Thursday, January 8, 2009

Boycott American goods? Think again.

It's always easy to call for a boycott of American goods. Groups and individuals advocating such a boycott may have the best intentions but seriously, does it work? There are bloggers calling for a boycott who forget they are using Facebook, Goggle and their sleek US-made computers. They then have their McDonalds and Coke. Of course, they switch on to CNN and listen to Larry King, a Jew, for the latest updates on Gaza. Then they watch more Hollywood movies produced by Jewish film makers. It's easier say than done. We call for a boycott of US products and have we considered the economic consequences of the US and Jewish lobbyists hitting us back? Then, there are the religious bigots who see the Gaza problem as a Muslim issue. It is not. Many Palestinians are Christians too. Likewise, there are Arab Christians who live in Israel and there are also secular Jews, who hate the Zionists. And certainly most of the people of Israel are not Christians as their spiritual concern is Judaism. Can't we see this from a purely humanitarian point of view? The people of Gaza Strip need our prayers. Let's have a heart.


Anonymous said...

Dr M's blog is hosted in the U.S.?

I thought he said we must boycott U.S. products...

Today, we live in an integrated, interdependent global village. There's some American in almost everything we see, touch, smell and taste. As a matter of fact, I got some American blood, so how to boycott myself??

If you think about it, when you go online to surf or post on your blog, you will most likely end up using the following products and services created by U.S. companies:

* Microsoft Windows XP/Vista, Apple Mac OS X Leopard or RedHat Linux operating system software
* Google Blogger or WordPress blogging software
* Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser
* Intel or AMD CPU chip powering your PC
* Nvidia or ATI video graphics card for your PC
* Cisco or 3Com Internet backbone routers that delivers your web traffic
* Visa or Mastercard credit card to do your online shopping

Tun, if you're planning to throw away your credit cards, I know a particular deserving Malaysian who would gratefully accept them.

THE KILLING IN GAZA MUST STOP but is boycotting U.S. and Israeli products a realistic way to make it happen?


The Israeli ruling elite exploits the fears of the Israeli-Jewish working class, and these attacks are incredibly explained in one voice by the whole establishment as a "war of no choice". They do that in order to justify their desperate attempt to escape their deep political crisis, and to erase their own humiliation from the defeats of their own strategies during recent years. But working class people will also come to realize sooner or later that they are being viciously deceived, and dragged into a bloody conflict against their interest, and they will look in growing numbers for another choice. The movement against the war must try to reach these people as well, in spite of the very difficult mood. Based on ideas of solidarity and socialism, this can be achieved. And this is the only way forward.

Anonymous said...

This stemmed from Tun M. Leave some comments on for him. As for other bloggers, I'm not so sure. Get your facts right first. I think you already understand how naive this is to begin with. Don't join the crowd Mr. Wong.

Constantine Cheong

Stephen Doss said...

Dato' pls read my latest posting on "Know your Enemy" on

Anonymous said...

I concur. Finally some sense. Thanks

Shanghai Fish said...

Yes bro,
That's telling them to be more constructive instead of mere lip-service ! hahaha !

Anonymous said...

One wonders what is in the heads of those calling for boycott of American goods...probably rags and cotton wool! Arrogance and stupidity.
Malaysia is like an appendix sticking out of the stronger nations, yet, these nations have keep very silent. Do the world really care what Malaysia think? Not a damn.
If these so called defender of the Palestinians are brave individuals, they should go over to Gaza and fight along side the the Chinese volunteer army that joined North Korea and fought the United nations in the Korean war. These people should put their money where their mouth point engaging in fruitless ways, a lot of shouting, achieving nothing!

Krishna said...

