Thursday, January 29, 2009

Game of musical chairs in Perak begins

It looks like the game of musical chairs is starting again. Following the defection of the Bota State Assemblyman Datuk Nasarudin Hashim to Pakatan Rakyat, the word is in Perak that two PKR elected representatives would quit the party to be independents. Another DAP state assemblyman is also said to be quitting. We have heard of these rumours before. Let's see if this would really take place but the Perak MB is also saying three Umno assemblymen would be jumping ship. The PR government has welcomed the Bota state assemblyman, praising him for his decision while the BN has predictably condemned his move, questioning his ethics and principles. Nasarudin has been rapped by Umno for defecting because of "personal reasons." He should explain what are these reasons. Let's see what the Perak MB has to say if his men quits PR and be independents. Politicians would always be the same regardless of what shirts they wear.


Anonymous said...

If UMNO members jumped ship, I can understand...because of money politics and jealousy. What excuse have those in PR camp weighing the option of doing likewise?
Hav'nt they only been just elected.
Obviously, these are people of no morals standing and selfish in thinking. They have betrayed their constituents and they should be made to pay...kick them out of politics for good!

ChengHo said...

Dato Nasaruddin want to be MB of Perak...

Anonymous said...

Why are you such a SORE LOSER??After all this nonsense about Pakatan ADUn jumping ship since Mar 8th last year in Perak...only one actually did that & he is from your favorite racist party that believe in racial supremacy which is your beloved, stop wasting your time in writing nonsense & get real which is MCA+GERAKAN+PPP=UMNO lapdogs=Gone for good:)

Anonymous said...

ChengHo said... "Dato Nasaruddin want to be MB of Perak..."

This cannot be a reason, since none of the PR parties are in the position to provide such a guarantee. Remember March 08?

It will be good for the govt to introduce a law which requires any ADUN/MP who leaves the party to re-stand for election. This will help reduce money politics and be ethically correct.

But will BN want to do so, having engineered and benefitted from party hoppers over the past decades?

Anonymous said...

Let's not to highlight these "poli-tikus", and allow the governments (state & federal) focus & deal with the economic recession in Malaysia. We need everyone's contribution to the nation building at this difficult time, at the sametime reporting the truth facts.

Bloggers must not abuse their popularity (because readers distrust the mainstream media) and waste time in debating the politicians power trading.

BlueMoon said...

PR and UMNO are cousins when come to ringgits and cents. Today the UMNO big guns would jump ship when the offer is right. The next day PR would do the same also for same reason. At present PAS seems more resistance but this is quickly changing. Sooner even the big wigs in PAS, those who're labeling others as kafir except themselves, would fail to resist the temptation. Already some of them have reportedly been caught engaging in indecent act like 'khalwat'. So we're back to square one. In summary the malaysia's politics are all about money, power, whealth and to certain extent sex. Its choronic!

Whatmeworry said...

When a BN man jump there's such a hue and cry and criticising him, etc. When an opposition member jumps over to the BN he's hailed as a hero, etc.

Bottomline is ... all politicians who jump are unprincipled. They should do the honourable thing and resign (then again they may not understand the word), also there's this piece of legislation which came about during Dr. M's time that whoever resigns from his or her seat will be barred from running for office for 5 years.

Even if the guy genuinely wants to resign and seek a fresh mandate from his constituents he won't do it because of this law.

Anonymous said...

these mps and stateassemblymen fail to see that they were put in their positions by the people, the people who voted for them not confined as an individual but for the party they represent.
they have no right to jump from one party to the other.
if they had any principle in them, resign and call for fresh elections.
lu siapa nak jump ship as and when u please.
without the rakyat, lu orang tidak akan ada sana in the first place so ini mau ingat selalu please.
this is my advise to both pro-gov and pro-opposition reps.

Anonymous said...

UMNO no.2 - PKR team who are working for Anwar dominance. Anything else?

No development but Hudud Law initiator - PAS! Anything else?

Development of Lim's kingdom - DAP! Anything else?

PKR + PAS + DAP = lapdogs of Anwar (single instead of group dominance). sad! another failure in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

It is panic time in UMNO. Another hole in the UMNO boat,and water is leaking in. The problem is really bad. That is why even the head of Perak UMNO had to roll.
But you cannot treat a full body cancer by chopping off the fingers. There is no hope for UMNO to rahabilitate. IT has to go the full distance to burn to ashes, and maybe then out of that ashes a new UMNO may be able to emerge. The question now is how long Najib will last. When will Tun MM say that he picked another dud successor? WIll BN lose Negri Sembilan? Will BN lose Sarawak? Pakatan has grown bigger than Anwar. And whether the govt throws Anwar in prison or not, will make no difference to the continuing momentum of change. This is because the Rakyat's demand for change is not about Anwar. It is about getting rid of corruption and institutional abuse.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

all these started during you know whose administration.

in Sabah (1980s) state assemblymen are being traded like a commodity hence the name cowboytown.(PBS was the victim).( IRONICALLY NOW A MEMBER OF BN)

Nobody in BN said anything then .

in fact those who joined BN are treated like hero.

no effort whatsoever was done to propose an anti hopping law except by PBS and PAS but was shot down by the Federal Govt then.

MCA then was good at pinching state assemblymen from the DAP example from the Lobak and Bahau (NS) and branded them as hero and people with principle.

But are now saying the reverse when BN assemblyman joined PR.

I say now is the time to give BN a taste of their own very bitter medicine.

UMNO MCA MIC Gerakan and the rest can go fly kite for all i care.