Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sugar, spice and everything nice...

NEVER mind if it was only for a week but the voters in sleepy Hulu Selangor have never had it so good. Malaysians would know by now that a by-election is the best thing to happen after a general election in this country.

In a general election, the campaign is spread out across the 222 constituencies and media attention is focused only on certain areas, those regarded as hot seats with key personalities. Thus, a constituency like Hulu Selangor would not be on the media radar screen.

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tokman said...

Campaigning in Malaysia is definitely out of control with the Election Commission being a toothless body. Even before nomination day both parties, especill the BN had stated their campaigning on the pretext that it was a normal government leaders meeting the rakyat and projects which had been budgetted and ready for implementation.....very. very conveniently arranged! The Election Commission must be autonomous without which no election in Malaysia is fair to the oppositions......government machinery and mass media are unscrupluosly being 'used' by the BN to their best advantage....fortunately the alternative new media, the internet, is of some help to the oppositions. I am waiting for the day when our elections are held fair and square for all parties and only then can we be proud of being a nation with a 1st class mentality!