Wow Datuk Wong! For once you have the guts to write some sense. If anyone makes this a religious matter, I will not get involved. The truth is that this is political and humantarism. Probably, there will be more support for the cause

Anonymous said...

hahhaahaa.. I think one old man has gone very senile.. don't they realise Coca Cola, McD, Pizza HUt etc are franchise business operated by UMNO cronies, employing 99.9% Muslim Malays and using locally sourced ingredients, which in turn are produced by rural Muslim Malay farmers? hahaha

Go ahead and boycott 100% US made goods like the Estee Lauder Chain, Botox, pace-makers and numerous cholesterol lowering & other drugs etc, better still stop using the internet as it's another great American invention with possibly Jewish links...

Apalah.. guna otak sikit lah...

Anonymous said...

Just like the other negative commenters, you are missing the point...yes there are various groups embracing for PM Dr Mahathir's call to boycott US-made goods, but the fine print, as Dr Mahathir had said was boycott good that you can live without starting with consumer items like McDonald's, KFC, Coca-Cola etc.

Obviously the world revolves around comuters and computer programmes that originates from the US etc...but there are also open-source programs like Linux...

we have to be practical. we can't boycott just about everything as Dr M had said.

Perhaps you can be practical in dishing out commentaries to your readers as well.

);-( Samurai

Anonymous said...

You say: There are bloggers calling for a boycott who forget they are using Facebook, Goggle (Its GOOGLE Dato Wong...Goggle is what you use to protect your eyes when swimming...)
... they switch on to CNN and listen to Larry King, a Jew, for the latest updates on Gaza..

I say : All those you listed are free direct economic activity involved....even if you were to boycott there is no economic impact

You say: Then, there are the religious bigots who see the Gaza problem as a Muslim issue. It is not. Many Palestinians are Christians too.

I say : Its not just the "bigots". I think the non-Muslims here too feel detached from the Palestinian issue, thinking that its only Muslims that are getting kicked by the Zionists.

Just think straight...lay off coca-cola, macdonald's and starbucks...the impact is substantial...yes locals may have a share in it...there's always a price to pay to achieve whatever objectives that we set to do...otherwise we can all sit down in front of our computers and start condemning Dr Mahathir and everyone else who are trying to initiate something...after all its not us or our children who are getting our backsided ripped apart...why do we care...

Anonymous said...

How come I never saw you question Khairy jamaluddin when he called for the boycott some time back? Is it because he was an upcoming son-in-law of PM and you had to kow tow to him and not offend him...But the former PM is sitting duck so you can whack him lah aaa...very convenient of you...

come on lah chun wai be professional lah..want to whack, whack everyone lah...don't be also have to think again!

alphaguy said...

Yeah we can still stop banking with citibank an american icon. Return all credit cards from Citibank and apply for local bank. Cancel Banking licence to american financial institutions. Boycott is like street protest. Dr. M can do it.UMNO can do it.

Whatmeworry said...

Good write-up. Now why don't you tell your friends in UMNO that this problem is not a religious one but a humanitarian one instead.

How can we have unity when everything is played down to race and religion. Sad really sad indeed!

Anonymous said...

Aiya really senile already la.....Comeon man, Isreal is the culprit and US got blame. Wakeup man, please. If we apply the same principle we should also boycott, UK, France,.....Singapore. In the end looks like we boycotted ourselves.....funny right?

Anonymous said...

A lot of people have forgotten the power of a PRAYER.

Perhaps praying takes up too much personal time or our faith is lacking?

Let us all prayer to God Almighty to end this insane war.

A candle light vigil would be a good start.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...















Anonymous said...

LOL. Everyone is condemning Israel but no one seems however bothered whether it was also atrocity when, before Isrealis invadedv Gaza, more than 700,000 Israelis were within range of Hamas’ rockets (with technical assistance from Iran) and Hamas rockets slammed into a kindergarten in Beersheba or after the invasion,30 rockets and mortars pounded southern Israel including one barrage on a kindergarten in Ashkelon.

Anonymous said...

