Monday, May 10, 2010

Where have all the Chinese gone?

THE numbers have finally hit home. For years, the country’s Chinese population has been decreasing steadily but now it’s officially recognised that Penang is no longer a Chinese majority state.

Last week, a Chinese newspaper highlighted that there were now 18,000 more Malays this year than Chinese in the state.

Quoting Penang Statistics Department director Wan Mohamad Noor Wan Mahmood, Nanyang Siang Pau reported that there were about 650,000 Chinese in Penang, making up about 43% of the total population in 2005, but this was expected to drop to 40.9% this year.

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Anonymous said...

MCA should know isn`t it - where the Chinese have gone?
Aiyah, goa nd ask that Koh Tsu Koon fellr if you all dunno. He will give KPI mah.

Anonymous said...

The continuation of indifference by chinese leaders (both political and associations) and people in power(editors,business tycoons)towards chinese-bashing by you-know-who are really helping greatly the migration of the community overseas.I'm surprised you don't know this fact.

ChengHo said...

just like the singaporean chinese ,no interest in sex anymore , they lost their libido and too much play with china doll not to mention vietnamese girl

Suci Dalam Debu said...

You are truly a diplomat, very tactful so as not to upset your bosses ala OKT and KSK style.

Unfortunately this style will speed up the demise of MCA & Gerakan and also accelerate the migration of Chinese Malaysian.

clear conscience said...


What are you trying to insinuate here by this article?

Are you trying to reaffirm that Penang is now Malay-dominated & shall have a Malay-dominated ruling party to run its government?

Do not spin too much!! You know the answer. Whether it is now Malays-dominated has no bearing on who governs Penang. It is the rakyat's choice. There are Malays who are fed-up with BN.

Anonymous said...

Worrying that the chinese will be outnumbered by the malay signals deep-rooted racism. These is no need to be excited or edgy since all of them are Malaysians. Interestingly, you wish to project yourself as someone who is color-blinded as evident by your weekly column in The Star. But your blog's writing is exactly the opposite. This is real of you, Bro Wong. Its sickening!

Anonymous said...

my 2 cents worth, it is better chinese be gone from Malaysia, even with 26% population you peoples give a big headache to the whole of nation. I don't know why???

go seek wealth and prosperity from other great country, who can embraced you superb attitudes towards others.

Anonymous said...

Who cares there are less Chinese in the future?
This is new Malaysia mah! We are all anak bangsa Malaysia. Haiya!!

Statistic wise, in 20 years, Chinese will be less than 25% in the whole of Malaysia. That does not include the migration factor.

Anonymous said...

The grass is always greener on the other side.
Over here is just tanah tumpah darah. But it used to be the greener grass once.
It's Ok Wong, somewhere in some place, a Chinatown will be formed, Chinese are survivors, and they can survive anywhere. Why worry??? They are obviously going to do well! Should you follow them???

Anonymous said...

The number will drop further when Guan Eng adopt PAS policy to ban gambling. The number will keep on dropping when more and more PAS policies come to implementation like ban alcohol eventually pork!!

Hey Gang, open your eyes pls. PAS is slowing but surely implementing the Islamic State policy via DAP.