now Spore$ is way above us, Thai$ also above us, Indo & Philppines coming near, which left us with Laos,Cambodia,Vietnam grouping.

amoker said...

Pretty selective in your reporting eh?

Anyway, Hassan Ali ( with LInk to UMNO ) came out and Zul Noordin ( with link to UMNO ) seemed to come out at the right time to support each other. Rather convenient that the Star takes this as a major issue to dwell on.

Anonymous said...

No. Lah. It is Khir Toyol putting pressure. It is BN all this time.

MerLin said...

Amoker! Tis is an issue on our fundamental civil liberty provided vy law.
What other issue you want to talk on when u r under seige here.
Stop behaving like a retard u r.

Li Huat Chai said...

For a long time i dont bother to visit this site... just drop in to see what this blogger is up to.

Anyway, Datuk, what is your biz as this is Pakatan biz, none of yours, please mind your MCA/BN biz, ok?

I support PAS's move, beer be banned!!!

You seem to be v happy when Pakatan has problem. Low life ...

Anonymous said...

PR stands by the principle that all people are equal and no religion is superior then the other. Therefore the selling of beers and alcohols should be legalised in all Pakatan controlled states.

wandererAUS said...

WHO IS TALKING! This religious fanatic, Zulkifli Nordin should join his likes the Taliban in Afganistan.
There is no place for a dickhead like him here...remember, I may respect the muslim way of life, please respect my choice to my way of life...I owe no apology to anyone.......

drismara said...

PR will always blame BN/UMNO if there are frictions within their 'party'. Now they say that Hassan Ali and Zulkifli Nordin are linked to UMNO. PR cannot accept that they are not getting along with each other. In this fight about beer, PAS will lose because Anwar is more likely to side with the like of of Ronnie Liu and Teresa Kok. He has betrayed the Malays so many times, and will betray them again this time. The winner in this fight will be UMNO. Schedenfreude

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Why just only ban 'beer'?
Practically anything in wrong hands can induce fear
For nothing is safe with anyone with evil intent
So why not ban every thing and we only live in tent?

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 060809
Thur. 6th Aug. 2009.

amoker said...

Between ISA and banning of beer, which fundamental civil liberty is more important?

It is Datuk's own right to write about what he pleases and he wrote 2 articles on tbe beer ban and nothing on the anti ISA.

I am not a super civil liberty freedom fighter like yourself but that is my point that the Star is helping the spin. Now, we are debating whether beer is halal/not and not whether ISA is halal/not. And people are calling each other names in the name of their religion.

Anonymous said...

I was right all along: PAS is double-faced! It wants a Taleban/Saudi-styled Islamic state, in a dynamically multicultural Malaysia! Pathetic! Besides, Muslims are a diverse lot! When I was a Muslim, I love to drink; what I do in my personal life, is between me and God! And I still love my Irish whisky especially! PAS extremists want to be primitive Taleban-power maniacs enforcer; go ahead. But move to Taleban-land or Saudi Arabia! Tony Phua and Ronnie Liu is right on - DAP & PKR better not betray liberal or ex-Muslims! Thank Christ; I'm saved from this Taleban evilness!

Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza)


Anonymous said...

If you are a good religious person, you'll refrain from doing something that's against your believe. So the choice of drinking beer or not is solely the choice of that person.
If you take the choice away by banning, do you think that person will stop comsuming beer?
PAS's should just shut up or someone please shut them up!

Anonymous said...

That's why both the PM and the DPM, as leaders of the nation, should come forward and provide clear perimeters on such religious issues which have caused so much confusion and inconvenience to almost everyone.

In Islam every religious leader has much leeway to interpret the Quran according to his own understanding of it. This gives rise to much contradictions in the teachings of various ulamas. This is why in Malaysia we can find one group of Muslims calling another group murtad.

The Internet is a very useful tool that the authorities can make use of to disseminate the correct religious teachings, and rectify those that may cause problems and misunderstanding.

This can counteract the efforts of all those aggressive, intransigent, inflexible and intolerant religious fanatics who wish to impose their values on others, and whose behaviour could very well sabotage the country's progress towards developed nation status.

Furthermore, as we can see from news reports, if these kind of benighted people are not helped to recognize the error of their twisted, sick, psychopathic attitude they are quite capable of blindly lashing out in violence - killing and bombing innocent people without remorse.

Desa Damai

Anonymous said...

For the coming Permatang Pasir by-election, all the non muslim voter, please hold a can of beer in your hand when BN/PR candidate visit you.


Anonymous said...

Hassan Ali and Zul Nordin are in UMNO's camp. That is as clear as daylight. After the Perak debacle, UMNO has gotten smarter. Instead of a physical jump to UMNO, the frogs are left in Pakatan to create trouble so as to undermine Pakatan credibility. Only the blind cannot see that conspiracy.

Whatmeworry said...

Anon(1.35am)You're damn right. What you do is between you and God.
Pas and Umno are playing some kind of sick religious one-upmanship. Each tries to be holier than the other when they don't know that others view them as the devils.

They talk so much about booze. What about fags? Isn't there a fatwa that smoking is unislamic?

Also what about their brethrens lining up at 4D shops weekly for some haram money.

Pertapa Katak said...

"What you do is between you and God"

I agree. Reading porn mags does not cause lung cancer or liver cancer, and DWRP (Driving While Reading Porn) is never an offence at any countries. It is less hazardous to read porn compared to smoking and drinking beer, but why there is no porn mag at 24-hour convenience stores?