Can MM count? USA is our BIGGEST CUSTOMER. USA buys more form Malaysia, than sell sells to us. So what stupidity is he talking about? What? MM wants to boycott his customer? He talks nonsense. And there are a lot ofstupid people around to follow his urging to also ask for boycott of USA.We should be lucky if USA does not turn around and boycott us for being so nasty to them.

Anonymous said...

So Mr MM, do you want to stop using Intel or AMD products?Do you want to stop using Microsoft software? Do you want to stop using Boeing airliners? Do you want to stop using VISA, MASTERCARD, or American Express? DO you want to stop using Pfizer's Viagra? Stop using Panadol? Stop eating your Sunkist oranges? What a big hypocrite!

johnny cheah said...

Boycott American products! Actually what is there to boycott. If Malaysia do this boycotting thing then you will find that shelves in most shops will be half empty. WHY? Because we import and sell plenty of American products. But do you honestly think that boycotting will do any harm to the American economy. None whatsoever. But if the American were to boycott us, then it will be a different story. Can you imagine they close all the American companies in Malaysia, close all the electronic chip factories in Malaysia. Cancelled all the francised for Pizza Hut, McDonald, KFC, 7 Eleven and a lot of other things that are American. What happened? A few hundred thousand Malaysians will be out of a job. To those who talk about boycott especially Dr. Mahathir, think again. Don't put your foot into your loud mouth

Anonymous said...

Dr M has switched his blog's address to since 1 Jan 2009. IP lookup still showing that it is being hosted in the U.S.?

And what's up with all the new ads on the blog? It's not like Dr M needs money from blogging. Furthermore, why would Dr M switch his blog from a .com domain to a .cc domain? Mysteries afoot.

Anonymous said...

Some people tokkok and never think. If Malaysia "boycott" USA, the Americans cannot even feel the effect. But Malaysia may come to a stand still. And if the USA retaliate, then Malaysia will have to close shop, and hundreds of thousands of Malaysians will be out of jobs, and our neighbours and "friends" will suddenly distance themselves from us. Who is Malaysia in the world pecking order? We are all "Jaguh Kampungs". Very big in Malaysia, but we are nobodies in the world. Who is Malaysia to give the US or the UN any ultimatum? Do you think the big boys care about the threats from Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

No lah, Dr M invented Microsoft Windows, Google, Intel CPUs, Seagate HDD, Boeing aeroplanes, the Agilent analyzers used to do tests on him when he go to the hospital for check ups, the Pfizer medicine he uses, his VISA and MASTERCARD, the TANDEM computer that our KLSE uses to trade his shares,etc. Yeah, Dr M made all these in Malaysia, so yeah, we can boycott the USA goods. And yeah maybe even the HP/Apple/Dell laptop he uses are all Malaysian brands. Yeah, and all those Motorola factories, the Johnson & Johnson factories, are all Malaysian brand factories that give jobs to the Malaysians. Yes Dr boleh.

Anonymous said...

This is the first and hopefully the last time I WILL CALLED YOU BODOH!!

Why? Please do read his staement carefully, do boycott the PRODUCT that we HAVE ALTERNATIVES and will never die not having it!!

DOnt eat McDonad go for local..
Dont buy expensive perfume and branded hand beg..

But if there is no alternative THAT what we cant avoid in using it..


THis is what i think of your statement.. afraid of your friends and cronies for the loss of income because of the i right??

And more this is not ABOUT RELIGIOUS this is ABOUT HUMAN RIGHT...

And what is your CADANGAN??

