Sunday, May 23, 2010

The race is far from over

GOOD news seems hard to come by in the media but Malaysians had something to cheer about last week over two news reports - the strong appreciation of the ringgit and our ranking as the 10th most competitive nation.

It was reported that the ringgit was the best performing Asian currency for the year, especially against the euro, pound and dollar.

For at least a month now, ordinary Malaysians, especially businessmen and parents with children studying overseas, have been watching the movement of the ringgit against other currencies.

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Anonymous said...

DS WCW, now that the MCA policy is to say what needs to be said, can we see that reflected in the STAR? Since MCA is the owner of STAR, if that policy is not reflected, then it will mean that CSL is just saying more BS. For a start, STAR should stop covering up many of the news that reflect badly on BN and the federal govt

suffering rakyat said...

Dear Datuk,

Perhaps the ringgit may have appreciated or maybe even continue to appreciate. However, this situation may not be sustainable if the root causes are not addressed.

The root causes you jolly well know but I will repeat again for effect - corruption, crony capitalism, patronage politics, power abuses, leakages, mega scandals. So datuk, if you still going for this regular lunch meetings with our Prime Minister, please request that root causes be taken care of first and I am sure the rakyat will support any cutback in subsidies.

Malaysians made to pay for BN's profligacy
Why is Malaysia going broke

Raymond said...

Dear Datuk,

Please will you be brave and somehow express your solidarity with these 2 brave journalists - Chou Z Lam and Joshua Wong in resisting this attacks on press freedom, self and imposed censureship? Perhaps join us in this Raja Petra in 'Tak Nak Potong' Night at the KLSCAH tonight?

"The NGO have also issued an open invitation to the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) President Norila Daud, the Group Managing Director of Sinchew Media Group Liew Chen Chuan as well as journalists, editors and citizens of the Klang Valley to participate in a symbolic action of abolishing the infamous Printing Presses and Publications Act by removing a nail each from the "Pull Out: Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984" artwork."

Anonymous said...

Nothing to shout about if corruption from top down in the government still persist.