Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why harp on a non-issue?

IT’S strange that some of us should find it difficult to identify ourselves first by our nationality and then only by our ethnicity. Yet, when we are overseas, none of us, including the politicians, have any qualms calling ourselves as Malaysians first.

When we fill up the immigration forms before we enter a foreign country, they only want to know our nationality and the passports we carry.

Really, they don’t give two hoots about our race or religion. They may want to know our gender or marital status but beyond that, no country, Malaysia included, really wants to know more than is required.

This is from my On The Beat column today. To read the full comment, please click here.


Guy said...

Nicol Davids father is an Indian and her mother a Chinese.How on earth does this make her an Eurasian?Can't you even get this right

raj raman said...

"WCW" - finally you wrote a gem.

rajraman666.The issue here the other country only ask our nationality as standard operating procedure like our country ask others but our country call Malaysia ask more question when our foot in our soil call Malaysia.
Then the question will start.. what race you are,what religion you are and are you a "UMNOPUTERA/PUTERI" to get any privilege.

We can be racial but can't be racist.
Thank u.

CK Yap said...

Dear Datuk,

Thank you for the wonderful post. Well said.

To me what you mentioned is the essence of 1 Malaysia..

Anonymous said...

Why coin up the term 1Malaysia if they are not proud to identify themselves as Malaysians first?? It's sad to hear that someone feels so strongly about calling himself Malay first and Malaysian second. Let's drop the term 1Malaysia, we are a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

tokman said...

Spot on Dato a Malay I share your sentiments and hope more Malays will do so. I have always advocated fair and just treatment for all Malaysians and this concept will automatically stop all bickerings and back stabbings not only between the various races in Malaysia but also amongst the Malays, as everything is based on merits!