Ant to SPEAK UP MALAYSIA if you still arguing why TDM still using the host in US please let him know.. but as i say earlier DONT BE BODOH!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,

You raise doubts about calls to boycott US goods. On the surface it sounds like good counsel. But scratch it deeper, your argument is indeed shallow, without much thought and your conclusion merely reflecting your bigotry, very much like the bigotry you condemn.
While you did not single out Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, your commenters seemed to adduce just that.
There are those who took the opportunity to question the wisdom in such calls while others made use of it as a platform to condemn him outright.
Since they had done that, I take this opportunity to use the platform to defend Dr Mahathir’s call which I think was timely, makes good sense and was made with the wisdom of a statesman.
Firstly, going by all the photographs used by your newspaper and other mainstream media, the atrocities committed by the Tel Aviv regime could spark not merely anger but a rage even to the most passive human being.
Such anger, if not expressed will smoulder and eventually erupt and when it does, rational thought and good sense will make way for reckless abandon, September 11, suicide bombings and terror attacks are definitely the by-products.
Even if it does not reach such extremes, we have seen these rage being expressed destructively, leading to the burning of vehicles and violent attacks on those deemed to be going against the prevailing mood.
The US open support for the Tel Aviv regime can only result in anger, rage and disgust towards America which would continue to mount and it is only a matter of time that these emotions would be expressed.
As such, by calling for the boycott, the outlet for these expressions has been open and those who feel strongly against the US could channel their anger and frustration and not keep them pent up until it burst.
No doubt that does not guarantee against some seeking violent expressions but at least, a channel to “let of steam” has been created.
Secondly, Dr Mahathir called for a selective boycott and he used “Coca Cola” as an example.
Reactions which appeared on your blog seemed to raise the issue about how does one boycott things like Microsoft, the Internet, Google, Facebook, among other things.
Again, it is obvious that such responses must have come from idiots who only want to find reasons why it can’t be done and not what can be done.
Selective boycott means as much as an attempt to hurt the US economy as a symbolic gesture of protest. For those who find it impossible to boycott any US goods for whatever reasons, the least they can do is not to chastise those who feel they could.
Then there are those who seem to suffer the delusions of being thinkers by quoting trade balances and economic dependency on the US – that boycotting the US will not affect it but if the US decides to boycott Malaysia, Malaysia will suffer.
What a pathetic argument from obviously shackled minds. Indeed, trading with the US has given Malaysia and Malaysians the wealth and comfort but the suggestion of the boycott is about a higher calling, about making sacrifices, first individually and ultimately, as a nation collectively.
And there is no reason to dump or destroy whatever that had been bought for doing such thing will beat the whole purpose.
By the way, since you are at that petty level of thought, probably you should read a news report in your newspaper today on page 36 with the Chennai dateline in which Samy Vellu accused Hindraf of urging the Indian Government to stop investments in Malaysia and refrain from buying palm oil.
That is treason and probably you can take them on in your blog.
But I have my doubt you or your ilk would. After all, you want to be popular and you would not want to take on Hindraf whose supporters are in large number in your publications.

He who never trusts a journalist who pursues Datukships

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, don't forget to boycott Zhang ZiYi, the shameless whore is sleeping with an Israeli billionaire -- that's right a direct connection to Israel!Boycott all her movies, yo!!

Jom boikot Zhang ZiYi!!

Anonymous said...

It is a bullshit. The participating restaurants will not sell you CocaCola, but you can get PepsiCola, 7-Up, Sprite, etc.
Mamak Shop

Anonymous said...

Yea. Boycott US goods. Stop using the internet - Cisco routers. Dont use Wifi - Cisco Linksys wireless router. Dont use GSM phone - TI GSM chip. Dont buy PC - Intel inside.
No Starbucks. No pizza Hut or Domino pizza.

Dont fly - your luggage tag is process by computer in Atlanta, USA.

I dont who is more stupid. Us Malaysian or the other people.

Anonymous said...

DM. M said Malaysian quit McD, Starbucks, IBM, Microsoft, Intel,HP, Pricewaterhousecooper, Accenture, Citibank, Babk America, AIA, Motorola, Apple, Dell, SUN Microsystem, Oracle, Cisco, Nortel, Alcatel-lucent, Colgate Palmolive, Coffee Beans, .......

Anonymous said...

