Tuesday, June 9, 2009

PKR MP Zulkifli Noordin wants action against SIS

First, some PAS delegates want Sisters In lslam to be banned. Now it's the turn of PKR Kulim Bandar Baru MP Zulkifli Noordin to call for action against the group. He wants the Companies Commission of Companies to "force" SIS to drop the word "Islam" from its name. He is a lawyer but we would like to know how that can be done legally, the Nut Graph reported. But as he suggested - use force.

He has proposed that SIS changes its name to Cosmopolitan Women's Alliance in line with their image as "most of them do not wear the tudung" and "are unmarried," according to Zulkifli. Zulkifli is the same lawyer who acted aggressively at the Bar Council forum and forced his way into a forum. The PKR did not act against him and let him off scot free, presumably worried that he would quit the party.


williem said...

Though I will never vote for UMNO or Barisan, I will reject this person totally. Given a mandatory choice of Zulkifli or UMNO, I will vote for lesser of the 'evil' and that would be UMNO. Before I thought I could vote for PAS but now many ppl will reconsider doing so.

Serious Shepherd said...

I'll say PAS is making a smart move, to regain votes from the 'Muslim first' Malay fence-sitters who feel that Islam is as besieged as the people of Gaza, and they will vote for PAS while not asking PAS to let's say, cancel control of liquor sales or forego the hudud law and the Islamic state.

And I'll say that PKR is making an 'insurance' move by letting Zulkifli Nordin to 'exercise his freedom of speech' despite the different party decision on the issue.

Anonymous said...

Zulkifli Nordin is definitely a mole from UMNO. I am very surprised that Anwar has not sacked him from PKR. Zulkifli has been hell bent on defying his party's position on issues, and hell bent on creating dissatisfaction within Pakatan Rakyat, and purposely creating distrust among the supporters of Pakatan Rakyat against PKR. ANWAR, YOU HAVE TO SACK ZULKIFLI NORDIN.

Anonymous said...

tell pkr guy to go fly kite. oh and tell pas to go fly kite also.

Nick Chan Abdullah said...

zulkifli noordin is one controversial man. many times i have disagreed with him. This time in the matter of SIS, he used the "wrong reasons". However, true Muslims who abide and TRUST the teachings of the religion must not deny the wrongdoings of SIS. SIS have many times spread messages which are deviated from teachings of Islam.

Non-muslims must understand the sensitivity of this issue, which is ONLY a muslim matter, and does not affect non-muslims WHATSOEVER.

therefore i'm appalled that non-muslims choose to intefere and intrepret this issue based on their non-understanding of Islam religion and laws.

SIS is anti-islamic.

Anonymous said...

LOL.This country's general election circus is getting worse.

Good Luck Malaysia

Anonymous said...

PAS is not to be trusted - since it is an Islamist organization. Many do not understand the difference between ‘Muslim’ and ‘Islamist’. Islamist are supporters of Arab-centric medievally dogmatic political Islamic ideology (just like Nazism, Stalinism, Maoism etc), and do not have to be Muslims, that seeks to construct or sustain racist, sexist and fascist dominant power over ordinary Muslim believers and non-Muslim communities alike, in order to achieve an absolute "(One i.e. homogenous) Islamic Empire", in opposition to modernity and westernization, especially against universal human and women's rights. Whereas Muslims are ordinary believers who regard Islam as a personal belief between oneself and God. Further, Islamist ideology will never fundamentally recognize full liberation and equality for women/girls, gays, non-Islamic communities, converts/apostates from Islam and so on. Moreover, this include forcing girls as young as from three years old to SUBMIT to Arabic-centric veiling ideology; so that their consent can be manufactured as when they become adults, rather than from rational i/.e complete free will! Go to PAS organized meetings and you will see this very clearly - disgusting!

Besides, the most dangerous of all, this ideology dreams of a homogenously and medievally racist, sexist, fascist Arab-centric/led "Islamist Empire/Ummah", from east to west! Even in oil-rich Malaysia and Indonesia, the Pakistan-led (& Bangladesh to a certain extent)Islamist groups have infiltrated local Islamist movements, including PAS and fanaticized such groups, thus causing increasing extremist Islamisation of the two countries, besides targeting our oil, including in oil-rich Borneo. Further, these once dynamically multicultural tolerant two countries will be the Islamist Empire base in South-East Asia.

Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman)


Anonymous said...

So,the tudung and marital status is now a prerequisite for religious engagment. What next? The length of the tudung? Type of material? Children? (Biological or adopted might come to play a role too). What credentials does Zulkifli have?

Anonymous said...

Anwar, you better kick this Zul Nordin fella out of PKR, before we kick PKR out!

Anonymous said...

PAS is from Jurassic Park.
UMNO if from Hell.
What a lousy menu to choose from!

Anonymous said...

Excrement! We have nothing but illegal issues of illegal relationships in politics. These are sad days.