MM asked the employees of Starbucks and McD to quit. Hey MM, before happens, can you please get ready to compensate these employees with the money from your bank account? Otherwise MM just said something very irresponsible. These employees have mouths to feed,and if they stupidly quit, they are going to stay unemployed. In this bad economy, not many companies are hiring. Can MM please throw away all his computers. They all contain American stuff: the CPU(Intel/AMD/Motorola), the HDD (Seagate?), the software (MS or Apple OS?), the MS Office?, the browser (IE, MOzilla,???). IS MM using MSN? Is MM googling? or Yahooing? Is he Hotmailing? Is MM using any American banks? Com'on, MM declare ALL before you ask people to quit their jobs.

Anonymous said...

Wah Dato, U talk easy mah! Your previous posting carry big picture of the way and you captioned it Cruel! Cruel! Cruel! you dont have any suggestion other than pray? u make it sound like people are dying all you can say is Cruel, cruel, cruel...! Lets see if you can suggest something better and original...

ali bkt jalil

Anonymous said...

Instead of boycotting american goods, influence the Arab world to stop supplying oil to Israel and US.

Israel is getting its oil from Angola, Colombia, Mexico, Egypt, Norway, Russia, Kazakhstan and US signed an agreement with Israel to guarantee its oil supply.

A repeat of oil embargo like the one in 1973 should be proclaimed.

Concerned Citizen

Anonymous said...

Saying and making all these noises seem so easy. And telling people "we don't use, use home-grown..ONLY if we have alternatives?" is being such a hypocrite part of "malaysia boleh?"...C'mon, If you hate them so much, why still use their products? choices? If you really want to boycott, boycott jewish products entirely..and dont even use microsoft,facebook, google, and medicines ..dont even use telephone which was invented by alexander graham bell, a jew...even better, don't use their theories in school..physics, mathematics, music, chemistry, on..likewise, if you guys think you are so good, prove to the world..contribute more to the world..think big picture lah..dont be so shallow

Anonymous said...

Don't be such a hypocrite, lah. Hamas, the terrorists, can fire thousands of missiles and rockets into Israel, so why can't the Israelis return fire? Even if the Hamas terrorists use their people as shields in residential areas or schools, Israel still has every right to defend herself by destroying their rockets. Defence is defence.

Don't tell me I have to wait for the opponent to do everything first, and only then return fire? Don't tell me if you use children as shields all the time, I'll back off forever and wait for you to shoot me EVERYDAY. DON'T YOU GET IT???
When Muslims kill Muslims, you guys have no problems with that. When Hamas trains their kids to be like terrorists using real guns, you guys just keep quiet. When Hamas attacks Israel and kills innocent people and children in Israel, you guys are ok with that. When Israel returns fire, you guys would cry for help. Don't be such a hypocrite. You don't have to be an adult to be able to understand what I'm trying to say. If you continue doing that, you'll be behind others forever

Anonymous said...

Don't eat McDonalds, eat Ramly burger! Don't watch Batman and Spiderman, watch Cicakman! Don't watch "American Idol," watch "One in a Million!" Don’t drink Starbucks, drink Old Town’s or Kopi kaw-kaw! Don’t wear Nike shoes, wear Bata shoes! Don’t wear Levis Jeans, wear Camel Jeans! Don’t watch Man United vs Liverpool live on ESPN, watch Kedah vs My-Team live on RTM! Malaysia Boleh!-KK hahaha If we do that, we will be behind others forever..or maybe we'll win the World Cup in 2020 (to be held in Malaysia? who knows? LOL -KK

Anonymous said...

Maybe this time MM can finally win noble prize...listed along with hundreds of others who are Jewish..and imagine if he really wins..we can finally prove to the world, Malaysia Boleh! he would be so famous and then everyone including the kids in the world can recognize him..just like how we can recognize the face of Albert Einstein:) we must believe we can, we can! malaysia boleh!!!If we can produce 1 winner in a century, we can be already satisfied..we think we can at least beat our neighbor Indonesia..of course,we must also think we can beat the vietnamese becoz they eat Mcdonald's and we eat Ramly burgers..&then maybe Malaysian can start working in Vietnam illegally. Malaysia boleh..and we must start believing K, the rising star to be the 2nd 1 to win in the noble prize in another century.Malaysia Boleh!

Ah Chin said...

Much as I support the Palestenians, I think this boycott US goods idea is downright laughable and ludicrous. There are people in this bolehland born with an oversized ego but a pint-sized brain. Just because they can claim to be the 'Tuan' in this land, they think they have the might to rule the world. Just because they could spend hundreds of millions to hitch a 'hike' to the outerspace on a Russian spacecraft, they think they are now at the forefront of space technology. Now they think they can strangle the US economy by boycotting US goods. They should know that economically, Malaysia is a dwarf compared to the US. Malaysia needs US much more than US needs us. Imagine the disaster that will befall our economy if US boycotts our goods. Imagine the added number of jobless people if Motorola, Intel and other US companies are to pull out from here and relocate to other countries. Get real and stop showing what a fool you are to the Malaysian public.

Anonymous said...

Its heartening to know of all this concern for our fellow humans in Palestine.
Of course, we Malaysians are concerned only because these are human beings like us.
We would do the same for all humans facing similar predicaments for example say those humans in Sudan,Angola, Somalia or any part in Africa.
Then there is the poor Tamils (not the Tamil Tigers but the innocent tamils caught in between) in Sri Lanka who are being blasted everyday recently till kingdom come.
We will surely protest/send help for these too becouse they are also HUMANS like us.
We know that would be pleasing to God because He Created us all with the same care and concern.
We Malaysian are so loving people, we love all mankind since God loves all mankind.
Heaven awaits us all.

Anonymous said...

Dr M, please shut down the KLSE because it uses the Tandem system from HP, an American product. And the remisiers use the Intel Inside PCs to do your trade. STAR paper, please shut down your admin system, they run on HP & Dell, both Ameican, and both Intel Inside. Please shut down Air Asia, they use Boeing planes. Hospitals and Path Lab, please shut down. Your analyses are likely to be from Agilent, another American company. Please stop using PCs and laptops, all Intel Inside and Seagate Inside, all running Microsoft Windows. Stop using Exxon Mobil, they are very American. Don't eat Sunkist oranges. Don't eat the Kellogg cereals? Stop taking Viagra. Stop sending your students to the USA. Mmm , no wonder Disneyland went to Singapore instead of JB. They knew we would have Dr M calling for boycotts. Stop selling all those CDs with American singer / bands. RTM, maybe you should stop airing songs from these American artists. Cancel your insurance policies with AIA, Prudential etc. Boycott Citibank, BOA, JP Morgan. Malaysia, can close shop.

ChengHo said...

Starbuck quit their operation in Australia since the Aussie make a better coffe than big deal datuk...

Anonymous said...

Do you have better SUGEESTION??

Selain buat kenyataan MENGUTUK dan MEMBANTAH la..

This is a HUMANATARIAN ISSUES so desperatelyly need attention!!

amoker said...

MSM did not report Dr M's comment asking people to not work for American institutions. I wonder if he can create enough jobs at his bread restaurants for those who heeded his call.

Anonymous said...

I am married to an American. Must I divorce him?
My kid goes to an American U, should I bring her back?
I watch American movies, TV shows and read their books. Should I stop doing it?
Got the lists of consumer goods banned coz its American. The only thing I dont use, wear, drink or eat are Huggies and Wonder Bra.
Wake up to reality, Tun M.

Anonymous said...

A lot of these "American" consumer goods are actuallly made in Malaysia and owned by Malaysians.

For example, KFC is owned by Perbadanan Johor, employs thousands of Malaysians (mostly Muslims) and buys millions of halal chickens raised by Malaysian farms. KFC Malaysia also own Pizza Hut brand.

So please, dont be so dumb to boycott ourselves!


Anonymous said...

There are many politicians and journalists who are asking Malaysians to reconsider the call for a boycott of Amaerican goods. While I agree with that, I take exceptions to some of the reasons given like, " as the franchisees may be owned by bumiputra businessmen". What do they mean? That the boycott would not be OK if the franchisees are bumiputras, but would be OK if the franchisees are Malaysian Chinese or Indians? Why can't they use the term "Malaysian businessmen". The discrimination is so engrained that they do not even realise what they just said. Worse still,some of these statements come even from Chinese journalists and politicians, and not just the bumiputra ones!

Anonymous said...

*speak up malaysia,
1.Dr M's blog is hosted in the U.S.?
- it moved.
2.I got some American blood, so how to boycott myself??
- if i ask u to boycott urself, would u do it?no,of course not.i dont think i need to answer this-its just too stupid.u,what a stupid question to ask anyways.
3.and all those who use google, whatever things, yes people still use it.
- that's y its ironic.using their(u.s)own product against them..clever ey??i dont condone mr osama, but how did u think he got thru to the internet ?
4.THE KILLING IN GAZA MUST STOP but is boycotting U.S. and Israeli products a realistic way to make it happen?
-yep, its already happening.all over the world and sales are down for the big companies.u betcha.
*cwi malaysia,
i agree with ya.
*constantine cheong,
-its not might seem at first.but we're talking about a global boycott now.not just malaysia.get ur facts correct.
*ben israel,
-duh.ur name says it all.
*no 3 anonymous after krishna,
-i salute.right on :)
-this is exactly the reaction that some boycotters would like to achieve.fear and a whole lot of nothing to garble about.haha
u think a small country lke malaysia cant make a difference?
think again, mangkuk!
*anonymous after whatmeworry,
-ey, u dont read the newspapers ke?
enuf said.blur betul.
*bangsa cina malaysia,
-*sigh* if only we have more people like you :)
*lastly barackah,
u know why ur last?
because ur post made the least sense.
ex. from barackah,
1. I am married to an American. Must I divorce him? - stupid.
2. My kid goes to an American U, should I bring her back? - stupid.
3. I watch American movies, TV shows and read their books. Should I stop doing it? - yep, this u can do if u really want to.
-enuf said.
* i did go shopping yesterday.i spend an extra 20 minutes than normal trying to choose the next best thing thats equivalent to the products i biasa beli thats from was not that tough and i made it.and im damn proud of it.and i also overheard some malay families, having the same discussions as me there but what really hit me was that this boycott thing is really cathing on and people ARE doing it.and YES, to all you doubters - if we boycott israel's and american goods, it WILL undoubtly have an effect on their economy.thats the only thing that will hurt them - their WAKE UP PEOPLE!HELP palestinians in anyway possible.
*to the author = thank god,not all malaysians are like you.

Anonymous said...

This is a must-see presentation if you want to know what really happened in the middle east..

Anonymous said...

Don't get fooled by "the CNN Strategy" of Hamas. Watch this and see how they plant explosive in school and zoo as an attempt to use the Palestinian people and animals as human Shields

Anonymous said...

Israel has been holding itself back for three years while Hamas has launched thousands of rockets into Southern Israel aimed at civilian and not military targets. Israel has tried to go through the diplomatic channels for the past three years. Israel stood by its promise to allow Gaza the opportunity to go forth with its 5 year plan of autonomy. It evacuated its Jewish settlements in the Gaza strip, causing a huge skism in Israeli and Jewish society, all so that Gaza could have a chance. It drew out its troops, allowed Gaza to hold democratic elections to provide for an autonomous leaders. Israel continued to support Gaza with electricity and water, of which Gaza lacks the infrastructure to sustain itself. Israel has allowed the international community to aid Gaza in any humanitarian way they saw fit. And Gaza returned the favors by launching continuous rockets at Sderot and Ashekelon. The daily routine of the citizens of Sderot are constantly interrupted by a 10 second warning that a rocket is coming and they must run to a shelter. Israel gave Gaza ample opportunity to success, to use their international aid money to build themselves infrastructure and a society, just like Israel did for itself 60 years ago. When Israel went to the UN about the continuous bombings the UN turned aside and did virtually nothing. Israel has exhausted its diplomatic methods of dealing with this single track nation and now they must attack the route of the problem- not Palestinian citizens, but the militants that are terrorizing Israel. If you have ever been to Israel you would know that Israelis hate going to the army and going to war. They also hate living in fear that they will be attacked by some extremist as they sit on the bus or go to the mall. Israel's response is very proportionate to their situation and anyone who thinks otherwise should do more research into the subject.

Anonymous said...

To add to your statement "there are also secular Jews, who hate the Zionists"...

Certainly not all Americans support Israel. About 3% of Americans are Muslims. In fact, there are more Muslims than Jews in the U.S.

By the way, not many Malaysians remember that during the Balkan War 1991-2001, Washington was on the Muslims' side.

Anonymous said...

u say :Don't be such a hypocrite, lah. Hamas, the terrorists, can fire thousands of missiles and rockets into Israel, so why can't the Israelis return fire? Even if the Hamas terrorists use their people as shields in residential areas or schools, Israel still has every right to defend herself by destroying their rockets. Defence is defence.

i say: if u see in the previous world map,there is NO SUCH A PLACE named ISRAEL.the TRUTH is,HAMAS OR PALESTINIANS ARE DEFENDING THEMSELVE and their country FROM ISRAEL,the one who made other people country as them.THIS WAS WRITTEN IN UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHT,ratified that the citizens should protect their country from being attacked.SHAME ON YOU LAH WEII ISRAEL!!

I think,what MM was trying to say is,we should boycot those things that we could boycot.NOT ALL lah wei.

u say: why dont u just go to Gaza and help them in fighting with those Israel like those chinese who went to korea and join the war towards america?

i say: yeah..its true that they should go there to help them (Palestinians) ONLY IF THEY ARE AFFORDABLE! if they are not,they should find the other way instead of going there in order to help those palestinians fighting againts israel.maybe in prayer.

-just an opinion-

Anonymous said...

I don't support israel..but Can I ask...why the Arab countries lost the war to the tiny israel in 6 days in 1967? that time, no one stood by israel..not even the UN..the whole world watching.and the Arab countries were making all these sure-victory"we'll push them into the sea" and so on..and then what happened?? It's a disgrace, u know..I dont understand why the arabs made themselves like fools and surrendered in the am i going to answer that to my kids when they ask me someday..i must be honest to myself lah..even though i'm also muslim..but when you look at the fact in the 6-day-war in'll wonder why the arabs are so dumb when you really compare the casualties and losses from both sides...with all the strengths(4-6 times more)they had, they just couldn't take down the tiny israel(whose loss about 10 times less than the arabs)..and in 6 days?? for long time, I had been wondering why didnt the arab countries just team-up together and attack israel..i didnt know about the 6-day-war until i understand why they dont dare's just like kindergarten vs University..i must admit that's the dumbest thing I have ever heard..luckily i don't have to call myself an arab even though I'm a muslim. It's not a matter of what religion i'm's the cuture and mentality..I'm so proud to be Malaysian!At least i think we can use our brain more,can fight more like a man and not being such a coward like the arab..

Anonymous said...

you can start somewhere on boycoting. to throw hand up in the air and say cannot is our continous claim for great life at the expense of others'. So I am all for boycotting! At the very least Coke and Starbucks and Mc Donalds...sure that wont kill Malaysia's economy or your bank balance

Anonymous said...

So you want to boycott Israel? Must watch this video! Great Tips & LOL!!! :)